Show Preview: Cut Copy Plays Stubb’s Tonight

If you don’t know anything about me, know that I will go see Cut Copy any chance I get. Of non-Austin bands, I’d say they are the one band I have seen more times than any other. That kinda snuck up on me. Sure, they played one exclusive party during SxSW and did some DJ sets, but tonight, they play Stubb’s, the unofficial home of Cut Copy in America. I am curious if they are just hanging about, playing Dallas last night, but being almost two weeks removed from SxSW, you have to wonder if they were doing some recording here?

But they are the known here. How about I give some love to the opener? Kauf has been in and out of The Bucket playlist over on Soundcloud. I use that playlist to mix newer faves into other playlists when entertaining. The song featured below is called “Pacify”, a song with an understated elegance that builds, ebbs and peaks before release; Nicole shared it on ATH in late 2016. Maybe also check out “A Ruin”. Hopefully, it will push you over the edge to pick up a ticket, show up early and dance with us.

Tickets: HERE

Quirky Number from Parker Longbough

You’ll find multiple reasons to enjoy this new track from Parker Longbough, and perhaps part of that relies upon the distant wilderness of Alaska that Parker calls home. Musically, he’s writing this witty bedroom folk tunes, similar to what we heard on early Coma Cinema records. But, for me, the fact that he doesn’t seem to be taking himself too seriously, draws me nearer; I mean, who else is going to write about Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan? Sometimes it just feels right to be charmed by your pop music. Like Jeffrey Lewis? Then you’ll really enjoy this; this tune features on Left on Tri, which drops on April 20th.

Stream a New Single from Harry Permezel

Seems like Friday is as good a day as any to sit in with some stripped back indie rock tunes, such as this new number from Melbourne’s Harry Permezel. His music is immediately familiar, stepping in line with a great deal of the latest trends in indie rock…that sort of revisiting of emo in a different manner. Still, something about Harry’s voice keeps bringing me back; he’s got this understated croon that charms through repeated listens. This is the title track from his Wax Man album, which drops on May 4th via Muscle Beach Records.

Lighthearted Ditty from Matti Jasu

We always get plenty of good tunes from Finland, and this new Matti Jasu track is no different, though musically, it might seem like it has a bit of lineage with many of the modern acts in Australia. At times, there’s sort of a space-rock a la Bowie vibe, yet other times Jasu pulls back into a casual pop styling…infiltrating the structures with electronic samples and space antics. Ultimately, the track is built on pop tropes, guaranteeing that we’re all bound to find some enjoyment by listening; look for a full length LP later this year from Matti.

Have a New Headclouds Hit

UK acts Headclouds just dropped this sugary guitar pop number, built to maximize your energy today. My favorite part, aside from the obvious vocal hooks, is present from the very start; you can hear a squealing guitar ring out, and it jumps in and out of the song. When it recedes you’re left with the playful vocal delivery where syllables are stretched out to employ pop sensibility throughout, especially in the chorus. It’s just one of those pop songs that warms you, makes you feel better about turning the volume way up. As of now, it’s just a one-off single, but we’ll keep you posted on future releases.


Brand New Eureka California

We tried to hype you all to Eureka California for SXSW this year, and we’re right back on that glorious hype machine screaming for you to turn this track up real loud. Jake opens up this track, singing atop a steadied guitar line; you can feel the tension bend as Marie begins to build the force from the background. Then bang…distortion, smashing cymbals and a crunchy bit of guitar pop come ripping through your speakers; it’s the perfect execution of the quietLoudquiet concept. If you haven’t gotten into this band yet, well, I’m sorry, but you’ll get a chance when the group drop their new Roadrunners LP on May 4th via HHBTM.

Pleased To Meet You: Emily Isherwood

I’m just throwing this out there, but if the right people, whoever they are, listen to this new track from Emily Isherwood, people will be clamoring for her music for years to come. We get to spend the first minute of this track with Emily’s voice working over some very very light musical flourishes in the distance (rimshot and backing vocals); it feels almost fragile, as if it could break while she softly whispers her lines. But, then percussion and a swell of pop noise circles to life her, and the song, up…only to return to the contemplative moments. One last rapturous pop burst coats the song’s end as Emily quietly sings “oh no oh no oh no” as the song fades away. It’s a special number, and one you’ll do well not to ignore. Expect a release from Emily later this year via Art Is Hard.

New RVG Video for Eggshell World

Yep, I’m still super obsessed with RVG, as evidenced by my ventures to see them as frequently as possible during SXSW, not to mention my pre-fest fawning. This video from the band’s A Quality of Mercy album was one of the highlights from their live set, and is definitely one of the standout tunes on a pretty great LP. I think my favorite line from this track is “if there were two of me, well, one could be with you;” I’ll let you listen closely to make your own judgment. The video features Romy clad in silver, and even in the solitude of the video, you can feel the power that connects Romy to the audience. Dammit, I love this band.

Hooked On Hers

When a band throws in Orange Juice and Ariel Pink as their go-to stylistic choices, I’m going to listen, which is one of the many reasons I love this new track from Her’s. The warbly opening leans more towards the Ariel side of things, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I think there’s a noticeable nod to Julian Casablancas in the way the vocals are delivered. Wrapping up this all in a unique bit of infectiousness puts this Liverpool duo high upon our radar of up-and-comers; look for their limited edition 7″ via Heist or Hit.

Intrigued By MOMS

I’ve spent the last few days listening to this new EP from MOMS; it’s a twisted turn on bedroom pop, with hints of early Ariel Pink and modern psychedelic nods. I’m particularly fond of “Should Have Loved Her Better,” but below you can stream the woozy first single. It walks the fine line between accessibility and oddity, allowing folks to get a hefty dosage of pop oddity. TheBlood Brothers EP is going to be released by Sister Records this Friday!

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