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I had to search our own site to find out how long it’s been since I’ve posted an album review and I will refrain from embarrassing myself with the exact timeframe, though you could search yourself I guess. We as an ATH staff have been neglectful as a whole when it comes to album reviews and we are hoping to rectify this moving forward. Hopefully you can understand that if an album has brought me out of my review slumber it must be a great one. The very soon to be released new album from Dan Mangan, More Or Less, is just such an album because, holy hell, it’s impressive. Hit the jump for some thoughts, photos, and tunes.

I’m attempting a new way of reviewing albums for ATH and hopefully you will love it. If you don’t, well we do have a comments sections.


Dan Mangan, of Vancouver fame, is releasing More Or Less for Arts & Crafts Records on Friday, November 2nd. This is Mangan’s 5th LP release with numerous EPs under his belt as well. We first covered Mangan in 2011 with the release of Oh Fortune and we’ve been fans ever since.

Quick Hits

  • Mangan crafts songs so incredibly personal you almost feel like you are living his life with him.
  • The album starts with slow burners, ends with some true sad bastard tunes, and hits a huge crescendo with pop number “Cold in the Summer”. This might be his best song to date.
  • Track 3, “Just Fear” feels like a protest song in a weird way and it’s magical.
  • The first 7 songs are in the perfect order and bring you up with banger “Troubled Mind” to then quickly tear you apart with the emotional “Fool For Wanting”.
  • Songs 8-10 are good enough on their own but don’t quite bring the same power as the first 7.

Show Me








Who is This For?

Dan Mangan has historically been an underrated singer songwriter and this album is no different. Fans of Jesse Merchant, without the reverb vocals, or someone looking for a less country version of Jason Isbell would feel right at home here.

Song Links


This is Mangan at his very best. He may never be a household name, and maybe he doesn’t want that, but albums like this will certainly have him mentioned in the same breath as some of the best songwriters of our time. This album needs to be listened to and appreciated.

Pick yourself up a copy of More Or Less due out on Friday by clicking these words. Myself and Dan would both love you for it.

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