Town Hall ACL Battles: Manu vs. Mars

Town Hall ACL  Battles is another feature we will be bringing you everyday leading up to the festival this weekend. The idea is fairly simple: two bands, same time slot, same day, who ya gonna pick? Feel free to leave comments on why you should or shouldn’t see each band represented in our “battles”. Now obviously we can’t hit every single conflict over 5 days so don’t be offended if we miss something. These are “the big ones”. Our first battle pits Manu Chao vs. Mars Volta both headlining around 8:30 on Friday. The schedule does have Mars Volta ending at 9:30 and Manu ending at 10 but were talking about opposite ends of the park (AMD and AT&T stages). It might take you 30 minutes just to get from one side to the other this late in the day. So, Sunday at 8:30, where ya gonna be? Getting your face melted by the prog-rock of Mars Volta? Or jammin’ to the world sounds of Manu Chao? If you need a little assistance, we have the most recent singles of both bands. Ding Ding.


Download: Manu Chao – Politik Kills[MP3]


Download: Mars Volta – Wax Simulacra [MP3]


  • MANU

    This one is easy for me. Too many notes for Mars Volta. Hurts my brain. And i have exactly zero confidence in the live show, maybe less.

  • Obviously this is easy…how do you skip the Mars Volta? I know they don’t put out consistently good records, but I mean, this is former members of ATDI, and if they can’t wow you with their live show, then maybe you’re at the Kiddie Acres stage.

  • Much rather see The Mars Volta play intelligent thought out music than Manu Chao with their brand of completely fraudulent wanna be punk revolt music.

    The Mars Volta live show has so much to offer. 7 incredible musicians working together to create a living breathing animal. If you’re not on the level, maybe you should work on getting here.

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