Show Pics: Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile @ ACL Live (11/11)

We have a little bonus show coverage today.

While I was eating tacos and getting melt-faced over at Emo’s, we had an opportunity to send in a photographer to take in the magic of Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile performing at ACL Live. I was a little bummed to miss this one, but my priority was with the Sound On Sound team. I was supposed to be out standing in the field, after all.

Anyway, click through. You’ll get to experience the show via the lens of Rick Kern, bearded dude and all-around good human.

It is a rare thing when two artists as conversational can manage to get together and not step on each other’s toes. Reviewing the varied set list should tell you all you need to know about their tour dynamic, one that sees them trading vocals, sharing their songs and creating covers that compel, perhaps missing the mark, perhaps the greatest thing ever. Vocals that harmonize would shift to just layering. I am bummed I didn’t get to shoot this one, but such is life in a busy music scene.

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