Spirit Ghost Shares If Only Video

Spirit Ghost just recently released Singles Vol I, and today we’ve got the video version of standout track “If Only” to share. To me, this song feels very much like Austin; it’s got that slow meandering honky-tonk vibe, much like the much-missed Strange Boys. Alex Whitelaw’s vocals seem to have that magical knack to capture melancholy and bottle it up and sell it as melody. Every so often, you get a nice little musical uptick, just a heavier hand on the cymbals and a bit of punch in the volume, and the song brims with its own take on Western balladry. The video uses black and white imagery to help affirm the song’s natural timelessness. Hope you’ll dig in deeper here; grab the EP!

The Sour Notes Release More is the Pity

Over the last year or so, the Sour Notes have toyed with what I can only describe as genius marketing! They’ve carefully curated an entire album, releasing it a 7″ at a time on limited pressings; we’ve covered many of those singles here on the site. But, but, but! Today you can actually grab all the songs united in their intended format on the brand new More is the Pity LP! I think of my favorite tunes, “Enough” is definitely one of the immediate go-to tracks on the album, though, the Felt fan in me also views “Blank” in a very nice light. There’s a little something for everybody, particularly for those with a penchant for guitar pop, so give a listen below!

Stephen’s Shore Announce Brisbane Radio EP

Those of you waiting to feel that uplifting strum of warm guitars and cool vocals can just stop and take a deep breath as you listen to the latest single from Sweden’s Stephen’s Shore. The band have been fairly quiet since their superb September Love LP, but this single comes with news that the quintet will release the Brisbane Radio EP early next year. On the title track featured below, you can feel the spring in your step, the bounce in your soul; it’s not too far off from the style of pop we all adored in the Locksmiths. It’s simplicity and execution make this the perfect go-to tune for any day, but we figured we’d let you feel the joy right now. If you love it, you’ll have to wait until the EP drops in late January, courtesy of Meritorio Records.

Nailspolishh Shares Hollows EP

If you happen to come by our site from time to time, you surely have heard the name of Rat Fancy, who we’ve praised again and again. But, at the moment, Diana and Gregory are focused on their other recording project, Nailpolishh; they’ve been able to work on it during the pandemic, with more stay-at-home-and-record time. Now, don’t think just because you’ve heard Rat Fancy that you’re getting the same thing, reworked. In fact, the majority of the songs the duo have worked on have more of a hip-hop appeal, though they do weave in other areas that might be of interest…a little goth, a little dream pop, and maybe a splash of emo, all rolled up in one giant ball of fun. That fun is called Hollows, so go give it a listen! Available via cassette at Solidarity Club.

Sapphire & Steel Release Assignment 1

Our friend and fellow pop enthusiast Estella Rosa (also part of glorious Nah) just begun a new project with Jorn Aleskjaer named Sapphire & Steel (a nod to the 70s Sci-Fi series of the same name). This week they dropped Assignment 1, a three song EP I felt was necessary to put on your radar. “Home” settles the score immediately, fusing bits of indie pop and new wave seamlessly, giving you melody and groove all at once; Estella’s voice dabbles in the dream pop territory, allowing the notes to sort of rise and fall…might also be one of the best chorus moments I’ve heard her on…just saying. “Rumours” gives off more of a retro lounge feel, like a lounge act with just enough nuance to keep us captivated. “Susan” gives you this sort of late-night funk feel; slight bits of swagger and hipness buried beneath a pop facade that features far more Jorn than we’ve gotten prior to this. A perfect closer for a late night dance party, or maybe just this great introductory EP.

Nervous Twitch Share Keeping Faith in Something Video

Been a minute since we’ve heard from Leeds outfit Nervous Twitch, but we’re getting word that the band will be releasing a new LP in early 2021…and we’ve got a sneak peak! The first single teases you with an off-kilter stomp and steady spoken vocals. Suddenly, those guitars shimmy into the picture, the drums move into a roll and things pick up pace so we’re all having a blast as we’re bopping along. They have this knack for offering sugary punk ditties that are undeniably fun, which, on a personal level, has me really excited for a new LP, which we’ll know more about soon…for now, enjoy this tune courtesy of Reckless Yes Records!

IIawgne Share Reverie Neverending

Really enjoying this new poppy gaze tune from Sweden’s llawgne; it had me fooled for a second with those opening 7 seconds, tempting me to cover my ears afraid of a wall of noise. Instead, they pull back on the squall and settle into this driving rythm so that when the need arises for the guitars to cut through, they’re almost dulled into this unintentional melodic jettison. You could easily see how toying with this in another direction would allow for this powerful noise statement, but as a sucker for pop sensibility, I’m not shying away from my adoration of this tune by any means. Go on, give a listen, won’t you.

Upbeat Pop from Sunnbrella

The last few days were filled with rain and cold here in Austin, until late afternoon yesterday, when I first heard this new Sunnbrella tune. It’s immediately punching through with great energy, pounding drum work and these dancing guitar lines that move in and out allowing David Zbirka to set up the scene for the vocal entry. Those vocals, both male and female have this rather sedate presence, which kind of balances out what’s going on with the music swirling around them. Just wanted to kind of celebrate the nearing of the weekend with a fun little number so you can tap those toes!

Shame Share New Song via Live Video

I know folks don’t agree with me, but I feel like Shame is the at the top of the food chain for this sort of brand of post punk; I think maybe only Protomartyr come anywhere close. But, this brand new track, recorded from an earlier live set showcases how the band have begun to blossom, incorporating new elements into their sound; it’s only making my stance all the stronger as they take what quickly became a stale genre into new territory. Heaven knows I need a new record now, but knowing they’re stretching their sound, I can be patient knowing there’s this power on the horizon.

Check Out Star Party

For starters, I’m passing on a “check this out” that I got from a friend, and they were definitely right that we should all listen to some Star Party. The Washington bunch just dropped this 4 song EP, with a few fresh rippers and a couple of covers, one of which gives a nod to the Shop Assistants…so you know they’ve got tastes. It’s got that sort of sugary side of the Ramones in there, buzzing guitars and big swirling hooks…though imagine if you took that and ran it through some noisy machination, burying the pop sensibility beneath layers of squalling feedback. I dig it. Do you?

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