The IT Department – v1.0

The trial run went well enough that the IT Department is going into production. Version 1.0 will include some have-to listens, our first repeat guest, some darkwave, a new to me artist and *gasp* a remix or two. People that know me know I hate remixes, so you may not gasp, but I know a few out there will.

Past the break you will tracks from M83, Tunnels, Active Child, Walls (kind of) and more.

So welcome to the next step, welcome to the IT Department V1.0.

M83 – Midnight City

You should have this in your playlists already. This another catch up track, but the simple fact is that it is good. You should have it. Go get it. It features the perfect balance of vocals and loops and a wicked sax solo. Who doesn’t want a wicked sax solo? M83 will bring it to town for FFF6. I plan to be there.


Active Child – Playing House (ft. How to Dress Well)

I have a feeling this one will be a polarizer. Take dubtep, overlay smooth R&B vocals and you have this track from Active Child, i.e. Pat Grossi, featuring How to Dress Well, i.e. Tom Krell. Because of them, I am considering officially changing my name to the IT Department. Regardless, it starts and little light, get heavier and more emotional, and by the end I buy in to it.


Tunnels – Crystal Arms

And now for something completely different, Tunnels brings Goth, dark synth of the late 70’s/early 80’s to the forefront again. Lower register vocal, angry waveforms, distant tones, climbing bass lines – this is music that could be used creep out your parents. Tunnels is the latest project from Nick Bindeman, the full album length is called The Blackout. This track is the high point for me.


When the Saints Go Machine – Church and Law

So a friend was exposed to this band while dining at Barley Swine. Hang through the odd start, it is worth it. The break brings it back from a between track interlude into modern synth pop with a flash of dupstep. Wavy falsetto vocals, synth violin breaks, I promise it is worth the investment. The latest full length from WtSGM is Konkylie. BTW, 2009’s Fail Forever is the track that got me invested.


The Fascination Movement – Everything Changing

Here is our first repeat artist at the IT Department. I like this album a lot and this is how the band chose to close it out. It is a track quite a bit different from others on the disc. It is smooth. It is long enough to satisfy, it is short enough to make you want more. Lovely balance, I especially like how the mix keeps the vocal pulled back. A lot of promise in this outfit out of the Northwest…


Pantha du Prince Stick To My Side (Four Tet Remix)

Pantha du Prince is notorious for some great remix work, and I typically hate remixes. He and Sasha, I trust. The tables are turned as a few of today’s latest and greatest take shots at tracks from Black Noise and make them something else on XI Versions. Four Tet, also at FFF6, chose to do his thing to “Stick To My Side” and here is the result.


Walls – Sunporch (Holy Other Remix)

And one more remix for good measure comes from Holy Other taking Walls “Sunporch” and slowing things down a bit. Walls releases Coracle on Sept. 26th. Holy Other has been in rotation on my playlists with the track “YR LOVE”. He(?) makes the original material nearly disappear and then brings it back. It is a lovely, moody end to this version of the IT Department.


Seven more songs to consider. Leave your feedback in the comment box…

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