Two Nights of Sigur Ros

I have always admired Sigur Ros, a unique signature style that could only be hatched in relative isolation. Anytime a song would come across during get togethers, a good friend would offer that seeing the band live was one of the most cathartic and moving experiences, but the stars never aligned for me to see them. When the two-night stand at ACL Live was announced, my friend insisted on getting great seats and sharing that experience. The stars further aligned to allow me attend both nights, the first taking photos to be followed by the full show experience.

I have the gallery, I have the memories, I have the goose bumps, I have the memories of hugging friends at intermission…

Click through for a few more thoughts on the night some photos.

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Parallel Share Drench Single

Spending today hanging out in the dark corners of the pop realm today, clearly, so it seems fitting I jump onto this Parallel track that appears on their debut self-titled LP. When it starts, you’re definitely going to hear some nods to Interpol, which doesn’t make me shy away one bit. It continues to push forward, and that’s when the band turn it on, opening the track into this more expansive moment; it builds in harmonizing vocals and allows the guitars to shimmer just a bit more. If you’re digging the band’s sound, then be sure to check out their debut LP, out via Cherub Dream Records.

Clwb Fuzz Change Name to Midding + Drop New Single

Cardiff’s Clwb Fuzz were tired of the name, so they opted to change directions and present us with a new name and a new single; they’ll now be operating under the name Midding. This single is part of their new Double A-Side single, and while there are some moments of scorched-earth shoegaze, there’s this section that hangs out in the crevices that’s utterly fascinating. The darkness pervades, but there’s this melodic resolve, as if the band weren’t entirely sold on their fuzzy beginnings. Whatever they’ve opted for, it really works here as I’m totally in love with the tune below.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.23 – 5.27)

Well, last week was a struggle. End of the school year, for two teachers, and well, then that other thing, so we barely got to the end of the week, let alone hit the musical stride with our usual fervor. So, our end of week wrap-up, which we give you at the beginning, is a little short. But, there’s new jams from great releases like R.E. Seraphin, Why Bonnie or Dehd, plus a rad new track off Hazy Sour Cherry‘s forthcoming LP for Damnably. And hey, you can never go wrong having a Tony Molina tune in there. So, here’s to one foot in front of the other with our favorite jams from last week.

Hazy Sour Cherry Announce Strange World

The good folks at Damnably have already brought us one incredible record this year from Say Sue Me, and they’re looking to tap into my bank account with a new record from Japan’s Hazy Sour Cherry. I got hooked by falling in love with Tsuzumi’s voice, which sounds like a modern Belinda Carlisle, albeit with a bit more punctuation and sharpness to it. There’s a lot of steady blending of surf notes and rolling thunder rhythm throughout, but if you can’t just let the emotional vibe wash atop you, then you’re missing out on this absolute powerhouse of a pop jam! The group will release Strange World on June 15th.

Mauger Ready New Album, Share Minute to Rest

Belgium band Mauger are preparing to get their follow-up to 2020’s Sunday Competition out in the world, and they start today with this delightful new single. The airy drive of the guitar bob and weave definitely had me from the get-go, and there’s this nostalgic pop feel to the vocal style, something that reminds me of being a kid. And while I’m likely far off, the chorus just feels like its perfect this week, or this year, or the last few years with the repeat of of “I never got a minute to rest;” it just feels like we all need that moment and can’t quite get there. Whatever it is, light head bobs abound with this sweet tune. I’ll get you more info when I know it about the new LP.

Automan Share Are You Happy Without Me Single

Kingston psych pop outfit Automan are pretty new on the scene, but this single definitely caught my ear, so why not toss it your way? The verses in this song definitely seem to have this sort of dry British sense of humor, scathing but also with a bit of a smirk. For me, it was the ridiculously solid chorus that truly sold me on this song; there’s something about the delivery that just kind of hangs out on the corners begging for you to be hip enough to let great pop moments shine into your life.

Martha Drops Fresh New Single

I raved and raved about Love Keeps Kicking, not to mention kept screaming at the top of my lungs to the whole record, so I’m glad to hear Martha come back with a new 7″. Today they’ve got the A-side out for all of us to stream, so I reckon we should put it up for ya, eh? Following the opening piano tease, the track starts off with this sort of jittering angular riff, setting the tune up for the unique vocal style to jump into the foray. Those guitars get a little heavier and a little more straight-forward, driving the pop punk punch right to your face. But, their hook, combining the vocal harmonies sneak in mid-track, and dammit if the band haven’t left us with another sweet jam. Start Friday here. The new 7″ is out June 24th via Specialist Subject, with a B-Side Allo Darlin’ cover!

Why Bonnie Announce 90 in November

After a nice bit of success with their Voice Box EP, and a move to New York, Why Bonnie are ready to announce their debut, 90 in November. And, despite a move up North, they’re still keeping it Austin, working with our own Keeled Scales to keep the Texas ties intact. That return seems to tie in with the theme for their debut, as the press releases describes the album as “a road trip through Texas,” which is perhaps informed by the reflective nature facing songwriter Blair after a major life change such as her move to NYC. The song keeps the band’s playful guitar pop throughout, giving a little bit of punch in the latter half to really kick the song into gear. Looks to me like the band are offering up good vibes and good memories; we’re stoked to hear the rest of 90 in November; it drops on August 19th.

Slack Times Drop Carried Away Single

Alabama’s Slack Times maybe get lumped in with the janglers of our time, and obviously I don’t mind that one bit, but I think that sells the band really short. On the title track to the forthcoming LP, the band even do their best to set the record straight with this sort of pseudo-Cali sun-pop guitar noodling; it’s balanced out by, you guessed it, the spot on jangle that counteract. Once the melody of the vocals sets in, it begins to feel like we’ve got this nostalgic longing settling in, both in message and sound; I don’t think there’s a single pop rock balladeer of the past that would mind this song being on their resume. If you’re looking for that spot where classic Americana meets up with jangling pop, then look no further then Carried Away; the LP is out June 24th via Meritorio.

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