Floating Mill Records Release 7″ from the Antelopes

If you’re a fan of the post-punk genre, but feel like you don’t have the time to really unearth all the hidden gems that have come down the line, might we suggest keeping an eye on Floating Mill Records. Having already turned me on to the Stick Figures, they’re back with the Antelopes, a London act that, like many, was gone far too soon! Today, the label release a 7″ that was originally released in the 80s, but they do so along with some new demos/live versions to accompany the release. I love the heavy guitar swirl on this track below, like a shadowy lurker hanging out behind singer Glenn Dallender’s heavy voice. The entrance of Tilly Vosburgh near the song’s back half is a welcome extra layer to the tune. Spend some time here today, and like I said, keep an eye on what the label is treating us to these days.

Cumgirl8 Share Bugs Video

I’ll admit, my interest has been piqued by Cumgirl8, but it wasn’t until the band dropped “Bugs” today that I officially was way on board. While the band’s output has swirled around the dance pop world, this one takes the dance, but spins that in a very post-punk passion; there are moments when I can hear remnants of Life Without Buildings, or maybe even some of Chk Chk Chk at their most exciting. This is the sort of rock blending with pop that I want to hear, energetic and yet frantic and earnest all at once; this could be a real force live too, especially if you give the latter half’s breakdown moment so proper volume. RIP Cumgirl8 will be out on October 22nd via DERO Arcade.

Royal Target Shares Suddenly Single

I feel like this track from Royal Target just made my Monday all come together; it’s the perfect brand of bouncing post-punk, the sort that New Order made around the Republic area. But, I’ll be honest, I spent all morning listening to this on headphones, which is where these little details begin to reveal themselves, giving the song its own personality, beyond just a mirror of influences. Whether its the little “la la la” from the backing vocals or the way you can hear this faint little strum in the distance. This just feels likes that comforting piece of cake we’re all craving as we try to make our way into the world today. Good luck friends.

Dramatic Shapes Share In the Other

No need for me to go out on a limb here, as if you frequent this site you surely know that the musical element of Dramatic Shapes is pretty spot on for my personal “brand.” I love those light jangling guitar lines and a steady drum loop that adds a nice little toe tapping groove to it. That said, what I love about this tune from the Chicago outfit is the way they go about the vocals; they’ve got some heavy effects on the vocal, which, in their own manner, deliver this dreamy element to the song’s center. They’re almost entirely obscured, so I naturally was like, “Well, that’s new!” Give it a listen.

Treeboy & Arc Share Logistical Nightmare

If you’ve got an itch for some angular art-punk, well, then feel free to press play on the latest single from Leeds outfit, Treeboy & Arc. They’re crafting that brand of rock that’s in high fashion, though for me, I appreciate their willingness to push the abrasiveness at the same time. They course through this tune going back and forth, sort of a wonky little jog here and there, all the while, the sharp riffs get tethered to the seemingly indifferent tones of the vocal delivery. It’s not too far off from what you might expect from, say, Omni, or the like. Run it up the flagpole and keep an eye out for the band’s Life Preserver EP on August 6th.

BRNDA Share Do You Like Salt

This is the year when that funky brand of post-punk and indifferent vocals seems to really be making its mark, and I mean that in the best way. Add DC’s BRNDA to the group, offering this art-laden pop grooviness to the mix; the vocal delivery has its very own hook to it, which allows the musical element to kind of take its own course. Little nuances pop up and disappear just as quickly, due mostly to the song’s brevity; the band come in and deliver a quick pop punch, then fade away and let you press repeat. If you dig it, you can grab the group’s Do You Like Salt from Crafted Sounds; it drops on August 20th.

Wet Leg Sign to Domino Records

Ever come across a song and feel like you’re not cool enough to be enjoying it? Or maybe its just too much fun and you feel like you’re going to drown in the hipness? Well, that’s how I’m feeling about this debut single from UK outfit Wet Leg, who just signed to Domino. The song’s got this driving rhythm to it, fueled by a pummeling drum beat that just has us running at full speed. But, the vocal delivery is definitely on par with that pseudo-spoken word vibe that’s been super popularized of late; it leads to an infectious hit that encompasses the best bits of rock n’ roll, delivering pure unadulterated fun. Pretty sure I’d have no problem being an extra in this video. Looking forward to more!

Qlowski Share Folk Song

Please don’t let the song title disguise the hit that lurks below, as “Folk Song” is far from what is likely in your mind. Qlowski use a brooding bass line and pounding back beat to build the backdrop of the song, carefully constructing a natural tension capable of layered textures. I love the frantic vocal delivery, curved at the end of the notes to emanate just a bit of melodic emotion, reminding me a bit of Tim Darcy of Ought. But, the band have this knack of feeding you the nuggets you need to keep you interested, but then meandering off on their own sort of post-pun agenda, like they do through the course of this song’s middle all before switching the song’s narrator on you! Fuck, this sounds like Joy Division grew up! You want it! Quale Futuro is out June 4th via Maple Death/Feel It Records.

Stream Drea the Vibe Dealer’s Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 3

I’m really glad this Drea the Vibe Dealer’s EP dropped in my inbox this week; it’s just the sort of mix of cool songwriting that makes me see the promise in the indie world. Drea’s been using songs she composed solo in her bedroom back in the day, then taking them to a proper studio and transforming them into these brilliant pop tracks; she even goes so far as to lay it all out saying her goal was “blending post punk, jazz, trip hop and existential lyrics.” Sure, its three songs but you get so much, even within the confines of each track. Like on “Sacrifice” you get this bold, heavy sort of trip-hop meets seductive rocker, and while it holds onto that, a jazzy little underbelly can be heard as Drea wraps her mesmerizing voice atop the mix. It’s a cool listen I hope you’ll give Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 3 some love too!

Fake Fruit Announce New LP

If you thought post-punk was heading down the middle of the road as of late, then maybe you need to turn towards Fake Fruit today. The band draw inspiration from the likes of Pylon and Wire, and you can definitely hear that sound burrowing through the guitars on this new single. But, Hannah D’Amato solidifies the group as a powerhouse with her performance; I love how she’s got this huge booming voice, but she’s capable of softening it up to draw in that slight dash of pop sensibility into play…just watch out when she decides to let forth an emphatic howl. Can’t get this jam outta my head! Look for their self-titled LP to drop via Rocks in Your Head on March 5th.

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