Guaxe Announce Self-Titled Debut

You’re probably wondering who Guaxe is at this point, and that’s fair, as it’s a new project from Dino of Boogarins and Pedro from Supercordas. One of the reasons I love Boogarins is their ability to experiment within the tightened constraints of modern psychedelia, and this new project seems to take those challenges head on. There are loops of guitars that seem warped on repeat, with this lightly galloping drum beat behind the wall…strangely the beat almost seems to get lost in the song, as the listener will, slowing down and catching back up. It’s this otherworldly pop music that seems fit for a science experiment, though it offers this glaring beauty; my favorite burst of pop comes in at the 1:14 mark and only lasts for five seconds, but lasts in my brain forever. Their self-titled album will be out on September 6th via OAR.

Raucous New Single From Honey Lung

Way back in 2017, we posted about an up and coming London based outfit called Honey Lung. Since that time, we’ve missed the boat on some of their new music, but alas we put an end to that today! Fresh off some recent touring, the band just dropped this rowdy new single called “Nothing” yesterday. It definitely has a 90s, alternative/grunge vibe similar to something you might hear from later Smashing Pumpkins. Whatever you compare it to, it’s a hit for sure.

Spinning Coin Return with Visions at the Stars

I remember back in 2017 listening to Permo, and just being blown away by the distinctive style of songwriting that Glasgow’s Spinning Coin brought to the table; it always seemed like every person in the band had a little say in what was going to come across, making for a diverse listen. But, they’ve been super quiet until today when they announce a brand new 7″ with this joyous new single. It opens with some interesting vocals, perhaps from Rachel, kind of like something Dirty Projectors would have spun. But, it’s a nice juxtaposition for the relaxed feel of the rest of the track; I think it also brings in this slight melody very carefully that cruises through the song’s entirety. The video footage seems to have been filmed by the band themselves, which in general, is a sign of a band out having a fun time. You can grab the new 7″ on August 30th via Domino!

Oh Rose Share Baby

I will admit, that the “wah, wah” present from the beginning of this new Oh, Rose song might be off-putting to folks, but don’t give up, just give into the song. Singer Olivia Rose has this remarkable voice; it has this striking elegance that soars, yet is able to retreat to the faintest whisper. As you get through the song’s building emotion, the earlier “wah, wah” moments seem like a build up, and perhaps a thematic reference to the song’s title. That build up is unleashed just beyond the 2 minute mark, which is where I truly fell in love with the song before going back to and listen again and again. This tune appears on While My Father Sleeps, the new album out August 23rd via Park the Van.

Fern Murphy Share Dreamy Pop

As soon as I pressed play on this new track from Fern Murphy, I was immediately drawn to its similarities to She Sir, a band I love so much I put out their record. You’ll be drifting backing that dream state as soon as you press play; it’s just the way the band have crafted this atmospheric vibe from within the confines of their darkened pop caverns. You can also hear, according to my wife, little bits of Wild Nothing hanging in the vocal delivery, soft and silky, perfectly working between the musical elements. This track is one of the standouts on the band’s newest Gringo Love EP, so feel free to go give it a listen.

Playful Indie Pop From Kyoto Lo-Fi

Kyoto Lo-Fi is a Dallas based indie pop/rock band I first posted about a couple years ago, having heard very little from the band since that posting. Well now the group has returned to the music world with this new single called “Flowering Boulders”. Similar to their last output, the guys again have a very indie pop inspired sound featuring some garage rock tendencies and a fun, easy to get into vibe. It makes me think that this group will be on everyone’s radar soon enough.

Missed This Tyvek EP

I mean, technically I didn’t miss it, as this new Tyvek EP isn’t being released until August 1st, but you can stream the whole damn thing below. You get two bopping ditties as well as two little instrumental jams with your purchase ofChanging Patterns of Protective Coating. “I’ve Not Thought Once” has this British pop rock feel, especially if you listen to the way those guitar chords line up to the likes of every band that played at Indietracks last week. “We’re Back,” the other tune with lyrics begins in much the same manner, though it ventures off into this skittering discord as the song draws out. Just a little something more of you should be listening to; it’s available this week via Doubles Tapes.

The Color Waves Share New Tunes

The Color Waves first came into my musical orbit when they had a release back in 2015 with Cloudberry Records. Until then, they’ve been relatively quiet, though that all changed last week with the release of a two-song single. For my two cents, the band continue to operate on the more elegant side of indiepop; they work with slower tempos and build the songs beneath their melody; you could probably also call it shoegaze sans distortion. I love the vocal performance on “The Bay,” especially the way the lyrics almost dangle in the air, almost lost to the world as soon as they’re uttered. “Paper Tiger” offers up some subtle jangling chords, with just the slightest uptick in pace present here. Hopefully these two tracks signal more to come soon.

Robert Sotelo Announces Infinite Sprawling

It’s always interesting to discover what musically captivates us, what draws us in. Sometimes, it’s a huge hook or some beat, or sometimes, its the absence of it all, as is the case in this new tune from Robert Sotelo. He crafts this sparse musical landscape, working with his guitar and voice to attract your ears…then he moves the song towards a touch more elegance, built by blossoming strings and aided by backing vocals. It feels so grand at times, and yet so simple…it’s hard for me to turn away from it. This track will appear on the new LP, Infinite Sprawling, out September 13th via Upset the Rhythm.

More From Tummyache

Earlier this month I was turned onto the Amarillo product Soren Bryce and her new project under the moniker tummyache. While the previous output was a slow burning type of song, this one hits much harder and gives us much more of a rockin’ vibe. It has a very . grunge inspired sound and comes across as an updated and cleaner version of alternative bands like Garbage. Clearly it seems that the new EP coming later this year on Poor Man Records will feature sounds from a wide variety of landscapes. Dig.

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