Cool Friday Album Streams: Best Bets, Steven Lambke, Guy Capecelatro III

All three of these acts have definitely featured on our pages over the last few months, and really, I probably don’t need to go into too much detail, as you’re likely just clicking for the streams, right? No biggie. You get some pop rock from New Zealand; the new album from an ex-Constantine, and a record I’ve been raving about all month. Just click on the streams, enjoy the music, and have a rad Friday.

Best BetsOn an Unhistoric Night (Meritorio)

Steven LambkeVolcano Volcano (You’ve Changed)

Guy Capecelatro IIIHeading North Again (Dromedary Records)


Smile Share What a Heart Is For

We’re going global today, having hit up Finland and jumping over to Italy with this brand new single from Smile. The group are brandishing a classic big guitar pop sound, flirting with the edges of jangle pop. At times, the tune hits at the later work of bands like Teenage Fanclub, hitting those heavy notes built around a nice little melodic moment. Other times, I can here an allegiance to REM at their poppiest, so suffice to say it’s a pretty classic rock sound here. For someone that spends a lot of time with the nostalgic sounds of the past, this just makes me, dare I say, smile.

Team Play Announce Debut LP, Wishes and Desires

Our friends over at Soliti are responsible for keeping us abreast with what’s cool over in the Finnish music scene, and I’m so very grateful. Today, they share news of Team Play‘s debut, with this darkly brooding single. It’s the brand of pop music that takes the tendencies from the mainstream and darkens the corners, adds a bit of haunting mystery to it, turning it into a vessel for something moving. Minja and Tapio’s vocals combine throughout the tune, and it’s that performance that’s really impactful, though I’ll admit the the rhythmic gallop has its magical draw too. Spend some time here today, and look for the label to release Wishes and Desires this June.

Show Pics: Interpol @ ACL Live (4/26)

Interpol with Matthew Dear AND Tycho? Yes, please.

As the floodgates start to open, one of the busiest weeks in Austin venues since 2019 is fully underway. Names like DIIV, My Morning Jacket, Amyl & The Sniffers, Brian Jonestown, Hot Chip are all on tap. My choices? I went with Cut Copy and Interpol. The bonus for Interpol, I also got Tycho and Matthew Dear. Better still, the show was hosted by ACL Live, a venue that should lend to highlight the tight, precise sound of both Tycho and Interpol.

What are you waiting for? Click through and check out the gallery and read a few thoughts if you are downstream of this early in the tour show and still on the fence. TLDR, GO SEE THIS SHOW.

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Playful New Tune From Mewn

Though it may be understandable if you haven’t heard of Manchester risers Mewn prior to today, I think they’ll be on your radar after you check out this new single “Two Days”. It has this sort of melodic emotional vibe similar to The National but with this tiny hint of pop playfulness to make it even more engaging and memorable. It progresses quite nicely.

Mewn will be releasing this tune on a new EP due out sometime later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy “Two Day” below.

Bart Davenport Shares Holograms Video

Bart Davenport‘s latest solo effort, Episodes, feels like an instant classic, covering vast musical territory with bewildering storytelling…such as the track “Holograms,” which gets a video treatment today. At times, the song’s rhythm section brings in this groovy glam stomp, with the emphasis on the boogie; that boogies leads into the more Southern inspired guitar grooves that noodle their way, battling for supremacy. Bart, as the video presents, is the song’s centerpiece, however; he carries the song with this mixture of velvety seduction and natural bravado; I personally love the cascading pitch when he exclaims “because I’m terrified.” If you haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with the new album, now’s as good a time as any to give it a listen; it’s also available via Tapete Records. Plus! If you’re in the great LA area, you have a chance to catch Bart live at the Permanent Records Roadhouse on May 19th with Earth Girl Helen Brown.


Flight Mode Share Twentyfour Single

I’m a big Flight Mode fan, and with the purity of the band’s revisionist Tx ’98 EP, the band landed with Chris Walla for production on their Torshov ’05 EP. This song seems like it has the classic Walla production touch, allowing the verses to wallow in the mellowness before emphatically bursting with a pop hook that swirls in the chorus. Sure, there are tons of bands that pull that off, but perhaps none better than Death Cab back in their heyday with Walla. Maybe that’s just the good songwriting of this Oslo based outfit; their brand new EP will be out next Friday courtesy of Sound as Language.

Dehd Drop Empty in My Mind Single

I know there’s that new Black Keys track, and Angel Olsen, but as far as the heavy-hitters in the indie sphere, I’m still a Dehd stan. Their newest album, Blue Skies, definitely seems like they’re mixing things up from their earlier releases, adding in more textures and flexing some of their musicality. I love Emily’s performance here; it’s definitely working with her distinctive tones, but there’s something a touch more playful, especially when the guitar notes twist and bend around. All in all, this might be one of my favorite tracks off the new LP, so be sure to keep your eyes on them as they prep for a huge tour throughout May; the new LP drops via Fat Possum on May 27th.

Brand New Music from Phantom Handshakes

I was super in love with No More Summer Songs, the debut LP from Brooklyn’s Phantom Handshakes; they’ve just returned with this little pop delicacy to sneak into your day. Listening through, the musical elements feel really dense, but in a certain manner, they stay out of the way, letting Federica’s voice sparkle in the front of the mix. Having spent a lot of time with the band’s work, this might be her best vocal performance; she has masterful control over the melodic tones, letting them hang in the air as the guitars rise from behind to support. Flat out, the band rips. Plus, all digital sales have proceeds going to Emergency.

Rose Mercie Share Sweet Place Video

I’m still pulling for Rose Mercie‘s new album to make some waves in the US this go round, and maybe this new single will do the trick for some folks. Obviously, the song flirts with the darkened corners of pop music, but I like the way it sort of manipulates the pace to work against our modern expectations. In a way, the drums roll across, but they seem to sort of bob and weave there, and the vocals ride that wave, like a lost ship at sea. In terms of the vocals, I love how there are added textural vocal layers added as the song progresses, adding a certain fullness to what’s at play in the song. Their new album Kieres Agua will be released by Jelodanti and Celluloid Lunch next week!

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