The 2014 Austin Music Blogger Awards

AMBA 2014 Photo BannerIt was a great event. We were proud to be a part of it.

I have a list of winners and so many photos. Orthy sounded great, buoyed by Ian and Jeramy’s win for best DJs as Learning Secrets. Shivery Shakes ripped after their win for “Sidewalk Talk”. Jess was charming and haunting as ever, congrats. A Giant Dog stole the show with their set, while Mirror Travel may have given some voters buyer’s remorse. Magna Carda is hip-hop in Austin; go see them.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Boogarins

crop_630 (1)Today’s SXSW Interview comes to you via Brazilian band, Boogarins.  While the country is often known for its tropicalia and dance stylings, you’ll get something a little bit different from these lads; they’ve got a composition that compiles varying elements of loops and sounds into a tightly-knit piece of psych-pop for their album As Plantas Que Curam..a must listen in my book. We’re definitely excited to catch these guys, and maybe even talk a little bit of football (South American style); here’s the responses from Benke. Read more

Upbeat Jam from Panama (SXSW act)

panama-band-e1351074662813It’s always good to head into the weekend with fun jams to keep you bouncing on your toes.  No one wants to be all bummed out while they’re making their way home, so maybe you play this jam from revered Australian act, Panama. Listening to this track you just get the feeling of a smooth little dance floor groove.  Turn it up loud, move your feet, let loose.  It’s the perfect soundtrack to getting ready for a night out on the town.  But, you’ll also be able to grab the band’s Always EP next week via 300 Entertainment. They’ll also be rocking a couple of dates during SXSW, so be sure to check them out!

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Gunther Doug


Have you had enough interviews yet!?  I will assume the answer to that question is no and offer up yet another interview to preview the upcoming SXSW festival just a few short weeks away.  Today we’ll be hearing from up and comers in the Nashville scene Gunther Doug.  To be honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about the group prior to this interview, so it will be nice to learn a bit about them.  Follow the jump to get your learn on. Read more

New Tune from Pains of Being Pure at Heart

untitledPrintWhat a week for Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  First they leaked news of a new album with a short video, then comes this gem of a tune.  It’s definitely a departure, musically speaking, though the band still seems to have their finger on the pulse of pop music.  My ears hear bits of early Stars, which which definitely has me excited, as that’s one of my favorite acts.  It seems at this point that they’ve cleared out the distortion-related shoegaze element, leaving you with a delectable little ear treat. Their new album, Days of Abandon, comes out on April 22nd via Yebo Music.

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New Music from Morning Harvey

morningharveyMorning Harvey is a five-piece act from Brisbane, Australia, and listening to this track, I think they fit right into the country’s latest musical exports.  You’ll hear a slight nod to the modern blend of psychedelia and shoe gaze, but I also hear evidence of an infatuation with Brit-pop.  There’s even  a soloing piece of guitar work that echoes throughout the end of the track, which is a major throwback, in my opinion, to 90s pop over in London.  Regardless, this new tune is pretty sweet, and hopefully we’ll have more news for you soon about a new release from the band.

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The Mary Onettes Roll Out Another Hit

the-mary-onettes-Gunnar-BjörlingIt’s really been a joy watching the growth and progression of The Mary Onettes.  Their first entry into the indie mainstream was coated in a sort of wash of atmospherics, but they’ve since cleaned some things up.  But, on this new single you’ll see a nod to their past efforts, though the crystalline approach to the vocal delivery is also apparent here.  It’s the best of both worlds, indicating that the band has finally found the perfect formula.  You can grab their latest release, Portico, next Tuesday via Labrador Records.



Dig This Gay Single

gayNo. This single is not gay; it’s an inanimate object, silly.  Gay is the name of the band, who hail from Denmark.  It’s definitely a song with a different feeling than other worldly music goings-on.  For one, the guitar is just this distorted ringing sound, emphasized by the electronic programming that’s used to fill the background.  But, the vocal performance makes this song ridiculously catchy, and that’s precisely the reason I picked it out for you to jam with today. This track is the A-Side to the band’s new 7″, which will have a physical release on March 4th via Zoo Music.

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SXSW 2014 Interview: Coeds

coedsWith our SXSW interview extravaganza, it’s only fair that we do some coverage of up-and-coming Austin acts who are making a name for themselves, right? Today we’re going to bring you a bit of info on the act Coeds.   They’ve previously popped up on our radar before with some coverage from B. Gray, bu we wanted to go a little further in-depth for their SXSW preparation.  Click on for responses from the band’s Meredith Munoz.

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