Last Week’s Jams (3.4 – 3.8)

Last week was crazy on our end, running around trying to get all the cool songs out, not to mention trying to cover some of the SXSW stuff we’d promise to get out from artists like Bodega and Smut. Ran a few solid premieres too, so be sure to focus on Magana and House of Heaven. You’ll also find new Lunchbox, Mirrorball, Good Looks and many more. Plus, Fantastic Purple Spots dropped a video HERE, so it gave us another chance to remind you of their gifts! Stream al the hits from last week below!

ATH & SXSW – A Playlist For 2024

We’re getting down to those last few days of build up to SXSW next week, and the ATH is going to try and squeeze in as much pre-coverage as we can before signing off on Monday. For those of you who prefer listening over reading our SXSW interviews, we’ve combed through most all the bands on the festival list and made a huge playlist of bands we suggest. Of course, we may have missed something so feel free to blast us if you’re favorite didn’t make the playlist and maybe, just maybe, we’ll add it in.

Since I know all of you heathens love Spotify, here it is. Also managed to convert to youtube if you prefer getting weird. OR, I’ve got it on Apple, and will send it your way if you hit me up and ask real nice.


Last Week’s Jams (2.26 – 3.1)

As we ramp up towards SXSW, things have been in full swing over at the ATH camp. We ran a bunch of our “getting-to-know-you” interviews with the Ophelias, Jess Cornelius, Tigercub and Native Harrow. But, we also covered a shit-ton of new music that’s worth revisiting, if you’re up for it. Our old friends Blushing dropped a new tune from their next LP, plus we got to hear more from Dancer and Torrey in relation to their new releases. Long time ATH faves like Mo Troper and Rosie Tucker made an appearance too, with each having their own new records on the horizon. Plus, a bunch of other greats like Red Sleeping Beauty, Klaus Johann Grobe, Non La and more…so dive on in.

Last Week’s Jams (2.19 – 2.23)

With a holiday squeezed in, and some craziness on my own end, we maybe didn’t cover as much as I ideally would have liked to cover. Nonetheless, there was tons of great tunes running on the site, including a premiere from 40th Parallel, plus brand spanking new music from Apollo Ghosts…which I’m still listening to right now. Rural France is back too, so we included that in our coverage, not to mention the fact that we got a hot new Daniel Romano tune included. You can never go wrong either with new Reds, Pinks and Purples or En Attendant Ana…and those are included. It’s a 45 minute collection of solid rock n’ roll, so turn it on and turn it up.

Last Week’s Jams (2.12 – 2.16)

Sorry for taking off yesterday, but we’ll be honest, this site’s run by folks in the education field, so when we’re granted a rare day off mid-semester, you better believe we’re hanging with our families! But, here I am with hopefully a link to last week to set you up for this week. We covered perhaps too much music last week, getting 28 songs on the mark, and I was super stoked to hear that both Parsnip and Mammoth Penguins were back in business…with new albums heading our way. Plus, Kindsight gave us another sparkling single from their forthcoming LP via Rama Lama Records. I’m in on new Bolis Pupul, so we’ve got that, plus Unwed Sailor have a new release…there is maybe too much new stuff out there! Just take a listen!

Last Week’s Jams (2.5 – 2.9)

We had a windows down car drive end to the week, so here we are looking at all the hits we covered in the last week. There were a few jams like the new single from Gentleman Jesse or the Pheromoans latest that aren’t anywhere on DPS, but we’ve got tons of other jams from the week. I really loved the new bops from Johnnie Carwash, Icarus Phoenixand Flowertown, while Ray snuck in some new Mini Trees and Acid Tongue. Plus, we tried to suggest you take listens to new LPs from Itasca, David Nance, Dead Bandit and Pylon Reenactment Society, so if anything, sample a tune here and there from the new records. Get in and drive with Last Week’s Jams.

Last Week’s Jams (1.29 – 2.2)

If you were anywhere near the musical interwebs last week, then you were given a lot of gifts; there was new music from the likes of Six Organs of Admittance, Camera Obscura, Ducks Ltd and more…all of which feature in this rendition of Last Week’s Jams. It was a pretty solid week for the ATX too, with new music from Water Damage, Holy Wire, Broken Gold…plus a Touch Girl Apple Blossom video from their latest EP. Bonus points go to acts like Savak, Cool Sounds and Torrey for adding further joy to my listening rotation. We also mentioned some Bandcamp recommendations for True Green, Flight Mode, TVXP and Fuvk. Kick in below for all the sweet jams we’ve got in one easy listening spot.

Last Week’s Jams (1.22 – 1.26)

Another busy week, and 2024 is just chock-full of really incredible tunes. Some of my favorite acts like Rosie Tucker and Red Pinks and Purples popped up with fresh tunes to warm us over, so that was a bonus. Plus, the site got to hose a bunch of premieres from Jay Alan Kay, Ryann Gonsalves and Al Harper, hopefully turning you on to what we think is cool. Bubbling under are rad tunes from from Non La, True Green and Corridor…actually every tune we ran was kick ass! Plus, ATH Records dropped Vibrations Now from Fantastic Purple Spots, so you win by streaming below to catch the title track.

Last Week’s Jams (1.15 – 1.19)

Last week was a strange one, particularly with the seeming loss of Pitchfork. But, here at ATH, we’re like the tortoise, just going slow and steady, doing our thing til we get to the proverbial finish line. There was tons of music to cover, and I mean tons, so we got to as much as we could, trying to highlight the stuff that wasn’t getting much love. Brand new music from Bolis Pupul came our way, plus Colin Newman reissue news. RayRay loved the new ripper from Gulfer. Personally, I loved the new Friko and Boy with Apple, and got to introduce you to new Fantastic Purple Spots from their EP next week! Sit back and enjoy some tunes.

Last Week’s Jams (1.8 – 1.12)

While it may have only been a four day week in terms of work, we made sure we made the best of it for you, bringing you a slew of hot indie rock bangers. Slumberland had a great week, dropping new music from Umbrellas, and introducing us to Torrey too! We were stoked to share a new video from the BVs as well, flipping their style a bit to tease you with what’s in store going forward. Some Texas love for Infinites and Alien Eyelid was a must, with an added bonus being that our friends in Pale Lights dropped a compilation of rarities and singles on Friday. Stream below and find something to adore.

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