Roller Derby Share Starry Eyed Single

When browsing through the SXSW list, I always go after the foreign bands coming overseas, as they don’t always get a chance to return. Checking that list, that’s how I was reintroduced to Germany’s Roller Derby, offering this buoyant dream pop, pulsing from beneath the song’s surface. Phline Meyer’s vocals have this sort of sparkling indifference, or perhaps that calmed cool that makes you want to know all her secrets; it adds a nice layer to the tune as the single dances around with jittering guitar notes. And, if you’re looking to be charmed, then don’t shy away from the beautiful chorus the band bring forth in this track. Definitely a rad band to keep in mind!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 16 – 20)

Let’s start off Monday right, sneaking right in with a great track from the latest Flowertown LP. The rest of our playlist is pretty solid too, as there were some jams last week. I’ll admit I kind of feel like too many people are sleeping on Cindy still, so be sure to check out their latest single in this weeks hits. Plus, it’s great to hear our friends Letting Up Despite Great Faults drop right back in where they left off years ago. Ease into Monday with a playlist of jams we were digging last week…and have a decent day.

Roller Derby Shares Whatever Works

We’re working towards the weekend, yea? Well, I love to maybe sort of slink my way into with a sultry bit of pop, like this charming number from German band Roller Derby. It would certainly be hard to listen to Phline Meyer’s voice and not draw similarities to the likes of Alvvays or Camera Obscura. I love how those vocals seem perfectly matched up to the dreamier churn of the vocals that keep creeping through my speakers here. Oh, and you think they don’t know how to be playful? Just wait ’til the song’s latter half when those handclaps come join the fray to keep us all bobbing are heads.