Check Out The Martial Arts

Ever stumble into something and totally get dumbstruck? Well, when I turned on this track from the Martial Arts, I’ll admit, I was a bit gobsmacked (not Godsmacked like RayRay’s favorite band). At times, it channels the sort of high school pop of the 50s; it’s playful and filled with these charms that seem to come from the jukebox era. That said, the sound has this natural earnestness, almost like it’s a DIY doing their best to craft stadium-ready rockers. It sounds like everything I’ve ever heard, and yet nothing sounds at all like what the band is doing. The band will be re-releasing the Getting Stranger by the Month EP on August 12th via WIAIWYA.

Dogbreth Share Like a Walletchain

Ever since I first picked up Second Home years ago, I’ve been quietly cheering for Dogbreth to get a big break in the indie sphere. To me, it sounds like Believe This Rain might be the one that gets the band to that place, if that even matters to anyone. There’s lots of current musical reference points throughout the latest single, all of which are up my alley. You can hear this sort of Hovvdy vibe going on in the vocals, providing that sense of nostalgic yearning. But, the musical elements approximate more of a power pop vibe than on previous efforts, though there’s still a bit of that twangy indie rock crunch going through. One of those jams that just feels good, so I feel good sharing it; Believe This Rain is out on August 5th.

Harlan T Bobo Announces Porch Songs

I can be pretty picky about what I cover, particularly when it comes to the singer-songwriter genre; it’s got to be something really exceptional to capture me…like this new Harlan T. Bobo tune from his forthcoming LP. The majority of the tune is a heavy strum and Bobo’s voice, dominating. For me, what caught me was the 1.15 mark in the track; you can hear Harlan strain just a bit, adding a little imperfection and a little honesty to the songwriting, making it all the more endearing. Porch Songs, the new LP, will be out on August 5th via Goner Records.

Premiere: Peter Matthew Bauer Shares Miracles

Though the demise of the mighty Walkmen broke hearts here in the ATH offices, we’ve loved all the impressive material coming from the band’s members since the break up. Peter Matthew Bauer, former guitar player and songwriter for The Walkmen, has offered two delightful LPs since his band’s demise with Liberation! from 2014 and Mount Qaf from 2017. Here in the present, Bauer has prepped another new LP entitled Flowers slated for a release on September 23rd via Fortune Tellers Music. Prior to the full release, we’ve been given the sheer pleasure of dropping Bauer’s latest single “Miracles” for all you fans to consume and enjoy. The progression and production of this stellar tune is some of the best I’ve heard in quite some time. We’ve got the single along with a quote about the track from Peter after the jump.

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Sniffany & the Nits Share Clam Chowder

Sniffany and the Nits have only recently popped up on my radar, but I’m completely entranced by the bands new single. Stylistically, the band take on a darker post-punk vibe, creating this cavernous world of snarling guitars and blackened tones, setting the scene for Sister Sniffany and her vocal barrage. Once Sister Sniffany enters the fray, her lyrics creep around every corner espousing a story of a housewife coming to grips with her husband’s need to be a swinger. At times, she’s snarling, while other points have her rolling with the song’s rhythm, but her performance is a warning of great things to come! If, like me, you’re new to the band, be sure to check out their brand new LP, The Unscratchable Itch, out via PRAH Recordings.

Almond Joy Share Candy Single

It’s a K Records kind of week around these parts, with that excellent Ribbon Stage jam yesterday, and today, I’m really excited to share the latest from San Francisco’s Almond Joy. The group have scheduled their Oh Henry EP for a September release, and this first listen is like sitting by a crackling little fire at camp singing with all your best friends. It’s got this quieted vibe to it, but the vocal work throughout is enough to bring sweet melodies to the forefront. Those voices intertwine and untangle, leaving behind a trail of endearing sweetness that begs repeat listens. You’ll get that chance when K Records drops the Oh Henry EP on September 30th.

The Smashing Times Announce Bloom

At the end of last year, Baltimore’s The Smashing Times dropped this delicious 7″ I couldn’t get enough of, so I’m more than excited to hear the band are ready for a new LP later this year. Their sound, as the band describes it, draws inspiration from Felt, Television Personalities and the Pastels; I feel like this fresh single is a little bit of all of those. The crips guitar sound is definitely a nod towards acts like Felt, with a bit of the sort of paisley psychedelia from the Pastels also shining through in the tones. For me, the TV Personalities connection just comes in the manner that the band’s sound seems indifferent to trends; they seem like they’re a ramshackle lot bent on perfecting outsider pop. It’s intoxicating, and you can bet I’ll be spinning it nonstop when Bloom is released in October via Meritorio Records.

Premiere: Mother Sun Share Webbed Feet

Man it seems like the Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries has been dropping so many great releases and discovering tons of new artists across the country over the last couple of years. Adding to their ever growing arsenal of up and coming artists is the Canadian based psych rockers Mother Sun and the news of an LP entitled Train of Thought coming on October 28th via the label. Prior to the release date, I am pumped to premiere with you the bands slick new single and accompanying visualizer for “Webbed Feet”. It’s a really fun and playful tune highlighting some of the best sounds in psych pop mixed with swinging melodies and downright dirty bass lines. A refreshing light in a muddy genre.

Another New Jam From Milly

Los Angeles based outfit Milly is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists to emerge this year. The duos upcoming album, Eternal Ring, has been hitting me with all the feels for early aughts and late 90s style post-emo music with hints of slackerdom and guitar rock. If any of those sounds and styles sound intriguing to you, might I suggest you check out the bands latest single “Ring True”. I love the way this band can pull off these sort of subtle, mellow moments and then kick it up a notch with some loud guitar.

Eternal Ring is out on September 30th via Dangerbird Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Chorusgirl Announces Colapso Calypso

We’ve been waiting for Chorusgirl to follow-up 2018’s Shimmer and Spin, and it looks like Silvi Wersing has finally put the pieces together to present us with Colapso Calypso. Due to various circumstances forcing a move to Germany, Silvi has returned the band to a solo affair, but that certainly doesn’t seem to have impacted the songwriting. The first minute of the song is all about building the story, like a great author would do, tossing in some ringing guitar notes while the vocals capture the ethereal nature of dream pop. Once you breach the minute mark, drums kick in and the song is propelled into a more joyous realm, though the guitars are still tethered to their dream nature. Back and forth we go, between pensive and celebratory, all of it tying you to the song’s emotional core. Stoked to see the project back; the album will be out October 14th via Reckless Yes.


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