A Night Out With Feverbones, Pollen RX and White Denim


Nathan has announced that Feverbones is back and that they will be releasing new material soon on ATH Records. We are all really excited by this, they are remarkably talented musicians and it shows through with every song. It also means that you will be able to see them about town, so a benefit show at Mohawk with White Denim headlining and our friends Pollen RX playing next door at Cheer Up seemed like a perfect excuse to get together and take in a Feverbones set and get a quick band portrait.

So, I have just a few thoughts after the break with plenty of pics…

Feverbones sounded tight. Their quirked up yet elegant indie-prog-jam-indie rock with layered vocals and intricate progressions are charming and challenging and you will pick out your favorite elements while the others permeate. I don’t know if that even comes close to making sense, but take a deeper listen.

Pollen RX rules.

White Denim, I can’t believe it has been seven and a half years since I took photos of them at a SxSW day party. Sweaty mess, super happy to be there to raise money for the Vic Staab Scholarship Fund.

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