New Single & Video From POSTDATA

Our Canadian friend Paul Murphy, under his side project known as POSTADA, recently released his third album entitled Twin Flames just a few short weeks ago. If for some reason you slept on the release, might I suggest you check out his latest single/video, “Inside Out”, and give the album another chance. This song is one of my highlights from the new LP as it features a somewhat Americana inspiration, but with some incredible pop sensibilities as well. A truly stunning tune.

Twin Flames from POSTDATA is on sale now via Paper Bag Records.

Listen to the Curse from Folklore

I have tons of emails where I’ve been super into stuff, but just haven’t quite gotten to them, and as there seems to be a general lull this week, I’ve started digging deep into some of those emails, which is where I revisited the latest from Folklore. For me, the band take some sounds from the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Arcade Fire; they are offering up this pleasant folk pop, but obscured by a willingness to toy with structure. Take the opener from The Curse, “A-Frame Kitchen,” which revolves heavily on a strum and vocals for the song’s first minute, then it sort of erupts, like your speakers got blown, but those sounds don’t bother you as they tie it all together. “The Curse” is a definite hit, sort of harkening back to that Elephant 6 sound, though I’ll admit I’m a bit basic today, and falling for “Hazy Summer.” Give the whole thing a listen if you like, and throw the band a few bucks, as its NYP!

Stray Fossa Share Diving Line Single

With the release of their album about a week away, I wanted to point you all in the direction of Stray Fossa one last time. They release With You For Ever next Friday, and while I’ve offered you other singles, this one might just do the trick, right? Slowly trickling in, tiptoeing with a light strum and feathery voice, the song soon drops in from dreamscape to more texturized indie sound before launching off into their chilled pop room where we can all get lost. I loved the intermission, grooving and a touch more emphatic, giving the song that special bop that makes the kids swoon. Trust me, this is solid solid pop! Look for With You For Ever next Friday.

Slick New Single From Wombo

Louisville is not typically a location that comes to mind when considering slick new forms of indie/garage rock, but new artist Wombo hope to change your mindset about their hometown. Fresh new single “Dreamsickle” certainly offers a bright, and sometimes edgy, contrast to a location typically known for southern rock and country. No this tune has a fabulous guitar sound perfectly balanced between slightly distorted yet still clean, paired with a thumping beat provided by the bass and drums. It’s definitely worth a listen today.

Wombo will be releasing this track as part of a new EP entitled Keesh Mountain due out on May 28th via Fire Talk Records.

Buffet Lunch Share Said Bernie Single

One of the records I’m really looking forward to hearing is the Power of Rocks, the debut LP from Buffet Lunch. Today with their new single, they continue their scattered pop brand, kind of like carnival post-punk. The song operates with these chords falling like rocks from a cliff, while the rhythm section creates this stuttering gallop; the vocals at the start kind of recall Television Personalities moments too, all before becoming frantic! Plus, I love the lyrical approach, with the song written from the perspective of Bernie, a man singer Perry read about who wrote a letter a day to his local newspaper. Seriously, you should be listening to this band. The Power of Rocks is out on May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

CLAMM Share Beseech Me Video

For those all about pigeonholing Melbourne’s music scene (yes, myself included), don’t forget to listen to CLAMM…in order to destroy both stereotypes and eardrums. When this song begins, the rhythm section immediately has you on edge, grinding your teeth, feeling nervous; skittering guitar licks don’t do much to settle you before Jack Summers begins his vocal tirade. Going through, I actually tend to gravitate towards the band’s use of space in the song; it allows for them to really keep that propulsive groove while letting the song and listener breathe. It feels like you’re on some runaway mine cart tunneling through the dark caverns of Earth, like Indiana Jones with a death wish; to be honest, that feels pretty great. The group release Beseech Me on April 9th via Meat Machine.

Dry Cleaning Drop Unsmart Lady

This Friday, 4AD will release the much anticipated Dry Cleaning LP, New Long Leg. Their last single before the record drops opens up with striking discord; you feel as if the band are set to rip through your speakers. But, as always, Florence Shaw stands there, like a lighthouse drawing the band towards safety and security; she’s got this chilling indifference while the band works furiously around her. At this point, its hard to tell what I love more here, the throbbing bass groove that vibrates your soul or the band’s great performance in the video; it’s like yeah, this song rips, lets hear it again. Grab/stream the New Long Leg everywhere Friday!

The Week in Music

Nathan and I are constantly coming up with new ideas for the website to better offer you all unique coverage and even easier access to new musical endeavors. Today we thought we’d toss around the idea of offering up a weekly playlist to serve as a recap from the past week. Now these tunes are mostly taken straight from the pages of Austin Town Hall, but others might be things we missed out on or initially passed up for whatever reason. So my peeps, I give you the best of, from last week. Hope it makes your Monday a bit better. Kick out the jams.

Qlowski Release A Woman Video

London’s Qlowski are one of those new groups that seems to kind of pull at you from all different directions. The first minute of their latest single is almost like this intoxicating seance, heavy keyboards and a soft vocal, willing you to test the waters. Four drum beats drop in, and then vocals crash in this sort of indifferent post-punk bravado that totally changes the song’s direction. But, then they go a step further, leaving these jagged chords to match step for step the emphatic vocal delivery as the song proceeds; it’s this sort of wimpy bob and weave, all before receding into a more subdued dreaminess. All the touches, all the notes, and its all great. You can grab this tune on Quale Futurovia Maple Death Records and Feel It Records on June 4th.

Coral Grief Share Crumble Single

As you settle into the day, its always nice to have something that lets you take on more of that contemplative mood, like this track from Seattle’s Coral Grief. The song has this prominent heartbeat, pulsing beneath the mix in matching step with a snare hit to really let your mind focus on the guitars and vocals. In the guitars, you get that crisp jangling that fades into the air, sort of like Spring showers falling intermittently all around you. Lena Farr-Morrissey has this wondrous voice, it kind of seems like its stretching itself around every nook and cranny of the track, but for my basic bitch ears, I couldn’t hear a place where she went wrong. You’ll find this tune on the group’s self-titled EP, which is out on May 14th.

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