Fun Fest Preview: Appleseed Cast

It’s no big secret on this here website that I’m a big fan of Lawrence, KS rock n roll band The Appleseed Cast.  They’re just one of those bands that I feel a close personal tie to as I’ve followed them closely from their earliest days in the post-emo era up until now.  Everybody has a few bands like that right?  I’d say I have maybe 5-10 that I feel like I’ve “been with” throughout their career from start to present.  Appleseed Cast is definitely one of those few bands.  So I’m sure you can all imagine my excitement when I saw the band’s name pop up on the sweet Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup.  I still remember the first tune I heard by the band ,”Marigold & Patchwork” off The End of the Ring Wars and immediately fell in love with the unique and progressive sound they created.  I continued following the band onto Mare Vitalis and Low Level Owl 1 & 2 continuing to eat up their tunes.  Afterward, the guys lost me a bit with Two Conversations, also lost one of the greatest drummers ever in Josh “Cobra” Baruth, but then got right back on track with Peregrine of 2006.  Now the guys have re-entered the music world and released the ambitious Sagarmatha while somehow still flying slightly under the radar.  This set is hands down my #1 can’t miss set at Fun Fest.  Yeah I said it.  All fans of atmospheric/badass rock n roll should head over to the orange stage at 2pm on Saturday for a set by the awesome Appleseed Cast.  Newer tune “As the Little Things Go” from Sagarmatha below.


Download: Appleseed Cast – As the Little Things Go [MP3]


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