Lithics Share Title Track Tower of Age

Those of you scrambling to get your hands of angular no-punk better be ready for the new LP from Lithics; it’s a collection of 13 jittery pseudo-pop rockers like the album’s title track, “Tower of Age.” One of the best things about this song, like many on the album, is the band doesn’t waste any time; their newest single starts immediately, tossing out sharp guitar stabs that step aim to dodge the spoken lyrical delivery of Aubrey Hornor. Things get frayed near the 30 second mark, momentarily shattering the momentum before the solid rhythm section takes the song back on track. Frantic and thought provoking in a quick burst, closed out by the fading of Hornor’s voice in your speakers; it’s another spot on single! Tower of Age is out on June 5th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Melenas Share Primer Tiempo Video

One of the great things about the new Melenas (formerly Melons) LP is that the group managed to craft an entire LP that’s as diverse and deep as you’re likely to hear this Spring. Inside Dias Raros you’ll find some spinning pop numbers, some moderate rockers, a slow burn or two…and some spots that incorporate them all beneath a dense psychedelic haze…which is the song we’re sharing today. It opens with this propulsive kraut beat, pushing the song as these synth lines craft this wobbly-wonk that almost has you bobbing up and down as the melody via the vocals joins you. Eventually, they move into a dense fog of lush arrangements with the core pop sensibility remaining part of the whole; it’s a lovely sound which I’m told nods to a Spanish Stereolab. Their album drops on May 8th digitally via Trouble in Mind, with a debut in shops about a month later.

Melenas Share No Pudeo Pensar

Dias Raros comes out on May 1st, and if you’re not paying attention to Melenas right now, tienes un mes para preparar! What I’m trying to say is that the band is set to drop one of the best pop records you’re going to hear this year, I swear it. Their sound on the latest single is steeped in nostalgic pop vibes; the chords are spritely and jangly, with a steady vocal coursing through the song’s entirety. It’s like they’re the coolest thing on the Earth and don’t even care; they just throw this melody-induced jangler out there with indifference, forcing listeners to tap their toes. Don’t you want to tap your toes? If so, grab Dias Raros from Trouble in Mind Records.

Lithics Announce Tower of Age

Today rules. There’s so many rad tunes, but one you can’t miss is this fresh single from the new Lithics LP. The first two minutes of this track are all about the deliciousness of the rhythm section; the bass line alone is the perfect background for everything that follows. Aubrey Hornor’s vocal delivery has its own sort of bounce, almost like the pulse of the song revolves around her lyrics. It all sets up perfectly to allow the various guitar chords to knife their way in and out of the rhythm, splicing up these little angular sonic notches. It all crashes around the 2 minute mark where the song erupts into this jittery noise. Tower of Age is going to rock your socks; the album is out June 5th via Trouble in Mind.

Melenas Share 3 Segundos Video

I was starting to get worried this week wouldn’t offer a whole lot of hits, then I remembered that Spanish quartet Melenas were dropping this great video from their forthcoming new album. This tune’s a jittery little rocker with this hook built in by way of backing vocals and a pounding drum beat that sets your toes tapping away furiously. There’s a middling section where the band flex their skill with a small psychedelic voyage before returning to the insatiable “ba ba ba” line that keeps ringing out in my head. Plus, if you haven’t met the band, you get a great introduction via the sitcom style presentation in the video. Their new album Dias Raros is out May 1st via Trouble in Mind Records!

En Attendant Ana Share In/Out

I’ve spent a lot of time as of late listening through the forthcoming LP from En Attendant Ana, and I think the diversity of the listen is really going to force people to pay attention to the work of the Parisian outfit. This new single still flirts with the sonic experimentation that’s prevalent throughout the record, but the innate hook in the song is undeniable. The song’s latter half has the repeat of “in/out” that sort of entrances you; it leaves you with a sense of playfulness, while building a textural layer that elevates the band beyond your average purveyors of pop. Juillet will be out on January 24th via Trouble in Mind Records.

En Attendant Ana Share Do You Understand

In case you didn’t know, Juillet, the new LP from En Attendant Ana, is ready to blow you away next year. I’ve spent a good deal of time with the record, and this has to be one of my favorite tunes on there; I got hooked immediately on the opening, sort of teasing you with this sharp meandering guitar line that precedes this heavy rolling drum beat, setting the groundwork for the vocals to come bounding through the track. Once they’re in, you’re tapping your toes with the melody, guitars swirling and churning through your ears. This is how I want my pop music! The band drop that new LP via Trouble in Mind Records (who did a great year end list for us HERE) on January 24th, so if you haven’t pre-ordered, rectify that immediately!

Bill Roe of Trouble in Mind’s 10 Most Listened to LPs

Year-end lists (or “best-of”s as most people term them) are extremely hard for me to compile. I listen to (and buy) a lot of music from day-to-day & despite my best efforts truly cannot keep up with the sheer magnitude of quality recordings coming out each year – and 2019 was a pretty fucking great year for music. So here’s my best shot at compiling a list of my “10 Most-Listened-To” albums from 2019 (plus five honorable mentions). They’re in alphabetical order to avoid any sort of ranking, because honestly ranking something as “best” or assigning a numerical rating seems antiquated & frankly diminishes great art, IMHO. (Trouble In Mind Records releases are excluded, for conflict of interest, but it’s safe to say that anything we’d be investing thousands of dollars releasing is – in our opinion – worth your time). Hope you enjoy & possibly discover something new. Support independent artists & record labels!

Here’s a link to the great Trouble in Mind releases of 2019: Bandcamp or Spotify.

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En Attendant Ana Announce Juillet

If you thought 2018’s Lost and Found was a brilliant pop record, you better get prepared to be blown away by En Attendant Ana‘s follow-up, Juillet. Their opening single alone packs this incredible punch, moving through the various stages of intoxicating pop. You get thirty seconds of this dreamy performance and soaring vocals; the vocals stick around, but the band build in this furious rhythmic pulse accented by little angular guitar plus and machine gun drum rolls. But, the band wouldn’t have landed on such a special label like Trouble in Mind if they weren’t willing to push boundaries and expectations; they spend a good part of the song’s latter half flirting with discord and experimentation, only to bring back the vocals to complete the full pop circle as the song draws to a close. Could your favorite song of the year just now be popping up? Yeah, yeah it could. Juillet will be out on January 24th via TiM.

Parsnip Share Rip It Off Video

When watching this new Parsnip video, I honestly was perplexed; I’m still perplexed, which ultimately is the point, I reckon…to leave you thinking after you’ve watched. It’s filled with beautiful scenery, choreographed dance and Victorian-nutcracker attire crafted by Tim Burton. But, while I was mesmerized and trying to figure out what I was watching, my ears were burning with joy. Guitar lines jangle in psychedelic fashion while the rhythm section employs the proper cymbal work to keep this mystical enchantment. The Melbourne quartet will release their debut When the Tree Bears Fruit on August 30th via Trouble in Mind Records.


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