Connections Release I Confess Video

Thinking about the previous Connections records, this new one sounds refreshing in a sense; it’s got softer edges and more melody; it almost feels like the group is one upping fellow Ohioans GBV by bringing in sharper hooks and more pop. But, you can be the judge on that one. I said what I said. You can’t deny the draw of the vocals in the front of the mix here, with jangling guitars echoing in each ear of your headphones and a steady bop on the drums hanging backstage. But, as soon as you’re swooning here, the song wraps up in a rush. It’s the perfect pop tease, and I can’t wait for Cool Change to drop on March 25th, courtesy of Trouble in Mind Records.

The Tubs Share Wretched Life Single

Having covered the previous singles from the Tubs, I wasn’t totally sold on this new one until I caught the write-up from Stereogum, as they’re always the gatekeepers of cool. So, I jumped right onto that ship, and here we are, with another great track from the group. Having spent a lot of time with bands like The Black Watch, this tune’s right up my alley; it sounds like the soundtrack to a dance put on by the school’s local Dungeon’s and Dragons Club. It’s got a little goth tinge to it, though the guitar licks still remain absolutely sharp, even boisterous for brief bursts. Their album Dead Meat is out on January 27th via Trouble in Mind Records.

En Attendant Ana Drop Same Old Story Video

I apologize for not having this up when it dropped a few days ago, but we were hitting some technical difficulties, on top of returning to work for the first time in a few weeks. So, clearly we love En Attendant Ana, and Principia is in my Top 5 of most anticipated releases for this year. The song definitely flirts with hints of what Broadcast was bringing to the table, continuing to sort of flesh out the edges of the tune with a little bit more dissonance and noise to kind of guarantee there’s some lineage between their first record and the new one. Personally, I love the rise and fall of the song’s title in the vocal work. You can grab the new LP from Trouble in Mind Records on February 24th.

The Tubs Share Dead Meat Single

As if the Tubs hadn’t made a statement with their debut EP, it looks like their new album for Trouble in Mind is going to take their sound to the next level. Today’s new single is this quick gasoline fueled punch, or so it might seem at first. When the song first spits out of your speakers, the tune rushes in, offering a sort of matter of fact lecture via the vocal delivery. But, while the guitars ring with a coated jangle, a new vocal decides to bring in a more concrete melody, accented by this little guitar noodling in this crystalline manner. A nice new jam for your Wednesday; Dead Meat will be out on January 27th.

Martin Frawley Preps the Wannabe + Shares New Single

We hit up that Connections coverage, so the indie sphere gods demanded we only run one post concerning Trouble in Mind per day, thus here I am to talk about the other news they dropped regarding Martin Frawley. We adored Twerps and Martin’s songwriting, not to mention his infectious smile he brought to the stage when he played our SXSW party long ago standing next to a chicken coop (the SXSW glory days!). Well, Martin’s on his own now, working on his next release, the Wannabe, coming out next Summer. In his songwriting, there’s something to the simplicity that shines through, both in the lyrical content and the overall vibe; it’s as if Frawley knew the song’s success was in leaving out frills and just hitting that melodic note from the minute the song set out, riding its charms to the end. Trouble in Mind Records will release the new LP next June, with pre-orders available HERE.

Connections Prep Cool Change

We’ve got tons of coverage on Connections here on our site, going way way back. But, last week they made us super happy, announcing a new record, again on our fave, Trouble in Mind Records. They dropped a single with the below video, highlighting the juxtaposition between nature and humanity. Personally, this feels like a road trip, from the backseat of my dad’s car. There’s something in the hurried jangling that rings through the speakers that feels like the world zooming by quickly, with an earnest singer soothing my soul through the headphones of my old Walkman. While it might give me some nostalgic daydreams, the label and the band are constant evolving with the new sounds, so be sure to keep your ears peeled for Cool Change, coming your way in March.

En Attendant Ana Announce Principia

Following on the heels of the ATH approved Juillet, French outfit En Attendant Ana announce their third long-player, Principia. With that news, we’ve got the album’s first single (and title track); it gives us a slight departure from previous singles, though deep dives into the band’s catalog illustrates the magic that’s been there all along. Mostly, this song is a drifter of sorts, floating back and forth between your speakers, matched by the slow-motion video footage accompanying the tune; it’s carefully plotted around the melody, letting the song rise towards a climactic moment, which may or may not be out of reach. What’s interesting is the way one decides to interpret the title, both of the album and the tune. In Spanish, it could mean begin or beginning, referencing the fact that it’s a slightly new evolution of the group, or the first track. It could also look to French where it mostly likely means principle, establishing a new way of viewing the band. Either way, we’re hearing something fresh from the group, and that’s never bad thing. Principia is out February 24th via Trouble in Mind.

The Tubs Announce Dead Meat

Having been a huge fan of their previous acts, side projects, not to mention grabbing the Names EP, it seems only fitting that I squeeze out a few quick words between passing periods on the Tubs. Today the band announce their debut LP, Dead Meat, slated for a release in January of next year via our faves Trouble in Mind. There’s a definite post-punk vibe on the guitar work, recalling acts like Omni and Deeper, though they’ve mixed up the formula to meet it on their own terms, brandishing a melodic little treat in the middle. All of this makes sense if you remember some of the pop moments coursing through Joanna Gruesome pieces, as the songwriters have always had an affinity for hooks. Kind of feels like they’re taking a little Talking Heads meets noisier post-punk approach, and I’m totally here for it. Dead Meat drops on January 23rd!

Hot Tubs Time Machine Prep Double Tubble

The hotbed of Melbourne is constantly on our minds here, continuing to impress as the sounds have taken on more risks in the recent years, like Hot Tubs Time Machine, the working project of Daniel Twomey (Lower Plenty/Deaf Wish) and Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race). Today we’ve got a brand new single, accompanied by the announcement of Double Tubble, the duo’s new LP. Daniel’s crafted the musical soundscape, like here where you get this electronic jittering, flirting with with time signatures, warping the groove into something that moves the listener. This unbalanced washing machine of electronic pulses is the perfect backdrop for Marcus’ narration; he toys with stories both humorous and mundane, crafting this lyrical vision of Australia that connects the dots for us all. Double Tubble is out on November 25th via Trouble in Mind/Spoilsport Records.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.31 – 6.3)

Man, even in a short week, I managed to cover a whole lot of ground that we should remind you ran last week on ye’ ole site. Clocking in at just under an hour, you get a reminder to check out Team Play‘s debut LP, or maybe jump on the Onyon bandwagon with the rest of us now that Trouble in Mind have reissued their rad debut. Maybe you just want tried and true, like a new Florist tune or a Slow Magic remix for Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Pick your poison…it’s probably in here. Paris. Yeah.

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