Dragnet Share Strike + Announce New LP

By now we can probably all agree that the Melbourne scene is a continuous hotbed of exciting acts, with fresh bands constantly popping onto my radar. Today there’s a new single from Dragnet, who also announce the release of their new LP, The Accession. A light hi-hat and bobbing bass groove kick the song, establishing this steady, yet off-kilter, groove that will allow the song to unfold. When it does, the vocals crawl in, more spoken then sung, emphatically delivering the lyrical content as a fiery guitar line rips through the song’s center and everything just seems to speed through with a sharpness…and suddenly it stops, and we wait for the next tune. The Accession is out via Spoilsport and Polaks Records on May 12th.

Pulsating Pop from System Exclusive

One of my favorite labels Mt. St. Mtn. just sent over this track from System Exclusive, which I thought would be a good share with you all on a Friday morning. Immediately upon pressing play you’re sucked into that throbbing beat, pulsing with this dark fuzz as drum hits and synth lines accentuate the vibe. It’s all about a nice little bit of musical scaffolding, building a textural layer that allows the vocals to seep out. The digitalization in the video adds another layer to the group’s sound, operating somewhere between disco pop and arty punk, so of course I’m all over it. If you dig, the band drop the Party All the Time EP on April 21st.

Troller Share New Single + Video

Personally, Troller is one of my favorite ATX bands, as they continue to evolve their sound, elevating their heavy electronic sound into something more broad and experiential. This brand new track from their forthcoming LP is doing that, quickly building a foundation that unfolds and blossoms for the listener as the track progresses. This song unfolds, then turns left, unfolds further, then turns back on itself, like the song’s alive, taking shape on its own terms. Definitely a song that has my interest as I get prepared for the release of Drain, which comes out on March 26th via Relapse Records.

Washer Dropped Not Like You

Looking a little foggy outside my classroom window, so needed a little pick me up this morning, perfectly offered up by Washer and their latest single. It’s a furious puncher, hitting you with immediacy that pummels your speakers as it rips through with pounding drum snaps. The vocals begin with this indie curl, but eventually erupt with this ferocious growl that sets up perfectly for that cathartic release for both listener and singer alike. Their new LP is shaping up quite nicely, so that means you’ll want to grab Improved Means to Deteriorated Ends on April 28th when it drops via Exploding in Sound.

Daniel Bock Shares Career Moves

Daniel Bock is writing a record about a world where “melancholy sets in once you reach your mid-thirties,” which I feel is likely relatable for many of us out there. But, despite the notion of sadness that might lead you to expect, you won’t really find that in this spirited first single from the new album. There’s an immediate push of energy through the door as the song opens, a shuffling guitar jangle with a solid steady snare snap kicking things forward. Daniel’s voice has a nice melodic softness, regaling the story of a character making those career moves that likely feel more lateral than vertical…I’ve been there for sure! If you love this jam, be on the lookout for Benevolent Tourists later this year.

Twangy New Tune From Superviolet

Steven Ciolek is a guy you probably know from his time as the leading man for Cleveland based indie band The Sidekicks. What you may not know, is that Ciolek has since stepped out on his own for a solo project under the musical title superviolet. Of course we aren’t ones to just share news without some tunes to listen to while reading, so here also is the latest single from superviolet “Big Songbirds Don’t Cry.” I am immediately seeing some early Neil Young inspiration here in the songwriting style paired with a super twangy acoustic guitar for an overall subdued yet powerful tune.

You can get your hands on the new superviolet LP Infinite Spring on April 21st via Lame-O Records.

Buddie Share We’ll Never Break

At the end of April Buddie will release their fabulous new record, Agitator. Today, they’ve got this fresh single to offer up, and might I say, this one’s a definite win for you. It starts off with this lightly twinkling guitar, something you might find on a Why Bonnie track; the drums are light in just the right spots, with backing vocals hanging in the distance carefully. When the chorus drops, the volume ramps up and the song just swells with this crashing wave of great guitar crunch. When the track jumps into its latter half, it’s this fiery burn of cool that burrows into your head, so you’ll definitely want to make sure the volume on your headphones is all the way up. Agitator is out on April 21st via Crafted Sounds.

Emotive New Single From Waveform*

I needed a little longer to recover from that lil festival thing we had going on a couple weeks ago, but I think I’ve finally found a new tune to awake me from my hangover. My “reawakening” comes from the Connecticut based duo waveform* and their new single called “Firework”. At first it has a very shoegazy, heavy on effects sound, but then this loud and super powerful guitar comes in to give it a hint of 90s grunge rock creating loads of engaging and dramatic crescendos.

This track is coming on a new album entitled Antarctica due out on May 12th via Run For Cover Records.

7ebra Share Lighter Better Video

During SXSW I was fortunate to catch 7ebra at one of their first shows; the band was a bit frazzled as the set-up was one of those challenging venue moments, but their performance still had this incredible charm that supersedes any nervousness or sound issues. Here you get a video performance with tons of candid footage of the twin sisters, but more importantly, you can hear the captivating sound they’ve created with minimal instrumentation, mostly working with Mellotron and guitar/vocals. Listening, you feel as if there’s much much more to the group, as they’re capable of building this amazing depth by layering the songs and adding harmonies in just the right places. Bird Hour will be released on May 5th via PNK SLM.

Greg Mendez Shares Maria Single

One record that should definitely be on your radar for the upcoming month or so is the brand new LP from Greg Mendez. I’ve been a fan of his work, and this new single has this really playful vocal delivery in the verses that almost seems too playful and charming for its own good. He spins that right into a more calmed chorus, almost whispering to the listener through the line “but then somebody said.” I don’t want to pigeonhole Greg by any means, but if you’re looking for vibes in the vein of Elliott Smith jamming in a studio session with Tony Molina’s solo work, well, then here you have it. And if you have the time, read the lyrics as you listen, as I’m still totally in love with the way he’s breaking up the syllables and the lines in the main verse section. His self-titled LP will be out on May 5th via Forged Artifacts and Devil Town Tapes.

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