Check Out Burn From RAINSONG

Sometimes the shoegaze label can be a bit much, or even over used with current indie tunes, but London based RAINSONG seem to perfectly fit into the genre. Seriously, after checking out this new single “Burn” you will surely agree that the band is progressing the sound and offering a ton of energy and freshness to the sound. And hot damn, those drums will kick you in the ass for sure. Hit it below and follow RAINSONG via socials.

You’ll Love The Oceans

The Oceans are a duo from Copenhagen who make their very own brand of dream pop, shoegaze style music. Having just released their new EP, EP II, the band is looking to drum up some positive praise for the collection with tons of new singles. This one, called “Rewind Your Mind”, features a lot of sonic noise along with a bright guitar and some synths in the background. The brightness, paired with the heavy beat drops and sludgy bass, create an almost perfect shoegaze song. Well played gents.

If you’re liking this one, you can stream the band’s entire new EP II over on Spotify.

Photos: Blushing Release Party @ Cheer Up (1/27)

Blushing‘s latest EP, WEAK, was released to the public last Friday and with it, we had an excuse to take over a venue and feature some favorite bands to celebrate. Cheer Up Charlies played host via The Nothing Song who added Ringo Deathstarr, Single Lash and All In The Golden Afternoon to fill the before and after spots.

I focused on spending time with friends, so the gallery is very Blushing-centric, but it was the EP’s brithday party.

Click through to view some scenery…

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ATX Spotlight: Grivo

11000827_1662911327269974_5012879236338174425_nHave we mentioned before that Austin is chock full of incredibly promising bands on the rise?  No?  Well it is.  Yet again here is a band from the ATX called Grivo who I’ve seen on some bills around town, but never actually taken the time to listen to.  I’m pleased with myself for giving the band a few spins today as I’m rather enjoying what I’ve discovered.  The band is describes their sound as primarily shoe gaze, though to me it’s as if they are in a genre all their own.  Think shoe gaze blended with dark and melodic pop sounds.  You’ll just have to hit play to see what I mean.

Check out more tunes from Grivo on their bandcamp page.

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No Joy Deliver Again

untitledNo Joy is a Montreal based band I’ve been into since the band first kicked off back in 2009.  A genre is difficult to come up with for the group as they mesh some of the best shoe gaze sounds with psych and pop elements.  Maybe you can come up with something better after you check out this new single “Hollywood Teeth”.  Labels or no labels, the band creates short yet memorable tunes.

Pick up new album, More Faithful, on June 9th via Mexican Summer.

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Enjoy This Track From Balue

BaluefyrThanks to our amigos over at Fleeting Youth Records here in Austin, we’ve been hearing about all kinds of great new bands from different parts of the country.  Today we bring you new signee to the label in the form of New Mexico based pop group Balue.  The music created here is like a mixture of 1st album era MGMT mixed with shoe-gazy pop bands like Painted Palms.  Somehow these elements blend perfectly together to create some special moments like in this song “Charming Flow”.

Pick up new album Quiet Dreamer on June 24th via Fleeting Youth Records.

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New Dreamy Pop Number From Village

Remember when I was saying the ATH crew has a major sweet spot for female lead vocalists?  Well I’m at it again on Monday with this beautiful new pop tune from Village.  It’s bright, it’s sunny, and it definitely has some great shoe gaze elements to it that I really can’t seem to get enough of these days.  Oh and of course the lead vocals seal the deal.  This tune “Nowhere” appears on a new 7″ single from the group which drops this Tuesday via Kingfisher Bluez.


Download: Village – Nowhere [MP3]

Introducing: Wild Smiles

Hooray for new finds coming through our contact form!  Today my new band smell comes from my new friend Chris Peden, otherwise known as Wild Smiles.  Chris just sent over a link to his new EP which can be streamed over on his website.  Apparently it was recorded completely at home, yet managed to come out sounding like an above average self-produced EP.  The sound has this hazy feel to it that makes me want to jump in a pool somewhere before summer ends.  Oh it’s over?  Well, this tune “Tangled Hair” will make you think it’s the middle of July and perfect outdoor rockin’ weather.


Download: Wild Smiles – Tangled Hair [MP3]

New Jam From Field Mouse

We’re clearly a little late on this new jam from Field Mouse so let’s just get that out of the way and move about our business.  The new song at hand is called “How Do You Know” and is a nice little number that fits into the shoe gaze pop genre.  Sultry vocals here from lovely lady Rachel Browne are what really intrigue me about the track and help it to stand out from others in the genre.  This sweet new jam is available on a 7″ single coming your way from Lefse Records on October 16th.  Pre-Order here.

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