Au Cinema Video from Chocolat Billy

Somehow I’ve broken into the French scene, and I get tons of really great stuff from all over, like Bordeaux’s Chocolat Billy, celebrating 20 years of work. The band is set to release Le Feu al Lac, an imaginative allusion to a lake on fire. For me, I love the pop sensibility being stretched to new boundaries in their latest single. The vocals have this light punctuated delivery, set up atop the prodding and pulsing of the synth work and samples beneath the mix; it’s catchy and bopping, yet seems otherworldly. And, as the song proceeds, you get this haunting figure offering up a few lines as the song draws to a close. The whole album drops on April 22nd via Kythibong.

Flight Mode Announce New EP

Flight Mode won me over with the Texas ’98 EP, which had some nostalgic moments, both for the songwriter, and myself, someone who was living in Texas in 1998. Now, the Oslo band revisit another place in their own history, looking back on the Torshov neighborhood in 2005. Musically, the songwriting is a little more expansive on this first single, perhaps pensive; it feels like something you’d find on a Jade Tree sampler, or a B-side of a Joan of Arc record. I love how the gentle vocals get a heavier backing vocal to give the song just the slightest edge…the faintest, as this track is too pretty to break up. The Torshov ’05 EP is dropping May 6th on Sound as Language.

Humdrum Shares Superbloom Single

With Star Tropics calling it a day, Loren Vanderbilt III had a batch of songs he wanted the world to hear; we’ve slowly been gifted a listen to his work as Humdrum. Today there’s a brand new track, working with that jangling guitar that should sound familiar to fans of Loren’s work. Underneath that you can hear a heavier distorted riff, sort of like the basic soil from which the rest of the track can grow and sprout melody; it works perfectly when combined with the frantic drum work playing out behind it. Feel like this project is just about to take off, so stay tuned to hear more great pop from Humdrum.

The Holiday Crowd Return with Party Favours

We haven’t heard from Holiday Crowd in quite some time, but boy is this new single a welcome return. The group just dropped new of a new 7″ for Shelflife Records, and the A-side is the sort of slinky-jangle pop nod, toying with a hint of croon to the vocals. In a way, it’s kind of a Sarah Records influenced take on Two Wheels Good-era Prefab Sprout, which should hopefully catch your ears. The jangles aren’t over the top, but the melodic charm of the chorus really helps sell the sound here, particularly when pace is added to the vocals giving the song that sort of swirling allure. Party Favours 7″ is out on April 15th.

Night Palace Share Strange Powers Visualizer

This weekend you’ll be able to pick up the debut long player from Night Palace, but why not coast into your listen with one final visual experience to seduce you into the group’s sound. Interestingly, the visual accompaniment has this more bubbling psychedelia, while the track definitely walks the line of a more playful brand of indiepop. But, the sound is definitely filled to the brim with textures, which makes it all the more enchanting, elevating the song beyond the stellar vocal performance from Avery Draut. Pretty sure you could spend your entire day spinning about beneath that heavenly voice, but don’t take my word for it…sample a few more tunes then grab Diving Rings come this Friday!

New Tune From English Teacher

On a day that more resembles a cloudy and windy day in the UK than our actual home of Austin, it seems like a fitting day to share a tune from Leeds based outfit English Teacher. This new tune “Mental Maths” features a sort of frantic, almost sloppy yet beat driven sound with some really timely and engaging vocals. All Leeds aren’t we!English Teacher will be releasing this track on their upcoming debut EP entitled Polyawkward due out on April 22nd via Nice Swan Records.


CIEL Share Fine Everything

CIEL share their new track this week, and with that, they’ve announced a new EP on the horizon…but if you’re listening closely, you’ll also notice a more direct punch to their sound. This track doesn’t feel shrouded in that borderline territory between post-punk and dream pop; it’s a straight ahead ripper, albeit one punctuated by this incredible rhythmic pulse that helps cast the song’s hook deep inside your brain. They’re still hitting you with a nice bit of noise, but they’re not shying away from tying it in with melody and classic pop sensibility. This is our first taste, but already we’re thirsting for more from the Brighton bunch.

A Sinclair Shares We Got Time

Our old pal A. Sinclair has been on this site more or less since we began over a decade ago, albeit in various different names. Still, I feel like the last few years he’s really hitting his stride with his songwriting, perhaps hitting a huge peak with this new track. Built upon a piano backbone, Aaron stretches his notes perfectly; the production makes it seem like he’s striking a fragile figure out somewhere on some Texas highway. Each chorus gets a little volume push, highlighting the bend of the guitar and the internal melody, meeting up with a nice little stomp from the percussion section. It all crashes in just after the 2 minute mark, before retreating back the verse/chorus. Track out now courtesy of Mr. Pink Records.

Stream U.S. Highball’s A Parkhead Cross of the Mind

Last Friday I ran some great albums for you to stream, but one slipped past me, and I’m aiming to rectify that error by sharing the latest LP from US Highball with you today. We’ve covered hits like “Double Dare” and “Let’s Save Bobby Orlando’s House,” so you should know exactly what you’re in store for by listening; you get a good 12 songs of infectious power-pop that’s sing-a-long ready. Plus, your listen should also keep in mind that you’re also get a little bit of dry humor, which only makes the group all the more endearing. A Parkhead Cross of the Mind is available via Lame-O Records/Bingo Records, but go ahead and stream the whole thing below just for your enjoyment.

Another Steven Lambke Tune

Another week, another great single (plus bonus track) from the forthcoming Steven Lambke record. The song feels very cyclical, as I reckon most tunes do, but that allows for a really distinctive vocal performance from Lambke, allowing the poetry in his work rise to the top. I love when the tune hits the pseudo-chorus, putting in a little stomp that punctuates the track, albeit momentarily. Plus, if you been following along with Steven’s recent singles, you get an unreleased B-side here, and I’ve included it here, as its definitely a nice little sunny ditty giving off this perfect warmth for Spring. Volcano Volcano is out on April 29th via You’ve Changed Records.

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