Cats of Transnistria Share Born Again

We’re only about a month away from the release of Aligning, the new LP from Finnish outfit, Cats of Transnistria. You’ll probably need at least two of the weeks leading up to the release just to digest the tune in full. The song is almost a meditation, a slow unfolding of emotional atmospherics coated in Henna’s vocals. A slight elevation and bright pop turn comes in around the 2 minute mark, but its fleeting and quickly turns towards a continued billowing of darkly tinged pop constructs. Just imagine your favorite dream pop band stripped of those buzzing guitars, replaced with sparse chords and patience and a never-ending tension. The new LP drops on November 29th via Soliti.

Levitation Artist Death Valley Girls Drop New Video

Just a bit ago, Death Valley Girls dropped their excellent new LP, Darkness Rains, and while they just got back from a stint with the Distillers, they’re making their way across the States again with Crocodiles, stopping in Austin for Levitation Festival. The video fits today perfectly, splicing live footage of the band with horror flicks. But, more importantly, you’ll find the charm of the band in this particular tune. It’s heavy and playfully spooky, but being me, I always gravitate towards the really bright pop moments in their songs, like the semi-angelic seance of a chorus on this one. Just trying to spotlight all the great acts coming to Austin next week, but if you’re not here, check out their LP, available now via Suicide Squeeze Records.

New Hollywood Share Visions of the Suburbs

Admittedly, I was hooked almost instantly when I heard the latest tune from New Hollywood. But, sitting here now, I’m not quite sure which part of the tune I love the most. At first, it was the initial hook, the way the vocal delivery kind of coolly beckons you over. Then it was the bright shift towards pop horizons in the immediate chorus. Still, right now, there’s this brief little moment vocal curl with the delivery of the line “on the way home” that really makes me a huge sucker for this track. Just one of those tunes that gives you the feels, and there’s never a bad time for those, is there?

Inks Lake Drop Where Else EP

It’s hard to keep track of all the acts in Austin, more so now that there’s no longer Showlist to let me know when the release shows are going down. But, nonetheless, I stumbled backwards into Inks Lake (one of my favorite camping spots as a kid!); it’s a new outfit made up of former members of Nice Strong Arm and Beth Israel. There’s definitely a post-punk sound, heavy-handed in the opener “The Wilderness.” Moving forward, the band add a little bit more energy in “Bison Dele” and close it out with more of a traditional indie rocker on “Live All Over Each Other.” It’s a quick four songs, but the Where Else EP did its job, as I’ve got my ears pinned back waiting to hear more!

Seazoo Drop Brand New Pop Track

You ever have one of those bands you wish people understood the way you did? You whisper their name in every one’s ears, but in the end, you’re also totally cool to just adore the band on your own? Well, I’ve been pushing Seazoo on ya’ll since Trunks, and with a new album slated for Spring of 2020 you can bet that I’m already pushing that hype train. I love how the guitars on this new single have a slight bit of scuzzy shuffle, kind of like some of the stuff from Grandaddy. And, much like that outfit, the band are spinning this into a bright pop hit; I’m absolutely head over heels for the chorus on this number. I’m going to keep encouraging ya’ll to get on this…as they’re one of the more delightful pop acts kicking about.

Beautiful Track From Wilsen

It’s been quite a few years since I last mentioned Brooklyn outfit Wilsen. Not sure where I’ve been, but the band just announced a new album today with accompanying new single/video “Ruiner”. It’s a bit of a haunting, broody, dream pop number which will at times offer joy, and then slow things down to soften the mood. I love the slower bits, paired with the more intense, louder moments. Wonderful work.

Wilsen will release new album Rainer on February 21st via Secret City Records. Pre-order

Calico Blue Share Billy

I’m always up for a good ditty, especially one that comes dancing in with these hook-laden guitar riffs like the latest from Calico Blue. Sarah Addi’s vocals also have this belting nature, just soaring above the entire mix to grab the listener. In previous releases the group have gravitated towards bedroom/dream pop, and while I can still hear faints here and there, this one definitely feels much more pronounced, almost aiming to be playful. I liked the little breakdown at the end too, sort of stomping their way to an exhausted close. You can give a listen below if you want to catch onto this bunch.

One Last Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage Tune

This Friday Don Giovanni will be dropping Bad Wiring, the latest album from Jeffrey Lewis & the Voltage…but before we get there we get to hear one final single. This tune might be the most fun of the tracks we’ve heard, which, while he’s known for his literary witticism, I’ve always enjoyed the poppier side of his writing. For me, just take one listen to the chorus here, jammed in between these tight little bouncing jangles that make up the verses; in his own words, “it’s so awesome.” If you were looking for a sonic replacement for the Thermals, try this one out; Jeffrey’s only gotten a little fuzzier and we’re all the better for it.

Private World Sign to Dais Records

I’m an avowed pop fan, of a certain sort, and Cardiff outfit Private World are definitely of that lot. The band guarantees an aura of sophistication in their presence, and while I can hear that approach in the single that comes with this announcement, I can also attribute my fondness to other aspects. There’s a faint hint of a nod to Edwyn Collins in a few spots of the vocals, built in with the angular cuts of the guitar to kind of bend the song’s natural warmth towards a more skewed slice of pop music. There’s a hook, but not too much to make it burdensome on repeated listens…which you will definitely want. The band are wrapping up their debut, dropping next year via Dais Records.

Catchy Pop Tune from Lame Drivers

Lame Drivers hadn’t been on my radar up until this single crossed my desk, but you can bet that I’ll be sure keeping my ears on the band, as they’re on a run or catchy pop numbers. This one kind of finds the band straddling that ground between the Mats and Superchunk; its got a little bit of a snarl to it, though you can definitely hear the band’s penchant for pop numbers lurking about. I love the cool little pop curl that comes in just before the 3 minute mark, bringing in a nice little hook before the song goes hopping down the road. Happy Tuesday!

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