Levitation Festival – Wrap Up

And just like that, Levitation 2022 has come and gone as fast and powerful as a Slift guitar interlude. With absolutely no remorse for ear drums, the entire billing unconditionally brought their fucking A game. Earsplitting, breakneck, and with style points in spades, this years fest was one for the record books. 2 nights of Gizz, 4 nights of the Osees, La Femme and Black Angels closing things out, what is not to like? If you were following along, your ATH crew enlisted amongst the thronged masses in the Red River Cultural District this weekend to get a massive dose of culture. We spread out as much as possible over the weekend and below are our major takeaways and favorite shows you should be listening to and seeing live if you get the chance. Until next time, hit the jump.

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New Single And Video From Fanclubwallet

As we come back down from the highs of the weekend festivities, we’re still out here seeking out new jams for the coming week. Hannah Judge, under her moniker fanclubwallet, just shared this new track called “Roadkill” and it seems to fit in well with the dark themes of today and this evening. The track has a super slick progression as it starts somewhat slow and then builds and builds with super heavy bass and darker themes. It’s a fantastic start to the week.

Paul Cook and the Chronicles Shares New Single

Paul Cook and the Chronicles have popped up over here on ATH throughout the years, with the band steadily churning out incredible pop songs. Friday, the band dropped a brand new single, leaving us with this crisp bit of churning guitars that scream with melody. Cook’s voice is always a charmer, able to stretch into different tones, but the highlight of this song came via the track’s closing moments; it’s a sharp little jam that would likely have fans of acts like War on Drugs salivating at the musicianship, which seems like plenty of reason to get behind the band. Keep an eye out, as the band continue to crank out hit after hit!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (10.24 – 10.28)

It’s strange. Last week, I was complaining that the tunes were drying up as its nearing the end of the year. And here we are, RayRay and I getting a solid 20 songs up, plus interviews and coverage of Levitation. Guess we crushed it, along with our friend JWagner, who gave us some solid Babe Rainbow coverage. Personally, of all the tracks I loved last week, that Heather Trost tune is just a flat out star; I need ya’ll to get behind me on this! Our Aussie friends in Deuce also dropped us a new ditty, plus we got a new Tubs announcement out there. Tune in and let us know what you’re loving.

About Last Night – Levitation Day 2

Austin Psych Fest was always one of our favorite festivals, for many reasons. But, now rebranded and relocated, Levitation has quickly risen to the top of our list of Austin musical events. Friday night brought tons of great shows, with the highlight on most people’s list being Night One of the King Gizzard Stubbs Extravaganza. J and I hit up some different sets, trying to cover as much as we could.

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Friday Album Streams: Ribbon Stage, the Smashing Times, Junior Boys + More

Lots of albums dropping just in time to make the year end lists, and here’s my favorites that came our way this week. I mean, we’ve already raved and raved about Ribbon Stage, which actually came out last week, but I was late on that game. Plus, I Was a King and the Smashing Times both have new records out that should be on their way to my house. No need for much to do, but here’s our faves.

Junior BoysWaiting Game

I Was a KingFollow Me Home

The Smashing TimesBloom (Meritorio Records)

Ribbon StageHit with the Most (K Records)


Say Hello To Smirk

Well we are sort of starting to wind down the season as we discuss year end lists to recap everything we’ve posted about and listened to in 2022. Though it tends to be a slower time for new music, this is when we often find some hidden gems we may have missed recently. This new track called “Souvenir” from Los Angeles based artist Smirk is a perfect example of something I slept on earlier but am loving now. Sometimes a song like this can be so simple in its construction yet still manage to leave a lasting impact with lyrical content, expertly arranged bass lines, and a slight bit of reverb from a guitar. Check check check it out below.

Smirk will be releasing a debut album entitled Material on November 18th. Pre-orders for physical copies are live now.

Solid Rocker From Interlay

As we are out here doing the festival thing, it only makes sense to also share some tunes that align with a lot of things we are seeing this weekend. This new tune, “Androgynous”, from Madison, WI based Interlay seems like it’s something we might hear from an opening band on Red River during Levitation. I love the loudness, frantic energy, and overall tightness of production from such a young band. Ya dig.

“Androgynous” is out via all platforms from new label N.I.T.A. Records.

Levitation Interviews: Babe Rainbow

“There’s no formula for happiness that’s guaranteed to work”, sings Angus Dowling on the opening line from “Open Up Your Heart,” the latest release from Babe Rainbow. “It all depends on how you treat your friends, and how much you’ve been hurt. But its a start, you open up your heart, and try not to hide what you feel inside.” Throughout the new album, The Organic Band sets a strong tone of acceptance, respect, and speaking truth to love. Gone are the blase, stoner surf-pop days which so often tends to lead to apathy and negative connotations from a judgmental listening community. Babe Rainbow is taking up the reigns to make a statement and cultivate positive energy in all forms. Read more

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