Some Free Week Photos

Free Week is great. The concept of having people fill venues so bartenders and stage crews have a little cash in their pockets is totally a get-behind theme. Now, my epic level of cynicism that creeps in from time to time means that I will give the evil eye to anyone mad about one-in-one-out at a venue. These bands are playing all over town, all year long and sometimes opening for a touring band you would think is too expensive to go see. #value Let’s go, Austin, spend that twelve bucks.

My Free Week rant is over. Let’s get on to some notables and photos. A. Sinclair is a constant fave for rock and or roll. Abram Shook lends credibility to any music catalog. That performance had two-thirds of Feverbones; they are wicked excited for the new record, naturally so are we. Tres Oui‘s invisible bass player had a killer set (#sarcasm). Space-sparse of Soft Healer was a reset. I got to see The Infinites at Beerland as a full band. I do miss a little of the DIY nature of looping to fill sounds, but the layered gazy post punk sounded really rad with guitars filling the room. Fave thing of the time I spent Red Rivering.

Peep the gallery. I spent time taking photos of friends and the people that make Free Week go. I even used a flash. Crazy right?

I love y’all.

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Show Preview: The Rumble Austin @ Beerland (9/8)

Date 9/8/10
Location Beerland
Doors 9pm
Tickets FREE!!

Our second installment of The Rumble in Austin with our new friends over at Future Sounds continues this week at Beerland on Red River.  For the evening we’ll be bringing you some talented locals in the form of Pure Ecstasy, Soft Healer, and Sleep Over.  I think it goes without saying that this night will be jam packed full of experimental and interesting new takes on music.  All 3 acts could be “the next big thing” out of our little town.  Oh and best of all, it’s free!  Many thanks to our fellow sponsors The AV Club, Waterloo Records, The Austinist, and Covert Curiosity for making this thing possible.


Download: Sleep Over – Outer Limits [MP3]