Lost Film Is Required Listening

Maybe it’s just me, but some acts just connect at the right time…thus is the reason I’m encouraging you to sit down with Lost Film right now. This is bedroom pop that expands beyond the quiet of your own four walls; the notes are incredibly warm and inviting…perfect for my staring at the rain drops sliding down my classroom window at the moment. It’s the sort of vibe that’s timeless, in my eyes at least, using sharp angular guitar lines and dreamy vocals to ensnare listeners. There will be a new LP titled Broken Spectre out on October 20th.

Switched On Hosts Holodeck on Saturday

Switched On is the heralded synthesizer shop over on East Cesar Chavez, and from time to time, they encourage gatherings of the musical/art realm…and I always encourage you to go. This Saturday, they’re hosting Austin’s own Holodeck Records…home to Boan, VVV, and that band Survive everyone keeps talking about. They’re bringing a bunch of their own artists like Dylan Cameron and Curved Light, but also inviting M. Geddes Genaras of LA out. But, as all great things truly are, this isn’t just about the music, as there will be visual artists there to stimulate some of your other fine senses. It’s a free event, and beverages will be provided by Austin Beer Works and High Brew Coffee!

More info on the event Facebook Page.


Hear Another Track from Sound of Ceres

Sometimes you come across tunes, and the first thing that pops into your mind is “this seems other-worldly.” No, it’s not from outer space, but in listening to the latest Sound of Ceres single, the song seems like a perfectly executed bit of pop that would find a perfect home on some undiscovered planet or space station. There’s a sterile drum beat, surrounded by these swirling synth notes one associates with space travel shows; all the while, vocals seems to dance from star to star, emanating as if from a celestial being. Really looking forward to hearing the entirety of The Twin when it hits via Joyful Noise Recordings.

More From Hearty Har

Right around a month ago a band called Hearty Har from L.A. hit me up with some songs they were looking to get out into the world. Well, now song number two entitled “Radio Man ’56” is ready for your ever awaiting ears. This one is a great blend of Bowie style, mid-70s themed psych pop music. I’m also once again impressed with the tightness of the band and the overall quality of the performance. Well done once again.

Infectious Pop from Who Is She

Surely this is going to be the hottest release of the year, am I right? Part Chastity Belt, part Lisa Prank, Part Tacocat…Who Is She are all parts awesome. Yesterday the trio dropped this bouncing number on the world, and it’s going to be hard for you not to give it a spin, even if you’ve already done so. Honestly, this seems like the group took the remnants of garage rock, shined it up and made it fun again. They’ll be releasing a Seattle Gossip, their newest LP, on October 6th via Father Daughter Records.

Check Out This New Track from The Effects

Tomorrow morning you’ll be able to go to your local record shop and grab Eyes to the Light, the new effort from The EFFECTS. Before you grab it, here’s one more song to get you in the mood. We start off in an almost post-prog world, then the groove enters, pulsing with emphatic drum hits to keep the pacing. I love how there’s this dance sentiment…not like club dancing, but the free form that comes with sharp chords that almost come across like keyboard stabs. Eventually, the track returns to the heavier side of the band, proving that the DC act can still dial in to that regional dynamism. Grab the new LP from Dischord tomorrow!

Have You Listened to Malena Zavala?

I’m loving the vibe of this new Malena Zavala track, and I’m hoping some of you will give her tunes some time. Her vocal notes during the verses are seemingly punctuated by pronounced guitar chords, but it’s the chorus that will likely win you over. It takes on that semi-angelic club hit style, airy and high in the mix. Still, when listening to this track on repeat, I marvel at the subdued vibe and the way there’s so much empty space; it really allows for that connection that makes slower vibes so meaningful. Anyways, keep an eye out on this one…something special brewing.

Another Beautiful Entry from Verandan

A few months back I brought you insider trading news that Harry Kane’s favorite label Soliti Music would be releasing a new EP from Verandan. Today, there’s a sprawling collage opus to enhance your day, cerebrally. There’s a huge usage of negative space, drawing the emotion from the listener rather than forcing it upon us. I’m perhaps most captivated by the intimacy of the voice, almost like a gentle whisper shared solely for me…reminds me a lot of the sorely missed Gravenhurst. Take a moment of your day to make it better all around; look for the EP on October 9th.

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