Expanding Void Drops Believe In Me

About to head out the door towards the beach in a few hours, and perhaps my favorite bit about that drive from Austin is riding through the coastal land, warm breeze in your face, dreaming of what is in store. In a sense Expanding Void have captured that sentiment, musically and lyrically. Light and playful, with a subtle little jangling bounce, you get that perfect opening for a solid pop number. Lyrically, the song deals with themes of having faith in yourself, having faith in the process of life and where its leading you as the warm breeze hits you in the face. Solid way to start off a Friday.

Gustaf Return with Book Single

Having ben on board with their “Design/Mine 7”, it only makes sense that I’m gearing up to support Gustaf with their debut album, Audio Drag for Ego Slobs. Interestingly, the video for their latest single finds singer Lydia running down the street, encountering her band mates in precarious situations, much as you might have seen in the band’s “Mine” video. Musically, its got that same erratic punk flavor, built on propulsive rhythm work and angular guitars cutting through Lydia’s vocal performance. The band seem to some how bottle up this natural tenacity, giving their music an intensity that I find infinitely rewarding. Plus, with their new album, they’ll be touring in support of Idles this Fall, so be on the lookout as they come to a town near you. Audio Drag for Ego Slobs is out October 1st via Royal Mountain Records.

Belaver Announces Lain Prone

If you didn’t listen to me, and skipped over True Love of Crime, then stop and go back right now and get lost in the brilliant songwriting of Belaver. Or, perhaps you’ll just want to wait a bit, as he’s just announced his follow-up, Lain Prone. This new album draws inspiration from Neil Young and Daniel Johnston, just to name a few. To me, there’s like a strange cross between Eef Barzelay and David Bazan, using clever word play and a really strong sense of intimacy to suck you right in; it’s honestly the kind of tune I think we all wish we could write, relatable and quiet, yet oh so powerful. The accompanying video is rather clever as well, with Belaver’s charms omni-present in the presentation of his work. Lain Prone will drop on October 22nd via Niles City Records.

Treeboy & Arc Share Logistical Nightmare

If you’ve got an itch for some angular art-punk, well, then feel free to press play on the latest single from Leeds outfit, Treeboy & Arc. They’re crafting that brand of rock that’s in high fashion, though for me, I appreciate their willingness to push the abrasiveness at the same time. They course through this tune going back and forth, sort of a wonky little jog here and there, all the while, the sharp riffs get tethered to the seemingly indifferent tones of the vocal delivery. It’s not too far off from what you might expect from, say, Omni, or the like. Run it up the flagpole and keep an eye out for the band’s Life Preserver EP on August 6th.

Sweet Nobody Shares Other Humans

As of right now, the new LP from Sweet Nobody is shaping up to be this really decadent pop album, something you can’t help but listen to on repeat for hours on end. On their latest single, they combine these toe-tapping rhythms matched up with really crystalline guitar jangles, taking you straight into that indiepop territory I adore. But, while you’re likely to hear some pop similarities, I think Joy Deyo’s performance is stunning here; she moves beyond merely mimicry, hitting these notes that you’d expect to hear from a Sharon Van Etten or the like; it gives the whole single a fresh feel to it, keeping the band in our listening orbit. Look for We’re Trying Our Best on September 17th via Daydream Records.

Mini Trees Deliver A Hit

We’ve certainly loved seeing the musical progression and sonic maturation of L.A. based Lexi Vega and her project known as Mini Trees. After tons of praise over the last few years, Vega is back in 2021 with a new album coming in September which will feature this new single “Carrying On”. You will definitely want to take some time to check out this bright, fresh and catchy new tune from Mini Trees.

New album Always in Motion will drop on September 17th via Run for Cover Records.

Black Marble Announces Fast Idol

I’ve been jamming to Black Marble for a hot minute now, and while I’m partial to the earlier work of Chris Stewart, he’s definitely hitting a more accessible pop stride with his latest works…and looks like that continues with the new record Fast Idol. Our first listen is accompanied by this incredible video from Theo Sixou, following around an exuberant pair through the streets of Paris; they seem to be searching for that unidentifiable “somewhere” of the song’s title. Both the song and the video are worth your while today, and we’ll keep you posted as more singles drop from the forthcoming Fast Idol, which is out on October 22nd via Sacred Bones Records.

Meatbodies Share The Hero

Chad Ubovich seems to have been a constant in the indie scene for some time, be that in Fuzz or playing with Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin…but the bread and butter is his own Meatbodies outfit. The band are set to meet Satan halfway with 333, and in preparing us, they drop this psychedelic seance, more of a spiritual musical journey than anything else. Strangely, this song was written after Ubovich got sober, recovering from years and years of playing music on the road; his music has this new clarity that fills the whole of 333. If you dig what you hear, the whole LP is out on September 3rd via In the Red Records.

Enjoying the Enigmatic Foe

Throw around references like the Go-Betweens and the Church, and you can bet your going to catch my attention, which is how The Enigmatic Foe wound up on my radar. The project is the songwriting tour de force from Jared Colinger, enlisting Frank Lenz (Pedro the Lion) and Josh Dooley (Starflyer 59) to flesh out the tunes that would become The Original Plan. While I can certainly hear some of the early nods, particularly in the way the guitars pull in some of the psychedelic, I tend to hear this more of a blend between Britpop and late 90s college rock…and I don’t mean that negatively, as clearly I’m here enjoying the shit out of this tune. Plus, if you listen through, you get to hear a few non-album tracks that didn’t make the final cut. The Original Plan is out this Friday!

Ferocious New Tune From Tummyache

This time two years ago, I was introduced to the delightful Amarillo born Soren Bryce and her musical project known simply as tummyache. Though Bryce hadn’t planned to make much music during lockdown, the creative bug hit and she powered through some new tunes in parents backyard shed. We are of course happy to share & premiere with you the first new tune from these efforts entitled “DIY!!”. You will immediately notice the raucous and urgency to the tune as it powers through a short 1.5 minute explosion of screaming vocals and frantic instrumentation. Once again, I think it shows a songwriter who can dip into so many different genres and refuses to be put in a musical cage.

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