Hear New MGMT Album On NPR

Now I know some of you may have already gotten your hands on a leaked copy (you wouldn’t do that would you?), but you can check out a full streaming version of MGMT’s upcoming Congratulations over on NPR.  Being as this record may be one of the most hyped of the year, we’d love to hear your first take on the band’s sophomore effort.  We will of course offer up a proper review closer to the planned April 13th release date.

Update: They are also streaming each song on their very own website.  Thanks dudes


  • Well, without ignorantly praising or panning the entire thing, as seems to be the trend I noticed after trying to gauge the general reaction, I have to say that this album grows on you. Allowing the whole surfer/psychadelic feel to slip over you turns out to be a really rewarding musical adventure. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more I like it, so much so I’m afraid I might have to take an MGMT break before I overdose.

    I’ve listened to the entire album several times now, and I can definitely say it will be my first legit CD purchase in several months come April 13th.

  • Thanks for the comment meow…

    I would also agree that this album is a “grower” and may cause some enstrangement with the casual listener who enjoyed the simplicity of “Kids” or “Time to Pretend”.

    I really dig the record until that 12min track. For me, the album takes a nose dive at that point and I’m not really feeling the 3 songs after that extended jam.

    Definitely not a flop, but won’t blow anyone away. Probably will win them more praise with critics and lose some of their fairweather fans.

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