Fortitude Valley Drop All Haill the Great Destroyer Video

Probably going to be the last post I get up today, because, well, five songs seems like enough for you. Don’t get greedy. Figured I’d go out with a banger, which is absolutely what this new Fortitude Valley single brings to your ears. I love those distorted guitars, flirting with me by offering this understated little jangle and a little bit of pop rock swagger; it doesn’t hurt you get that scorching solo in the song’s middle. Laura’s voice always makes me think Toni Basil for some reason, which gives me a wee chuckle and only solidifies the endearing factor FV bring to the table with each new single. Their debut self titled LP drops this October via Fika Recordings.

Sam Forrest Announces Aeroplane Days

Feel like you need a mid-morning pick me up? Were you a fan of early Brendan Benson, or late Elliott Smith (I mean, we all were, right?)? Well, then join me in spending a bit of time with Sam Forrest, an English songwriter who just announce his latest record, Aeroplane Days. This tune’s got that driving stomp backing up a nice little strum, with Forrest taking up those wispy vocal notes. One of the reason’s I’ve been gravitating towards Sam’s stuff is that there’s definitely a solid blend between finer intimate moments between he and the listener, balance evenly by buoyant pop feels that pervade the record…as you can see here. If you dig, its out via Hidden Bay Records and Desert Mine on September 10.

Hits Announce Cielo Nublado

Is there a music scene hotter than what’s going on over in San Francisco right now? And with that, are your eyes fully on everything going on Paisley Shirt Records? Well, the label just announced they’re bring you Hits (the band, but also they will provide hits as you see below) newest LP, Cielo Nublado. You get to sample a few tracks, and if the bubbling Cali vibes mashed with 60s doo-wop don’t just suck you right in, then maybe it’ll be the Suicide reference that grabs you. Or you could slip into the anti-jangle of “Trotting Lemmings;” the song seems to be working against itself, pushing back against the runaway drum work! Don’t wait for a Cloudy Sky, the new record drops on September 17, so pre-order it now!

Sweet Nobody Share Young in Love

Choo choo! That’s right, that’s the sound of the Sweet Nobody hype train rolling right through the ATH campsite. The Long Beach band’s newest single is a bit of a slow burner, pulling on you with Joy’s opening vocal display. Soon, she’s joined by the crashing waves of the rest of the band, and while the guitars are tethered to a bit of a pop jangle, you can also hear a bit of pure fuzz still buzzing on the edges here. I love how the band seem to walk that perfect line between indie pop and indie rock accessibility. Be sure to keep your eyes out for We’re Trying Our Best, out on September 17th via Daydream Records.

Sina Shares You Should Have Seen Her

Well, I wanted to start off your day with something a little dark, something that maybe feels a bit drab in its initial presentation. Sina‘s vocals kind of feeling like they’re hanging in there, just barely holding on, and the musical orientation feels anxious and almost sad. It creates this cavernous world to welcome you, a place where you can just come as you are, and come to terms with the person at the table. But, for me, the curious attraction comes in the moments in between the solemnity, the moments where the songs brings in a slight bounce; it seems like Sina’s promising that there’s still room to pick ourselves up and bounce back. Let’s just hope the world gets that message. You can find this tune on the new Shame LP.

Treasures of Mexico Share New Tunes

All you old Dentists fans still kicking about will surely already have this new Treasures of Mexico tunes on your radar, but in case not, well, here we are! Over the weekend, the band dropped Always the Shadows 7″, which came out via Spinout Nuggets, and had this charming A side. Personally, I love the way there’s this almost progressive jangle, like the band are harnessing bits of psychedelia while still trying to hold onto their power pop tendencies; it also doesn’t hurt that you get backing vocals that build in the melodic nature of the chorus. Honestly, this is just a pure classic pop sound, and its super hard to envision anyone having anything negative to say. Slight edge, good melody, just weird enough to be cool. There you have it.

Dogbreth Releases Some New Tunes

Second Home, the 2016 Dogbreth LP, still gets some good solid play around my place, so I’m always stoked when new songs creep out. Today, we’ve got two new tunes to share with you, with news that another LP should be on the way, perhaps before the end of the year. These are both easily consumable tunes, with this sound that has classic nostalgia and modern emo blurring the lines; I’m super into the warmth of the chorus in “How You Did That,” as it feels closely tethered to where my listening is at of late. Good jams deserve good shares, so here’s to hoping we get more sooner rather than later!

Joyer Share I Was Wrong Video

I’ve been trying to hype you all to the music of Joyer, the project of the Sullivan brothers; it’s the perfect accompaniment for fans of acts like Hovvdy. But, as you’ll see in their latest single below, the band definitely like to flirt more with the noisier exploration possible in this brand of songwriting. This particular tune just feels so solitary; there’s this fragility that you can’t escape, and in the video presentation, it kind of feels like watching the reels of your own lived experiences, only cementing the song’s connection with the listener. If you feel like escaping into someone else’s world, I think you’ll find solace in the welcoming sounds of Joyer; look for their Perfect Gray LP on September 24th via Julia’s War.

Feng Suave Share Show Me

Now that we’ve looked at last week’s tunes, I wanted to start off with this real slowly unfolding pop ballad from Dutch outfit, Feng Suave. The opening minute is almost like a lounge singer, crooning to his audience, slow and charming. But, just after the 1 minute mark, you get this nuanced build, texturing the song with these nice little string arrangements and tickling piano notes. Just don’t think they’re settling there, as the group continues to let the song build and swell, all the while holding tight to the track’s early charms. If you dig it, be sure to give a listen to their So Much for Gardening EP.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (August 23 -27)

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’re doing alright, physically and emotionally. We’re here to wrap up last week’s hits, or at least what we loved. This collection has a bunch of songs included from some albums that dropped on Friday, as well as new tunes from Gustaf, Dinner and the new collaboration from Living Hour + Peel Dream Magazine. Start your week off right by reviewing what we loved last week. Have a good day!

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