More New Music From Jason Collett

A few weeks ago, I was beside myself when I heard about a new album from long time singer songwriter Jason Collett.  At the time, we only had a taste of the album with new song “I Wanna Rob A Bank”, but now Mr. Collett has offered up yet another new tune for his fan’s pleasure.  This new slow burner, “Where Things Go Wrong”, is an interesting piece of songwriting that features a downtrodden tempo with simple lyrics that accurately convey the break up message.  You can pick up new album Essential Cuts on September 25th via Arts & Crafts.


Download: Jason Collett – Where Things Go Wrong [MP3]

New Smooth Tune From Snowblink

I knew close to nothing about Toronto based outfit Snowblink prior to listening to their tunes today.  After a few listens, I’m glad I gave them a chance.  The band weaves a very intricate portrait with all of their beautifully crafted music.  New song below, “Unsurfed Waves”, is sure to give you some kind of an idea as to what I’m talking about when I say the band has well crafted tunes.  If I’ve peaked your interest, the band will be dropping new album Inner Classics on September 11th via Arts & Crafts Records.  Enjoy.


Download: Snowblink – Unsurfed Waves [MP3]

New Music From Memphis

Torquil Campbell of Stars and Chris Dumon are returning with their band known as Memphis for a 3rd LP under the moniker.  Below you’ll find new track from the guys entitled “I Want the Lights on After Dark” for your enjoyment.  Of course you’ll hear a lot of the influence from Campbell and his many years in the Canadian powerhouse.  Hell, this could probably even be labeled as a Stars song and most people couldn’t tell the difference right?  New album Here Comes a City will be available on March 8th via Arts & Crafts.


Download: Memphis – I Want The Lights On After Dark [MP3]