Contest: Black Kids/Mates Of State @ La Zona Rosa 4/28

matesbktourThis is one of those shows most of us have been waiting a while for and the time is finally here.  On Tuesday April 28th, Mates of State will bring their tour with Black Kids to the famous La Zona Rosa in Austin.  If you don’t feel like shelling out the cash for the show, we’ve got a couple tickets to give away to one lucky winner.  Let’s keep things real simple like on this one.  Enter a comment about why you should be the lucky winner and be as creative and crazy as you can.  We’ll pick our winners on Thursday.  Don’t forget to enter a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.


Download: Mates of State – My Only Offer [MP3]


  • Dang. I wish I could come up with a valid reason. Plus, I’m pretty sure fools w/in the ATH team are SOL. Have at it music fans!

  • Well for starters, I am totes AustinTownHall’s personal promoter here in San Marcos. I tell peeps about you guys all the time, pass out stickers at KTSW events, and flash your name and ballerific reviews all over Twitter. Secondly, I am attempting to create a mash-up track involving Black Kids & Mates of State to play on my radio show, The Party Line, since we play them anyway. Thirdly, on my radio show we are giving away the same tickets, but I can’t put my paws on them. HIGH FIVE!
    P.S. I passed this contest around on Twitter, good luck! 🙂

  • To the nice lady who made a comment about bruising her knee in San Marcos…

    Please comment again. I got real excited about your comment and deleted it by accident. My bad…

  • Today, I totally fell down and killed my knee as I was walking on the sidewalk on a busy street in San Marcos. Cars were driving by and people were watching. Luckily, the green curry and rice takeout I was carrying broke my fall. I didn’t trip over anything. I was just wearing really terrible shoes. Of course I laughed the whole time. Mates of State tickets would help me keep laughing because I am one clumsy nerd.

  • Because I LOVE mates of state, I love ATH, and I love YOU, Ryan Ray! What better reason is there than that???? Hook a sister up…

  • And the winner is??? We should all go no matta what!

  • I think we have to go with Tiny Tron. She expressed love for a member of our family.

    You other two ladies want a copy of the new Mates album? We’ve prolly got one around here somewhere.

  • Turns out everyone who entered the contest gets to go. That’s how we roll.

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