Psych Fest Watch: Beach Fossils

Back in 2010 I stumbled into the Forcefield Party at SXSW looking for a good time, or expecting a good time.  Lots of bands were on the bill such as Fresh & Only and Toro y Moi, but the band that stuck with me the most was Beach Fossils. 

Rhythmic drumming and jangling guitars definitely provided listeners with a feel-good vibe, reminiscent of sunny days, no matter where you were.  Those happy moments made it on to the band’s self-titled debut,which I spun until my musical brain couldn’t take it anymore.  You may wonder how the light musical tones correlate to Psych Fest, but you only have to listen to this year’s What a Pleasure EP  to see the progress, and the dream-like quality the band have taken hold of.  Sure, that steady drum sound remains, which is one of my favorite things, but while it’s less jangling, there’s an emotional warmth, almost calm, that breathes beneath the surface of the new songs.  Not only will you love their music, but you’ll love their show, so if you’re headed to Psych Fest, then get there early because Beach Fossils play at 7:30 on Stage One.


Download: Beach Fossils – Calyer [MP3]

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