Show Pics: Tres Oui and Growl @ Hole in the Wall (5/25)

…with Blushing, too.

I am finally getting around to sharing some pics from our little party the other night at Hole in the Wall. I used to go there quite a bit way back in the day. I went on a few dates with a girl whose family lived there. I dared not go back for a decade after breaking up, just in case.

HitW also made for a great test of some new hardware. I have gone mirrorless with Sony. It is a brave new world.

Click through to see some photos from the night full of Blushing, Tres Oui and Growl with a few thoughts on both music and photography.

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Say Hello To Queue

D.C. based group Queue is likely unfamiliar to most of you, but after you hear new single “Frontier”, you’ll likely want to know more. The new track is a warm bit of indie rock complete with slick and shiny guitars behind a solid female vocal performance. As I make this post, I’m delving into more of the band’s back catalog on soundcloud which is proving to be surprise after surprise of tasty tunes. Stay tuned for more information on this up and comer.

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Late to the Game: Fresh Hit from The Popguns

I was beginning to worry that one of our favorite purveyors of indiepop had gone too dormant, but as luck would have it, looks like Matinee Recordings have gotten their hands on another new album from the Popguns. The band has been going at it for thirty years, yet Wendy Morgan still has the pipes to make all those indiepop fans swoon; her performance here is definitely the star of the show. She turns melodies atop the band’s sharp jangles and steady beats, washing over you with emotion tugging notes. Look for Sugar Kisses, the new record, on June 14th.

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Monk Parker Announces Sophomore ALbum

Monk Parker‘s probably one of Austin’s best kept secrets, though I hope it doesn’t stay that way, especially after hearing this brand new single. It falls in the world where Clem Snide and Jeff Mangum end upwriting true Western ballads. The musical accompaniment is truly leaps and bounds above other like-minded acts, and there’s this fragility in Parker’s voice that fits perfectly into the genre of balladeers. I feel like this is one of those songs that will leave a mark on your soul, haunting you in the way only the best music can. Give it a listen, and stay tuned for Crown of Sparrows on August 4th via Grand Jury.

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New Music from Small World Experience

Here we are with yet another exciting number from Australia, this side from the lo-fidelity popstars, Small World Experience. They’ve been quiet since 1998, though their album Shelf Life has recently seen the reissue treatment. Here we have this video of the band’s single “Crash Crush” starring a cat on his daily routine. Musically, there’s this lovely underbelly of warm pop, slightly muddled by the band’s recording approach, putting the vocals at the same levels as the music working behind it. Something about the guitar sound feels familiar, almost perfect for our own daily routines. Look for the release of Soft Knocks on June 23rd via Tenth Court (AUS) and The Business (US).

The Parson Red Heads Return

Man it has been one hell of a long time since I last heard anything from Portlandbased group The Parson Red Heads. To be exact, they last released new material in 2013 with their album Orb Weaver. Well they are back and releasing a new album in just a matter of days. The band has sent over a few new singles to bring the hype and I personally like this one entitled “Coming Down” the best. It sounds like something out of 60s era L.A. if blended with indie sounds from the band’s new NW home.

You can check out 2nd single “Time After Time” here and 3rd single “Please Come Save Me” here.

New album Blurred Harmony is out on June 9th via Fluff and Gravy Records.

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New Video from Hollow Everdaze

Going to start off our day with a little love for our Oceanic brethren, kicking things off with this brand new video from Hollow Everdaze. I covered their earlier single, but this newest jam has a much more pop-centric vibe to it. The stop-motion vid locks into the band’s psychedelic tendencies, but you can’t deny that the snare snaps and the way the melodies are draped across this song that the band are anything other than a huge pop band in waiting. The group are set to release their new album, Cartoons, on June 23rd via Deaf Ambitions.

OMD Shows The Kids How To Do It

Synth pop, new wave, dance pop, whatever you want to call it, has its roots in the late 70’s and early 80’s with groups like Visage, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and many more. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark was among those early pioneers with tracks like “Electricity”, “Messages” and “Enola Gay” setting a foundation for their pop stardom in a shift to a more mass-market approval and mid-80’s movie soundtrack domination. We recently saw OMD here in Austin and one thing is for sure, they still love those songs and they still love the genre.

The band is currently back to the core lineup and they are making new music. It seems they want to show all the kids how to do things. The first real release from the forthcoming record The Punishment Of Luxury, due 9/1 on White Noise Records, is called “IsoType” and it is wonderful reminder of the roots that is back to being contemporary. Put on your headphones to revel in stereo effects and dream of the heady days of Kraftwerk, Ultravox and The Human League…

Dreamy Number from My Favourite Things

Want to get away? You don’t need a Snickers bar, you just need My Favourite Things, one of New York’s best kept secrets…or so they tell me. There’s some lineage tied to The Swirlies, which should excite many a listener, but ultimately good songs should win out. This track tends to lend itself to the dream pop realm, with Dorothea’s vocals washing over the number with an almost atmospheric vibe. Personally, I’m drawn to the careful little bits that make the track whole, such as the raise in the drum volume during certain emphatic moments. This is music escapism at its best; look for Fly I Will, Because I Can on July 14th.

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Brand New Basketball Shorts Summer Jam

That’s right, summer’s right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with our friends Basketball Shorts! The pop punkers have just announced a brand new 7″ for Spain’s Jarama Records, with this brand new anthem, aptly titled “This Summer.” For those that devoured the ATH released, Hot and Ready, you already know you’re going to get an energetic bit of pop music that will engrain itself in your brain. With only a few days left in the school year (for me anyways), seems like the perfect time to give you a listen to this hit.

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