Did You Know the Resonars Have a New Album

I’ve always been a big Resonars fan, as this site can surely attest. I’m a little late to this, but wanted to make sure you all knew that you can listen to an entire new album from the band fronted by Matt Rendon. I think it would be easy to lump the band with the reemergence of psychedelia over the last decade, but Disappear really offers the perfect blend of what really seems to drive Rendon’s songwriting. For me, it feels more like the pop side of the British Invasion, though I’ll admit there’s some thunderous drumming throughout the record’s entirety. This whole record is like that perfect sunny day album you and your friends horde and pass around, like the best kept secret you don’t want anyone to know about because its so entirely special. Personally, I want you to listen to it; I’ll even tell you to listen to my favorite track “You Were There!” There will be a vinyl version of this coming out in the Winter, so keep an eye, but just enjoy Disappear now!

Another New Tapeworms Gem

The opening 45 seconds of this song was enough to get me to press repeat on this new Tapeworms single over and over again; it’s just that bruising wall of squall that accompanies many of the new shoegaze acts. But, the way they pull themselves back from the fire is what really captivates me; I’m reminded of that sort of dynamic between the old quietloudquiet approach…works perfectly here. They take a little bit of leniency with the album’s closing moments, but there’s enough force in the opening 2 minutes to have you rushing over to Howlin Banana to pick up their LP, Funtastic.

Have Another Plants And Animals Tune

Earlier in the summer, I was pleased to share with you some new tunes and an album announcement from the iconic and always reliable Montreal based band Plants and Animals. Over the years, it’s been interesting to hear he mutations of the band’s sound but I feel like this new single “Love that Boy” could be an even further evolution into greatness. The bright and sunny vibes from the band are still there underneath but some new elements of R&B beats and groovy, soothing swirls have also been added in to give the song this lovely, relaxing vibe. Have yourself a listen below.

Plants and Animals will release The Jungle on October 23rd via Secret City Records.

Enjoy This Nature Walk Tune

There’s the slightest cool front that’s blown through Austin, so its kind of left me in this weird musical ADHD state; my tastes are all over the place, but I’ve definitely settled on this new tune from Canada’s Nature Walk. It almost sounds like this perfect bedroom pop recording, though the vocals on this tune have this heavy tone to them, that sort of balances the track with this solemn mood. But, this is the only song that features Fox, the singer, as the other tunes on the King of Wands EP have a more organic nature to them; its this really moving collection of songs that you’re going to really appreciate spending some time with today.

The Agency Share To Fumble is Divine

While I may have an admitted addiction to pop tunes, I still have a penchant for a good melodic slow burner, like the latest tune from the Agency. The band’s gift is the way they set up the listener throughout the song, slowing things down to a crawl…then they come back with the slightest little bounce, just the quickest little jump up. It’s so slight that I probably didn’t even catch all those little moments on the first run through, but it kind of lets the song bleed between this sort of melancholy psychedelia and sly subversive pop tune. This track appears on the forthcoming In the Haunted Woods LP, out later this year.

Farewell Horizontal Share Where Did All the Fun Go to Die

Just when you think you have the Melbourne scene pigeonholed, another band like Farewell Horizontal pops its hard offering a slight glimpse at just how incredible the music is in that fair city. I love how this track sort of flirts between the casual pop sounds of the region and this sort of light indiepop. It’s the sort of track you never want to end; you just want the song to kind of hang around in the aura behind you, just lifting your spirits ever so carefully. Pat Walker’s slight little toy with the word “fu-un” really does it for me too…I’m such a nerd that I swoon over little moments like this. This track appears on the group’s new LP, Avoiding the Void, which you can grab for the NYOP right HERE.

Topographies Share Rose of Sharon

What do you do if your dad played drums in the Cure? Well, if you’re Gray Tolhurst, you start your Topographies and drench your sound in those nostalgic atmospheric notes and circling angular guitar licks. I love how this has that old school feel to it also, allowing for plenty of space to come into the song; it brings the melody to the forefront, giving the song and the listener breathing room. Sometimes I just feel like we’re beaten over the head with hooks, so its nice that it’s not pushed all the way down my throat from the get-go. It’s a solid tune from a promising band who will drop their debut Ideal Form in December!

Playful Pop Number from Club 8

I couldn’t imagine a better way for you kick off week than with this brand new single from Sweden’s Club 8. I honestly can’s stop pressing play on this one; it reminds me a lot of Chairlift’s “Bruises” in a certain sense, but still feels slightly refreshing. That’s entirely due to the interchange of the male/female vocal roles, and perhaps the more subtle organic feel of the song. You never really know what you’re going to get when this lot drop a release, but I do know one thing’s for sure…if you press play, you’re going to be wishing you could listen to this song for the rest of the day. Bet.

Luke Rathborne Shares Be the One Video

Feel like I was kind of hitting too much on the post-punk note, so its great to have this Luke Rathborne tune to get in on over here. There was just something simple, something that just seemed to come together perfectly here. Perhaps it was the perfect melody, perhaps the song’s execution, but every time I press play, I end up tapping my toes, trying to learn the words so that I can sing along. I love Rathborne’s performance on the chorus too, just pure pop genius and definitely fitting for a Friday afternoon cruise into the sunset. Turn it up folks, you won’t regret it.

The Black Watch Share the Lonely Death of Mary Hansen

As an avid fan of the Black Watch, I think the forthcoming record has the possibility to be one of their strongest to date. You can hear John Andrew Fredrick really pushing himself sonically, especially when you take into account the earlier single from the new album, “The Nothing That Is,” offering us a slightly playful disco sound. Here on the new single, the band swirl the guitars around your ears, almost in a disorienting fashion. The rhythm section pounds away, steadying things, matched by the solemn delivery of Fredrick; I love how there’s a great vocal foil too, bringing in a touch more melody to the heavier tones John offers. Is it possible that after all the albums and all the years that the Black Watch are just now hitting their stride? We’re definitely in for a ride when Fromthing Somethat drops on October 23rd via Atom Records. (Photo by Brendan Holmes)

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