Yet Another Jam From Monad

Well I think I’ve made it fairly clear that up and comers Monad from Tel Aviv are likely my new favorite band of 2020. We’ve shared a few songs already and today I’ve got yet another new one in the form of this track called “Dawn Chorus”. I am once again pleased to find some wonderful elements of a shoegaze style blended well with a more psych-pop vibe. One can even pick up a few hints of disco and R&B undertones which really create some special sounds here.

Monad’s new EP Dissolution is out today and available for purchase here.

Seazoo Share Video for The Pleasure

When Seazoo graced us with their presence at our impromptu SXSW show last year, we had an absolute blast…and got to hear a few of the new jams that we’re thinking will show up on their forthcoming album Joy. For me, my infatuation with the band revolves around their combination of energetic riffs and cool pop structures. It’s like having your hooks and feeling soothed all at the same time, which is really what all us pop fans want anyways. This is a straight up bop, keeping it with our Friday theme of hits. The new LP drops on April 3rd via Big Terry.

Waves of Dread Share Deja Vu Single

It’s been a minute or so since Waves of Dread have shared anything new, but they’re back today with a brand new single, “Deja Vu.” Immediately, the song comes pounding in, smashing drums with fuzzy swirling through your speakers. But, more prominent is the band’s inclination to include some pop sensibility in this effort; it might just be the distant “ooh” in the chorus, but there’s surely an uplifting energy here. If you can’t hear it, just wait for the slowed little breakdown mid-track to hear what I’m hearing. I always enjoy what this bunch push out, so let’s hope we get more from the outfit in 2020!

Lisasinson Share Infectious Single, Atasco

This is going to be a hard pill for you to swallow, but I absolutely guarantee that the best song you’re going to hear today is this new jam from Spanish quartet Lisasinson. The first 40 seconds, I was sold, but also sort of on pins and needles wondering where would this song go? Little did I know it’d drop in and rock my socks off! I nearly jumped out of my chair and started flailing around the room; I’m old now so I just tapped my toes super hard. It’s scuzzy in all the right places, and filled to the brim with melodies you can’t get out of your head, no matter how hard you try. Their new single is out today via Elefant, and I’ll probably listen to it another twelve or thirteen times before I even post this.

Another Hit From Sipper

NYC based artist Joe Beerman made an impression on me last November with his new musical project known as Sipper with a much coveted spot on our year end Top Songs list. Moving forward into this year, Beerman has a new EP entitled Have Fun due out later in the spring. Prior to his new release date, we’ve been given the go ahead to share this bright new single called “O.K.” It features more of the washed out, yet bright and airy sound which originally drew me into this band. You will find it subtle in delivery while still holding tons of staying power in the final product.

Song Premiere: Paul Jacks – Shy Boy

We have a fresh new piece of sound for you today from Paul Jacks.

“Shy Boy” is Disco Pop and while there is Beatles-formed-in-the-70s flowing from a lo-fi synth foundation, I get a bit of early OMD from it. Rising and falling into and out of majors an minors, the song has a shimmy born in a brightly colored room, but an underlying longing. Click play and see what you think below.

Paul has a pretty interesting method for releasing jams. Songs are paired, A/B, like a 7″ single. There will be three of these dual releases coming in quick succession launched on Tri-Tone Records on Friday and “Shy Boy” will be backed by the song “Getting Back To You”. A band has been formed, touring later 2020…

Dropkick Share Another Single Off the Scenic Route

Let me just say this…if you’re writing guitar pop music at this very instant, please make it sound like Dropkick. The Scottish outfit have been around for a bit, but the forthcoming album, The Scenic Route, just seems to get better with each single used for promotion. Listening below, you’ll hear that ringing semi-jangle, encouraging a slight toe tap and head bob; it’s subtle, as are the band’s many charms. Sure, the vocals could be described as warm or gentle, but I think of them more as pleasant…something I’d sit and listen to with my mom on her back porch. It’s short, it’s catchy and makes you feel good about the world (for once), so be sure to pick it up from Bobo Integral; it drops on February 7th.

Business School Shares Come Along

Business School is a fairly new project. So new, in fact, there’s hardly the typical flare like web sits and twitter handles and labels. But! There is this song, which is a nice dose of noodling guitar pop to let you cruise through the day. Soft vocals like the one’s here tend to make me think of Nada Surf for some reason; there’s just something in that calming presentation that worms its way into your earholes. You can also hear a Real Estate influence in the recording, particularly in the song’s latter half as it ventures towards a close.

Remington Super 60 Share I Don’t Wanna Wait

Looks like we’re spending a lot of time up in the Scandinavian part of the world today, which popped up earlier, and now brings us Remington Super 60. We’ve covered the band before, showing our appreciation for their beautiful pop sound. Here they return with this subtle, almost lounge-ready, gem; the pacing definitely lends itself to a moment of early morning reflection. Nice gentle bubble of bass beneath the feathery vocals; this is the sort of number that’s going to make your day infinitely better just be soaking in its natural warmth. The band release their aptly titled, New EP, today, so if you enjoy, go hear the rest.

Jeanines Share Fresh Single

Hasn’t even been quite a year since Jeanines delighted us with their self-titled debut LP, and here they are with a fresh song and news of a new 7″ for WIAIWYA. They offer up another charming bouncer, lifting the spirits with the band’s natural energy; that’s clearly juxtaposed with some of the lyrical energy, as this is the group’s second track mentioning the “dark.” There’s also something in Alicia’s delivery of the lines like “and you” that on screen seem like they’d add nothing, but listen through to this song and you’ll be swooning like the rest of us. Things Change 7″ will be out on March 6th.

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