SXSW Discovery: Grooms

With SXSW week now way behind us, I’d like to spend a little time touching on some of my favorite new discoveries from the week.  Often times you get so busy running around trying to see that new hyped band, you miss out on some great artists like Brooklyn band Grooms.  I sort of stumbled (and I do mean that quite literally) onto these guys while wandering into one of my favorite east side watering holes last Wednesday night, Long Branch.  This band, and their incredible drummer Jim Sykes, immediately blew us away with an intense live show.  After speaking to the guys after their set, I hear they have a new album out called Rejoicer which hit stores via Death by Audio back in October.  Late in the game on this one or not, I’ll be picking up a copy of their LP and keeping an eye on these guys in the future.  Below you’ll find album opener “Dreamsucker”.


Download: Grooms – Dreamsucker [MP3]

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