Harlem Share Another Single

This track’s been floating around for a few days, but we were busy doing that list thing, so I’m just now getting to it. Those of you familiar with Harlem will likely hear something different below; it’s growth and maturity, benefitting both the band and the listeners. The melodic hooks have always been essential to the band’s formula, and they’re here, smoothed and polished and charming. For a band that made such a buzz playing off-kilter garage rock, the sharpness in the songwriting here is quite remarkable; don’t sleep on this LP, grab Oh BoyHERE.

Rose Ette Share Latest Single

Not more than a month ago, Houston’s Rose Ette dropped Ignore the Feeling via Miss Champagne Records. But, since music never dies, we’re here to share the album’s title track with you, if only to remind you of how great the entirety of the LP is. The twisting and turning of the guitar is beautiful, if not sedated, setting the stage so the vocal melodies can take control of your ears. You’ll find the lyrical content matching the yearning mood of the song, looking back on something you can’t quite escape. The distorted guitar touch at the end is perfect, wrapping up the track in the most concise manner possible, leaving you with just a bit of an edge. Grab the LP HERE; the vinyl version drops in January.

Shadowgraphs Share Another Time Video

Portland’s Shadowgraphs are about to drop their newest album this Friday, but what better time than the present to drop another single from that LP. In my repeated listens, I can definitely hear the band’s psychedelic influences shining through, particularly in the last few moments of the video. But, peel that away for a minute and imagine someone like J. Spaceman jamming out with a huge dollop of pop sensibility, and you’ll have a perfect way to picture the band. There’s this natural driving force behind it, with the vocals constantly seeming like they’re trying to escape the video through your speakers and slink into your living space. Another Time hits on Friday via Golden Brown Records, so grab it while its hot.

Remington Super 60 Share Winter Hit

Let’s face it; Winter is right around the corner. You can put holidays aside and all that, as this track from Remington Super 60 is more about the advance of cold weather than holiday cheer. That’s not to say that the understated guitar and tambourine jangle won’t bring you a touch of cheer on their own. The vocals are nice and warm, contrasting the imagery and the band’s call for snow that will stick to the ground. Be it in Norway, where the band lives, or here in Texas, a little cold weather is never a bad thing, especially if you have a nice indiepop tune like this one to enjoy by the fire.

Outerhope Share Video for Airways

Earlier in the year I wrote a lot about Outerhope‘s newest album Vacation; it was this sublimely rewarding piece of ethereal pop music best absorbed in solitude. For me, that meant the minimal notes crept under my skin, and the melodies often created these out of body experiences that made the Lp perfect for escapism. Today the band share the video for “Airways”; the video features beautiful natural footage juxtaposed with a pre-apocalyptic setting. The song itself is one of the more subtle tracks on the record, always building and moving beneath the speakers. If you love it, go grab a copy from Shelflife.

Cant Stop Playing This Durand Jones Tune

This year’s ACL featured Durand Jones and the Indications; I tried to hype it up as much as I could…though I still feel like folks missed out. Luckily, one of the tracks they played live, featuring drummer Aaron Frazer on lead vocals, is making it onto their next album, American Love Call. This single’s blown up really quickly, so odds are everyone will be on Durand and the band; I think those of you who like the classic R&B sounds will love this more than any other modern act spinning a similar style. Frazer and Jones play off each other so well in this track that its hard not to be taken aback. You can grab the LP next March via Dead Oceans/Colemine.

Josh T. Pearson Announces New EP of BBC Tunes

Josh T. Pearson is never far from my mind, oddly. I think I secretly listen to Lift to Experience more times than I’m willing to admit. But, as he’s been doing for quite some time, he’s been doing the solo thing for some time. Today, I’m bringing you a live, slightly extended version of “Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell,” which will feature on Josh’s new BBC 6 Music Session EP. The track originally appeared on Last of the Country Gentleman, but this version feels like the presence of Andy Young (of LTE) just brings out the expansive rock underbelly in Pearson’s work; the middle section is particularly noise and heart-wrenching. Damn, this version is phenomenal. You should also check out Josh’s Straight Hits from earlier this year.

Brand New Slum Summer Single

Slum Summer is the San Diego outfit formed by Hugh J Noble upon his move from England; he once played in an early version of what is now the Wave Pictures. But enough of the past, as his new band has this brilliant pop single for you today. His voice is quite distinctive, low down in the register, but I love how he runs his syllables together, not necessarily worried about rounding out the edges to brandish sheen pop. The rhythm section is spot on, giving the song this natural uplifting quality, that works in contrast to the heavy tones of Noble’s voice; it oddly reminds me of an indiepop version of Pedro the Lion, though I can’t say that’s what that working towards. The group will release ABABO via Jigsaw Records on January 18th of next year!

New Video from Jess Ribeiro

Jess Ribeiro is one of the great voices coming over from Australia, though she perhaps doesn’t get the deserved buzz that some of her fellow songwriters do. I’m hoping this video starts to make its way to our neck of the woods, creating some new friends for Jess in the States. The guitar on this tune is understated, lightly strummed behind the front of the mix, which is obviously reserved for Ribeiro’s striking voice. At times, she’s got this smoky chanteuse vibe, seducing your ears…though I think one of this song’s highlights comes just before the 2 minute mark with the lines “we did it over and over” before stretching for higher tones. This is Jess’ first new bit of music since 2015, so let’s cross our fingers a new LP is on its way.

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