Randolph’s Leap Share BMH

I’ve really enjoyed all the work from Randolph’s Leap leading up to their new album, Spirit Level. But, having had a bit of time to absorb this new one, I have no qualms saying its my favorite of the bunch. It reminds of the old Austin band Hollywood Gossip; just imagine Belle and Sebastian rushing through a tune just to cram it in under 3 minutes. I love that they don’t stray away from arrangements here with the horns, even though it definitely has the feel of more of a rock tune. This new LP is dropping on February 26th via Fika Recordings.

Uplifiting Pop Number from Randolph’s Leap

Definitely need our spirits lifted after yesterday’s American shitshow, so good thing there’s this new Randolph’s Leap hanging out there. It immediately jumps in with this joyous gang chorus, raising joy from the get-go. Once the song moves forward into the verses, it sort of takes on that chamber pop feel, bursting forth with horns and various instrumental textures. I won’t deny how much I love the rise and fall of the chorus here, like a roller coaster with a huge lollipop waiting for you at the end. Their new album Spirit Level will be out courtesy of Fika Recordings on February 26th.