FT5: Album Closers

0731top5coverIn the current state of the music industry, we’re all overly concerned with singles, rather than the completed album.  But, long ago, people put thought and art into the creation of the ending of an album, the summation of their musical statement.  We all have sat in our rooms, at least I hope, waiting for that last song, that last breath of music, in hopes of the perfect summation to an album.  A brilliant closer almost always warrants a brilliant album, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite album closers that always guarantee we listen to said album all the way through until the needles hits the vinyl and emits that hiss signaling the end of the record.
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Glasvegas @ Emo’s (8/3)

glasvegas_419980aThey were named our top act of SXSW ’09, they earned a spot on our top songs of 2008 list, and now Glasvegas is returning to Austin for a sure to be awesome show at Emo’s on Monday night.  Norwegian Ida Maria will be the only opening act on the night which starts around 9pm.  Tickets are on sale for this one now at $15 a piece.  Here’s that song that we just can’t seem to get enough of…

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/02-geraldine.mp3]

Download: Glasvegas – Geraldine [MP3]

Scorpion Child @ Mohawk (8/1)

080109_mohawk_scorpionchild0If you’re looking for some real rock n roll in your life, head over to Mohawk on Saturday night for an incredible lineup of local acts.  Both stages of Mohawk will be occupied with locals Scorpion Child, Eagle Claw, Pack of Wolves, Castle and Shitty Car Wash all performing during the night’s events.  Tickets are only at the door and things start around 9pm.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/scorpion_child-a_million_lines.mp3]

Download: Scorpion Child – A Million Lines [MP3]

7/27 Stellastarr* @ The Parish

stellastarr02Monday nights aren’t usually highly-anticipated in the Austin music scene, unless a touring band is making a stop in town. Last Monday, the 27th, The Parish hosted a stop on Stellastar’s album release tour. The New York quartet just released their third album, Civilized, the first release in over 3 years. Expectations were high for this show and Stellastarr didn’t disappoint. The same can’t be said for the opening acts, but overall it was a very good Monday night in Austin.  Follow the jump to read more and see some fancy pics.

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You Never Know

mega_mac3_athI think we can all agree that America desperately needs more fattening fast food burgers. But, how can you make your voice heard? Fear not my friends. Thanks to Facebook you too can join the Mega Mac revolution! Just search for “Bring the Mega Mac to America”

Cruiserweight @ Red 7 (8/1)

cruiserweight_webCruiserweight is a band that has been around longer than I can remember, but we always make a point to see them when they play a show in town.  Make your way to Red 7 on Saturday night for one of these shows and enjoy this veteran Austin outfit.  Openers are The Story Changes, Markov, and No Champions.  Tickets are being sold only at the door and show starts at 9pm.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/irdd-cruiserweight-balboa.mp3]

Download: Cruiserweight – Balboa [MP3]

FTC: Counting Crows

counting_crows-press081Oh yeah, I can hear the nasty comments already… Counting Crows!?  On ATH!?  Well you can just shaaaat uuuup!  I know a large majority of you people, or at least the none liars of the bunch, all owned a copy of the Counting Crows 1993 debut August and Everything After.  That album was full of hits like Mr. Jones, Omaha, and this little early 90s jam that still pulls on my heart strings, Round Here.  Not as random as you’d think, I bring you this From the Closet because Counting Crows are playing at Austin Music Hall this Monday.  Tickets are a whopping $47 so I hope you’re really feeling nostalgic.  Enjoy this old grunge era jam and forget about those Joni Mitchell covers and terribly outdated singles the band is promoting now.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/255_counting_crows_round_here.mp3]

Do512/BTTV Happy Hour @ Beerland (7/30)

do512-template5_posterDo512 & Better than the Van have teamed up for a nice little event featuring some free booze & food plus a couple solid local bands at Beerland on Thursday night.  The Happy Hour show features free Lonestar to the first 75 people at the venue and food from local organic taco sellers Taco Taxi.  Two of our favorite local bands Quiet Company and Built by Snow will providing music for your happy hour.  Things kick off at 7 and go till 9.  RSVP over on Do512 to gain free admittance into the event.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/03-all-the-weird-kids-know.mp3]

Download: Built By Snow – All the Weird Kids Know [MP3]

New Tunes from Music Go Music

musicWe got word yesterday that a final street date had been announced for Music Go Music‘s new album Expressions.  Said album comes out via Secretly Canadian on October 6th, and it features the wonderful song “Light of Love.” It absolutely reminds me of some sort of candy-pop from back in the day; the sort that recalls various montages in movies throughout history, particularly the birthday party scene in Problem Child.


Download: Music Go Music – Light of Love [MP3]

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