Austin (Town Hall) Spotlight: Another Shivery Shakes Gem

Shivery ShakesBy now we hope you’re aware of how excited we are to be putting out the debut Shivery Shakes LP, Three Waves and a Shake; we’re putting it out with our friend over at Punctum Records.  Yesterday the band debuted a new little gem that many have likely heard in their live sets.  For me, this is one of those tracks that perfectly displays the band’s ability to harness classic pop structures, then throwing in their own little touches, like a some sweet whistling.  I’m pretty sure listening to this song will enhance your day, so you better play it just to be sure.  Feel free to be nice to me and order their record HERE.

Show Preview: Alex Napping Album Release @ Cheer Ups – TONIGHT!

AlexNapping_VineetGordhandas-1It’s Friday, and you need something to do.  You’re in Austin, looking for a great show.  Problem solved, you should be at Cheer Up Charlies for the anticipated release of Alex Napping‘s debut LP, courtesy of Punctum Records.  It’d be easy to just say, go see Alex Cohen play; she and the band are great.  And that’s very true.  But, in order to draw a solid crowd, you’ve got to have some great opening acts, like Big Bill, Soft Swells and Lowin.  Big Bill‘s oddball garage rock never fails to impress.  Soft Swells are on the trustworthy label, Modern Outsider (local label!).  Lowin, well, let’s just say this is one of the next big things to get out of Austin. Solid bill from start to finish.  Get there at 8 in time for things to kick off!


ATH Records and Punctum Records to Release Shivery Shakes LP

Shivery ShakesWe’ve tried to keep this under wraps, but eventually our excitement had to break through, with news going public Friday that we’ll be releasing the debut LP from Shivery Shakes in conjunction with our friends at Punctum Records.  The album is titled Three Waves and a Shake; it’s scheduled for an October 21st release date on clear vinyl. You can Preorder the LP HERE, but listen to the tune below so you get a feel for why we’re so excited.  It’s got a tight little angular guitar jangle, backed up by a solid bass groove, then filled in with a hook of a chorus. Sweet jams and sweet news.

Show Preview: Shivery Shakes and Templo X @ Mohawk (9.16)

Shivery ShakesRock n’ roll season is in full swing here in Austin, and there’s a great local show that requires your attendance on Tuesday evening at the Mohawk.  Our boys in Shivery Shakes will be headlining the night, and we love them so much we’re releasing their debut LP in October with our friends from Punctum Records.  But, let’s not forget Templo X is playing.  One member currently resides in Philly, while the rest of the band is staying local.  Sounds like the making of a great history that’s not too far off from the one begun by our boys in Literature.  Ultraviolet open up the night, so show up early to make sure we’re all supporting the local jams.


Download: Shivery Shakes – Sidewalk Talk [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Get Playful

AlexNapping_VineetGordhandas-1This is the version of Austin’s Alex Napping that I like the most.  There’s still depth to the craftsmanship of the track, and the vocals are, as always, performed well.  But, my love for this number comes from the guitar tones; they’re light-hearted in their angular movement.  The rolling drums that fade out with the vocal after the 3 minute mark are also a nice touch…it’s definitely a strong way to finish off the tune.  You can grab their record This Is Not a Bedroom from our friends over at Punctum Records on September 23rd.

Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Ready Album

punktummyAustin musicians have had a pretty rad week. Although we’ve mostly dealt with the rocking side of things with Spray Paint and Jonly Bonly, but today we get a glimpse at an emerging Austin pop act, Alex Napping.  That being said, we’ve already caught the band’s great live set…not to mention talked about various members of the band in their other projects (Major x 3, anything w/ Andrew Stevens).  I love how this tune is drawn out over five minutes, gradually building pace after a soft little opening.  Alex Cohen’s voice couldn’t sound any better; she don’t need no auto-tune.  Look for the band’s debut album, This Is Not a Bedroom, to come out via our friends at Punctum Records in late September.

Austin Spotlight: New Tune from RF Shannon

rfshannonIf you haven’t heard us rave about RF Shannon until now, then perhaps you have some time this morning to let their latest track carry you away.  Earlier this year they released Hunting Songs, which surprised us, not because we expected it to be awful, but because it was such a cohesive collection of beautiful songs that we were taken aback.  They’re back again with a split 7″ with their friend Jess Williamson, which is being released today via our friends at Punctum Records.  The track below is their piece for the split, and it’s quite special.  I’ve grown attached to the piano that works beneath the guitar lines.  Definitely something you should pick up today, if you’re so inclined.

Austin Spotlight: El Campo Release

elcampoIf you’re in the mood for a uniquely pressed felix-disc then I think your best bet this week is to order the new single from Austin’s El Campo.  The song features a prominent bit of banjo playing, but while that may hint at a country-infused number, you’ll hear much more of a warm pop approach in the delivery of the vocals.  Personally, I think the group is one of the more dynamic acts in town, able to walk that line between folk/americana and pop music; you can’t help but to love the tracks that are featured on this release.  You’ll be able to pick it up this Friday at Cheer Up Charlies, or order it from their label, and our friends, over at Punctum Records.

Show Preview: RF Shannon @ Cheer Up Charlies (3.27) – FREE!!!


Date Thursday, March 27th
Location Cheer Up Charlies
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets FREE

Traveling acts are rather sparse this week, as the bands wait for us to clean the streets of SXSW, so you’re best bet is to catch one of the great local acts playing about town.  My suggestion is to catch RF Shannon this Thursday evening over at Cheer Up Charlies.  The show is FREE, for one, but the group is also one of the acts who everyone is expecting a big year from in Austin.  They’ve just released their Hunting Songs LP on Punctum Records, which is worth your listening pleasure.  They’ll be joined on the evening by King Mary and Real Live Tigers.  Join me, won’t you?

Shivery Shakes Single Premiere + Release Show

904695_621939517863632_1057720992_oLong have we supported the Shivery Shakes, and we’re really excited that they’re well underway with some new tunes for you all to hear.  A few of those songs will be released via a Punctum Records 7″, and they’ll be on hand for the release, which is all the more reason to attend; it’s just the first taste of new music from the band before their new LP comes out in 2014.  Plus, if you show up, you’re guaranteed a killer line-up of local heavy-hitters like Grape St, Little Lo and Loblolly Boy.  Great music, cool place (The Owl), and a new release from Shivery Shakes? Yep, you’re right…that sounds like the place to be Friday night. Show starts at 9, so come early, stay late.  It’s $8 at the door, but you get four great bands, free beer and food.  Flexi 7″ will be on sale $5, so support the locals and buy merch! 

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