New Music from Little Tornados and Caroline Says

Surely you know how much we adore Caroline Says, the project of Caroline Sallee (of Pollen Rx fame). Today, we happily bring you a collaboration between Little Tornados and Caroline Says. Oh, and did we mention that Little Tornados is the work of David Thayer and Laetitia Sadler (of Stereolab)! Together they’ve crafted this gentle pop excursion into the underbelly of psychedelia; careful guitar lines blend with beautiful little harmonies, culminating in this enchanting wash of escapism. This song is being made available by River Jones Music, with the full length album, Apocalypse, scheduled to drop in January of next year. Feel free to lose yourself in the entirety of this song.

Stream New John Hufford

Are you looking for something quiet today, something that speaks the spirit of humanity? Then stop here, have a listen to John Hufford and his new single. After a battle with Lyme disease, John took to penning songs in his home, in the vein of Elliott Smith and other like minded balladeers. But, on his latest release, he owns this quiet confidence that perfectly sets a balance in your day. There’s something warming in his vocal delivery, like a friendly whisper of encouragement giving you just a hint of light when needed. Soft guitar strumming and strong vocals always move us. Look for John’s Sleep EP to drop on December 15th.

Chillwave From Pro Teens

What a perfect day for a little chillwave/slacker pop music right? On this gloomy Tuesday morning, you’re sure to find some enjoyment in this track “Tulsa” from Phoenix based outfit Pro Teens. The guitars are slow, methodic, and full of haze. Add in some perfectly timed drum beats and shiny vocals and you’d have a nice description of “Tulsa”. Check it out.

Pro Teens will release the Philistines EP on NOvember 3rd via Broken Circles.

Stream Fitting In Well from Girlatones

Not too long ago I brought you a tune from Australia’s Girlatones, an act I had penned as an up-and-coming powerhouse…but today I’m here with the stream of their album, Fitting In Well. Across 9 songs, the band takes you all over the pop spectrum. You, of course, get to start off with the infectious “Share the Love,” bringing a bouncing bit of casual pop. But, my favorite highlight in the album’s opening moments was “You’re My Friend;” it reminds me of listening to Richie Valens in the kitchen as a kid. Then you’ll find the dark brood of “Misunderstood,” which stretches out into a minor jam before settling back into the groove. My two cents would also be well spent on “Put Me Back Together,” a track that definitely seems rooted in the well-discussed regional vibe (especially as of late). Saying that Fitting In Well is a gem from start to finish seems like a bit of an understatement, as each track could easily stand on its own. But, lucky for us all, it’s a complete collection; you can buy it directly from the band HERE.

The Go! Team Still Got It

It’s been an incredibly long time since I last heard anything from The Go! Team camp. I definitely bought the reissue of Thunder, Lightning, Strike on vinyl from a couple years ago, but the group have flown mostly under the radar for the last several years. Today I’m pleased to share with you this new single and video for track “Semicircle Song” which can best be described as sounding a hell of a lot like The Go! Team. I forgot how much I used to really love this band… I think the relationship is being mending with this fun new track.

The Go! Team will release Semi-Circle on January 19th. You can pre-order in just about all formats here.

Captivating Number from Lau Nau

While browsing the webs I came across this delightful tune from Finnish songstress Lau Nau; it’s the latest single from her forthcoming Poseidon. It’s a quiet number, filled to the brim with layers of ornate orchestration. You’ll be mesmerized by the very careful rise and fall in volume as singer Laura Naukkarinen drapes lyrics over the ever-changing landscape of the track. Strings swell in line with the piano, all building along with the vocals, gradually awaiting the listener’s emotional release as the song fades to black. Her new record will drop on November 17th via Beacon Sound.

Romantic Pop from Quiet Friend

You’re likely familiar with Nick Zanca of Mister Lies, but he’s here to introduce you to his new project, Quiet Friend. The band’s sound is giving off romantic 80s club vibes; it’s got those little twinkling samples, steady beats and a deep-toned vocal. You can feel yourself gradually being pulled to the dance floor as the song runs through your speakers…then just wait for that chorus to drop as all the band seems to join in for that gang vocal. There will be a self-titled LP coming out in early March of next year on Elestial Sound.

Summer Salt Get Spooky

The boys in Summer Salt are hard at work on their debut full-length, but you’ve got to take some time off to keep it light…which the boys did with this great new little Halloween ditty. While the lyrical content might lean towards the spookier side, you can still find the band’s perfect harmonies lurking around. A fun track from one of our favorites…and just a friendly reminder to grab their So Polite EP that we dropped this summer; they also have some really rad pins for your Winter jacket.

New Track from Cock and Swan

We’ve definitely been flexing our love of electronic pop music the last few weeks, as there’s been an influx of great hits coming our way…just like this Cock & Swan tune. It builds really slowly, the way one would expect from a track on Holodeck; imagine the opening of Stranger Things, but here you get the vocals of Ola Hungerford. Her presence elevates the track above mere copycat, immersing the listener in a late night dreamscape you won’t want to leave. Look for the duo to drop Dream Alone on November 3rd via Hush Hush Records.

New Pop from Eoin Dolan

To be fair, I hadn’t really heard of Eoin Dolan, but since he passed me his new record last week, I’ve been spending a lot of time with it. While it’s easily defined as pop music, I’m finding it rather difficult to really pen down like-minded acts…perhaps early Ariel Pink or Mac Demarco, or maybe some of Alex G’s early home recordings. There are some really beautiful moments like “Forgotten Star,” featuring Dolan’s soaring vocal prowess, but also some wobbly pop moments like “Ella.” Anyways, Ubique is a rewarding listen from the get-go, so do yourself a favor and spend a little time here today.

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