New Music from Her’s

hersI love a good baritone. While I’ve never actually used it musically, I’ve got a frighteningly deep voice, so it’s good to see that like-voiced individuals can make great pop. This track from Her’s is really great in that fashion, though I like the casually infectious groove that rolls throughout the rest of the track. The tones create this sense of longing, this sense of dreaming, which provides the emotional escapism that many of us look for in our tunes. This track is released on a limited 7″ today, so get it while its hot.

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Levitation Fest – The Saturday Preview

levitationSaturday is THE day. No days are bad, but Saturday is chock-full of ridiculous talent. Ultimate Painting and Parquet Courts have been covered and talked about til the Internet was blue in the face…and apparently this Brian Wilson guy is a big deal. Plus, you’ve got perennial indie rock powerhouses in Animal Collective and Black Mountain, but let me point you in the right direction, a little off the beaten path, perhaps. Read more

Dreamy New Single From Nothing

unnamed-161-640x421Man this new music from Philly’s own Nothing has been getting tons of spins around my house lately. Their RSD single release of “ACD” is this perfect emo style throwback sound similar to old bands like Copeland, Explosions in the Sky, or even some Clarity era Jimmy Eat World. For some of you readers, that may turn you off immediately, but we ATH kids love that shit. So while Nathan is in party mode, I’m feeling the feels at my desk listening to this sweet new single “The Dead Are Dumb”. Give me 10 more just like it please.

Nothing will release Tired of Tomorrow on May 13th via Relapse (pre-order here).

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Dream Pop from Zone Out

zoneoutIt looks like Deaf Ambitions are the newest hit-makers over in Melbourne, putting out some of our new favorites from Australia such as Cool Sounds (who I wrote about yesterday). Today, we’ve got this new Zone Out track from the label, which will be featured on the group’s upcoming album, Transience. This track is all about textures, melting beats and synth layers in order to create the backdrop for Ashley Bundang’s voice to do its thing. You’re going to find this song serving as the backdrop to the rest of your day; I just have that feeling for you. Look for the LP later this year.

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Synth Pop from Remote Places

remoteI’m in party mode. It’s technically my Friday, so I’m ready for some club hits, and this track from Remote Places is hitting all the right notes. This is the synth-pop I grew up on; it’s the sort that won’t beat you over the head with over-production or huge bass drops. You want to swing your arms, shuffle your feet and maybe sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs while partying with your besties. You’lll find this hit, and a few others, on the Nights and Weekends EP, which is being released by Box Theory Records.

Energetic Pop from Rainbow Reservoir

rainbowreservoirOddbox Records just announced this new EP from Rainbow Reservoir, and I’m kind of excited by this new discovery. Deep in the heart of the song is this catchy little vocal piece that comes in the chorus; there’s something about the quick delivery that just sticks in my head. Overall the song has this energetic brooding, seemingly waiting for an explosion into your ears…I won’t tell you whether or not that comes to fruition or not…find out for yourself by listening to the song! the Coco Sleeps Around EP will be released this July.

More Dreamy Pop from Cool Sounds

coolsoundListening to this song all morning, and I can’t believe that the name Cool Sounds hasn’t already been chosen by someone. That being said, I think it’s a pretty easy way to get into the group; it’s a simple explanation of the band’s pop construction. On their latest single, you’ll hear a deepened dream-state just tinged slightly with some jangling guitar work. While I initially think there was some horn catching my ear, the only thing I ended up focusing on was the calming effect of the vocals. It’s good to see a pop band taking on some different vibes. This new single is stand-alone for the moment, but promises to be included on the group’s forthcoming LP for Deaf Ambitions.

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Fresh Tune from Don Tigra

dontigraThis new Don Tigra tune is something quite special. Emotionally, it had me from the get-go, pulling me in with the close attention to the picking of each string on the guitar. While that could get stale, the Nashville outfit build around the guitar, quietly and carefully, so as not to upset the balance. How they accomplish a feeling of building tension in this piece is beyond me, but it creates an ominous tone that fades into oblivion as a solemn piano takes the song to a close. The band is self-releasing their debut LP this Friday, and it looks to be something you’ll enjoy…at least I think so.

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New Music from Odonis Odonis

odonisodonisThis new piece from Odonis Odonis is something to wrap your ears around, if you can. Opening with a pulsating groove, it pushes forward to meet the vocal entrance, breathy and cold. Eruptions of noise blast in and out of the song, maximized by that pulsating rhythm crashing into machine gun drum samples. It’s almost like a progressive bit of glitch-pop, with a more sinister tone…even down to the lyrical warning that’s present. Their new album, Post Plague, will be released on June 17th via Felte.

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