ACL 2019: Sunday In Pictures

The humidity returned. Record high temperatures were recorded. There was nowhere to hide. It was hot. I guess we have to move the fest back another month?

Day three was pretty chill for me. Plenty of fun shooting to do, though. Going into the fest, Sunday was all about Idles. Instead, I experienced several gems hiding around that powerhouse performance. From mellow to nostalgic to charming, Sunday’s photos include Otis The Destroyer, Thomas Csorba, Faye Webster, Idles, Banks, Third Eye Blind, Kacey Musgraves and a shot of the biggest crowd ever for side stage performance. No, I did not shoot Lizzo as after I checked out TEB and Kacey, the crowd waiting for Lizzo was so huge that making it through before the pit closed was not looking possible without a jet pack. It was crazy.

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Small Feet Hook Up with Barsuk Records

simoneI make no excuses for my love of really powerful pop music, even if it comes in the simplest of forms.  That’s exactly why I like listening to the music of Small Feet…the project of Sweden’s Simon Stalhamre. When you listen, you’ll probably be most attracted to Simon’s voice…it creates the emotion that I remember when I first listened to James Mercer (before he got boring), and perhaps a touch of Fleet Foxes in there too. Also, if you listen closely around the 3 minute mark, I swear you can hear an homage to Third Eye Blind. Barsuk will release From Far Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean on August 7th, so pencil in a date for some pop music.

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FT5: One Hit Wonder Albums of the 90s

Ah the nineties! The smell of grungy teen spirit and catchy pop songs…does this sound like the intro of a late night infomercial yet? Good.

There is plenty of debate regarding epic rock bands and influential artists that derived during the 90s. There are also those bands that developed during this decade, became ridiculously popular, and either faded away or became larger-than-life.

I’m sure each and every one of you reading this is guilty of immediately purchasing an entire album based on one chart-topping track during this time period. The hits that came out of the 90s take you back to where you were when you first heard it, affected your life in some way and ultimately became a part of pop culture iconography.

There is an abundance of one hit wonder singles. However, this is a list of albums that gained bands immediate attention based on those hits, and never really produced another decent album. As you slammed your Pogs, took a break from Nintendo and recorded Fresh Prince on your VHS, you might have been listening to one of these.

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