Fujiya and Miyagi Drop Slight Variations

There’s no shame in getting a little bounce in your step on a Wednesday, and who better than to slide into your dance routine than Fujiya and Miyagi. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the band in years, until news began to circulate of a new record, so I went back and broke out the jams. This new single is just what the band are known to do, working in a propulsive groove that’s got just enough kick to it, then letting some nuanced tricks tickle your fancy as the song moves along; there’s a little guitar shuffle here, thicker beat there and maybe a vocal layer; it all works to slide you into those dancing shoes. Their new album, Slight Variations is out on September 30th via Impossible Objects of Desire.

Yet Another Jam From Milly

As evidenced by my posts about Los Angeles based MILLY over the last couple of months, I am clearly digging everything the band has been releasing. As if I needed more reason to promote this band, they go and drop a song like “Marcy”, and I’m once again all aboard the hype train. This one is a little slower and more downtrodden when compared to previous singles, but I can see how this would fit in perfectly amongst an album of hits. This record is clearly going to be taking up spots in all our year end lists.

MILLY’s new album entitled Eternal Ring comes out on September 30th via Dangerbird Records.

Peel Dream Magazine Share Pictionary Single

If you’re listening through to the collection of Peel Dream Magazine albums, Pad seems like it’s going to be some sort of plot twist. Sure, the underbelly of this new single certainly has loose ties to the previous releases, but there seems to be something else afoot here. It’s like there’s almost this pastoral nature to it, this sort of approach that feels like its grabbing onto the last bits of nature in our world. I love those minute little breadcrumbs leading me back through the catalog, but the fact that this sounds like an entirely new chapter has me thirsting to hear the track in the context of the whole LP. Pad will drop on October 7th via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Simon Love Shares L-O-T-H-A-R-I-O Video

Back in April Simon Love dropped the pop rock treasure Love, Sex, and Death, etc., which we wrote about quite frequently leading up to the release. Well, good tunes don’t fade, especially when you’re willing to piece together stock footage, as Simon did to create a video tied to the chorus-less ditty, using “Shutterstock” found photos to create the song’s narrative. There’s a fun little interlude where Simon details a failed one-night stand, which was put together by Alexander Hale, and all of this to say, its a fun piece that lets us have another chance to refresh your love of Simon here today…and to remind you the new LP is now available via Tapete.

Straight Banger From Disq

If for some reason you are still sleeping on Wisconsin based indie risers Disq, it’s time for you to start paying attention to what’s happening in the music world. Today the band is adding yet another banger to their repertoire with this stunning new single “(With Respect To) Loyal Serfs”. I often throw around that word “banger” when referring to songs that are full of energy and let loose, but I wish my slow moving brain today could think of an even better adjective to convey the sheer joy I’m feeling from this guitar heavy indie rocker. Just check it out and enjoy.

Disq will release new album Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet on October 7th via Saddle Creek.

Eerie Wanda Share Sister Take My Hand

We continue our regular scheduled programming here to promote Eerie Wanda, as a fresh single, and the last before Internal Radio drops at the end of next month. This song’s a masterful bit of craft, toying with your ears the entire way through. Musically it’s almost absent, utilizing a muted beat and a bit of an ambient synth wash to build this bit of soundscape for the vocals. Ethereal to begin, the track eventually latches onto the pulse beneath letting the vocals push your experience further. A heavy vocal, then floating angelic tones wafting by, then the speakers seem to play tricks with your mind…an angel on this shoulder, one on that shoulder, rising and falling; this is the light that shines through the end of the tunnel, warm and beckoning. Internal Radio is out on September 23rd via Joyful Noise.

Matching Outfits Share It Keeps Happening Video

Berlin’s Matching Outifts will be releasing their debut LP this September, and the more I listen to this single, the more I’m just completely enthralled by their sound. There’s just something distinctively magical about singer Linnea’s voice; it often reminds me of Nadja from What We Do in the Shadows. There’s just so many different ways the vocals are spoken, or sung, or stopped then started. Just listen to the chorus, as the styles seem to all swirl and mix up with one another inside that brief moment. And, just as you’re sucked into the quiet joy of this song, it begins to climb just after the 2 minute mark, offering a brief, yet noisy, glimpse at what could be in store when they drop Band Made Out of Sand on September 21st via Kitchen Leg Records.

Obligatory Martha Post for Every Day the Hope Gets Harder

I only say obligatory as I’m a Martha superfan, but bummed I got beat to the punch by my arch-enemy of blogs. Still, Please Don’t Take Me Back is still a month or two away, so I’ve got to get my fill of the band’s furious rock n’ roll sounds. The drums on this tune pound furiously as the guitars race to play catch up, waiting for the vocals to enter the fray. Once they jump in, the melodic hooks from the band are undeniable, even as they’re lamenting the decline in hope…which I think sums up the last two years pretty perfectly. Specialist Subject and Dirtnap will drop the record at the end of October.

More Kicks Share Terminal Love

This track from More Kicks has been floating about for a few days, but I definitely wanted to make sure I had it up here, as someone’s got to carry the torch for Ted Leo going forward. I mean, just listening to the opening here, you can’t help but compare Sulli and Ted, even down to the way the song just drops right in and takes off running. And, once those riffs drop in they’re heavy and melodic, bursting through your speakers with these arena rock hooks that have you tapping your toes and trying to sing along as you learn the words. If you’re digging their power pop ways, Punch Drunk drops on September 16th via Stardumb/Dirtnap Records.

The Roof Dogs Release Weather

As previously mentioned, I have become an ever growing fan of the Birmingham, AL based label Earth Libraries and all the excellent tunes they’ve been putting out over the last year. The label has once again sent over a banger with the new single “Weather” from Chicago based outfit The Roof Dogs. Clearly the song has a bit of irony for us in Texas since we are constantly subservient to the weather, but that aside, the song is an incredibly catchy indie rock song with just enough hints of pop beats. Check it out and enjoy.

The Roof Dogs will be releasing a new album entitled Here You Are sometime in the Spring of 2023 via Earth Libraries.

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