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januarymix-2014As we wind down the first month of the new year, it’s time to recap some of our favorite tunes that came our way in January.  We like to do that the new school way with a nice little soundcloud playlist to charm your ears.  You can find all the tunes we deemed “best of the best” streaming in the player below.  Did we miss anything?

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New Single from Reptile Youth

reptileyouthIn 2012 Reptile Youth caught the attention of many with their self-titled debut, and they rode that quick fame to a recording session with one of the members of Iceage.  But, don’t let that fool you, as this track is an uplifting tune, emotionally speaking, that you might not associate with the hard edge of the man behind the soundboard.  It’s the sort of song that really puts a solid foot in the ground, showing that this group deserves and continues their meteoric rise.  If you’re looking for something that’s going to take you to higher spiritual levels before you leave work on Friday, then just stop here for a few minutes; enjoy your weekend.

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Catchy Gem from Bart Davenport

bartdavenportI missed out on posting about Bart Davenport‘s first single, but I just couldn’t skip out on this one.  It’s a pretty classy little pop gem, reminiscent of the old Kings of Convenience.  There’s a warm melody and a gentler vocal delivery that carefully swings its way atop the track’s jangling guitars.  You might call it a classic pop formula, but who cares when it sounds this good?  You can grab Bart’s Physical World LP when it’s released on March 4th via Burger Records. These are the sort of tunes that warm my soul.


Download: Bart Davenport – Dust In The Circuits [MP3]

Spirited Number from Beaty Heart

beatyheartRemember when Animal Collective was weird and enchanting?  Yeah, I know it’s been awhile, so turn your ears towards Beaty Heart instead.  They’re using tribal influences and loops to create this oddball pop tune that’s playful, yet wholly intelligent in design.  I like the restraint shown too, as they don’t push themselves beyond the limits of absurdity, leaving the listener with a tune that defies most modern genres, yet still hold a certain level of accessibility. This single will be appear on the group’s Mixed Blessings album, which is slated to be released in May.

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Challenging Electro From Hiro Kone

Hiro KoneThere are sooooo many directions from which this song by Hiro Kone called “Motion of Silence” comes at you. It is melodic, it is grating, it old and new all at once. It has a strange familiarity. Like you have heard it before, at least segments of it. The closest I can get is a modern interpretation of Meat Beat Manifesto’s “Psyche Out” from 99% (dat drum track) run through TRUST’s production settings and adding a female vocal. You think you know where the song is going, but it evolves with out straying.

Hiro Kone is one Nicky Mao, having been in a few different projects, she decided to takes matters into her own hands in 2012 and with help from former a Gang Gang Dance member, Tim Dewit, the latest Hiro Kone EP The Unmoved Mover was born (due 3/25 on Group Tightener). Hit play, give it a chance, especially to the break. I have fallen in love with this song.

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The Weekend Update: Austin Show Advisory

Austin_MuralIt’s the weekend folks, and that means for a great deal of us our responsibilities go out the window; we can go out and party! What better way to hit up the town than by atttending some great musical events across the city of Austin? We’ll go through a quick run through of great shows we think you should at least consider attending, if you’re up for a night on the town.


Learning Secrets 10 Anniversary w/ Delorean @ Red 7 – 9 PM

Black Books, Pageantry, Shivery Shakes, Horse Thief @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM

Holy Wave (LP Release), The Zoltars – Hotel Vegas – 10 PM

Mutual Benefit, Poppy Red @ Mohawk – 9 PM


Dead Meadow, Holy Wave @ Hotel Vegas – 9 PM

Little Radar, Summer Swells, Stella, Harvest Thieves @ Holy Mountain – 9 PM

And there you have it. Pick a show, any show, just go out and have some fun. You deserve it. Here’s some jams from Black Books and Little Radar.




New EP from Yuck

yucks-000069414436-57c6ii-t500x500yuckbandyuckbandIt’s been an interesting year for Yuck, as they’ve lost a member, released an album, and now they’re back readying a new EP.  My first few listens to this track see the group continuing to grow in an entirely different direction than where they were a few years back.  That being said, I really dig the track; I like the way the guitars work in this circular pattern.  I’m amazed at what happens when you swap out one member; it completely changes the direction and sound, although I think this version of the band is definitely growing on me.  The new EP is titled Southern Skies and should be 0ut at some point later this Spring.  Here’s a listen to the first single.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Show Review: Cate Le Bon @ Mohawk (1/29)

Cate Le BonLike most shows I’ve attended as of late, I was pretty familiar with the acts playing.  But, that being said, I hadn’t caught a set from Cate Le Bon in several years, so I was interested in the performance, as I feel that she’s had a small transformation, in both sound and appearance.  It didn’t hurt that the openers were both excellent, making it an easy night to enjoy music. Read on for more thoughts and some photos. Read more

Flagland Continue to Kick Out the Jams

lovehardAs Flagland have continued their rise in our musical world, they’ve offered various musical forms.  They’ve been soft, brash and explosive, but this latest tune recalls the sharp-edged sword that once was Liars.  It’s darkened post-punk with bursts of rasping lyrics that force you to turn down your stereo so you won’t wake the neighbors.  You’ll be able to get their new record, Love Hard, via the consistent Father Daughter Records on February 25th.  Be prepared to have a little fun with your listening habits; it’s all over the map in an enjoyably spastic way.



New Creative Adult Rocker

creativeadultRayRay and I have been talking about it being a rather slow year for some really solid rock n’ roll.  We’ve gotten our fix of indiepop and jangle pop and just regular indie pop, but we need something like this tune from Creative Adult to really fuel our drive.  This tune opens with some noise before the rhythmic pulse of noise and shouting enter the mix; you can just imagine the throngs of concert-goers thrashing about as this song plays loud over your favorite club’s speakers.  It even slows down for some discordant melody to close the track out.  You can grab their new album Psychic Mess on February 25th, plus check them out at SXSW!

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