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Happy almost weekend to all you loyal ATH fans out there. While you step away and possibly enjoy some relaxing new tunes this weekend, might a suggest this stellar new album entitled Thread from Nasville based songwriter Noah Kittinger under his recording moniker Bedroom. Kittinger is now working on his fourth release as Bedroom and each one has shown a young artist maturing into a seasoned songwriter, capable of holding his own amongst the greats. The new album is at times delicate, but also full of some twangy, Southern inspiration and just the slightest hint of experimentation to keep things fresh and vibrant. Right now, I am loving the twang and alt-country vibe of “All Good” while I think about the possibilities of weekend freedom.

Bedroom’s new album Thread is available for physical pre-order now or totally streamable below.

The High Water Marks Rock American Candy

I cannot currently think of a band that is creating pop rock as good as The High Water Marks; there’s not even a band that comes that close in my mind. This go round, the group offer up a big wall of noise to go with their tasty musical treats; you’re greeted by that punch from the get-go, smashing through your speakers with this big wall of heavy riffs and thumping percussion. Still, those move to the side to drop in these lighter jangling notes and catchy melodies (throwing in some bonus whoohoos never hurts either); it’s the gravitational pull of the group’s work, even when they’re willing to blow your hair back with some punchy bits of volume. The group will be instantly world-famous when they drop Your Next Wolf on June 23rd.

George Share Perpetual Care Single

I wanted to drop something with a nice little bit of burning attitude this morning, so it’s great that there’s this rad little tune from Richmond’s George. It’s got the current vibe of brandishing 90s alternative rock through a modern lens, but there’s a bit more attitude and cool in the vocals of singer Katie Condon. Plus, there’s this feel that reverberates with every guitar note running through the song; each note carries this presence that takes these crunchy riffs and makes them hang in the air, ringing through your mind. In the end, there was just something in the mixture of nostalgia and charm that made me feel refreshed; the group will drop their new LP, Leave It, later this year.


Redbud Share Acoustic Version of Summer Moon

In a little over a week, Austin group Redbud will pack up as a duo and hit up a few shows in New York and Philly (they’ll be joined by friends for full band sets in NYC) during the second week of May. In order to entice folks, and remind everyone about the talents exhibited on their recent Long Night EP, they’ve shared an acoustic version of “Summer Moon” for all to enjoy. The band version of the EP steps the sound up, appropriately, adding these textures that give buoyancy to Katie Claghorn’s songwriting. But, the acoustic version, as you’ll see, has this powerful intimacy, due to both the proximity of the video’s film, but also the gentle strum and Claghorn’s facial expressions; you’re likely to get a similar experience if you catch them life. So, if you’re in the NYC/Philly area the second week of May, stop by. Plus, the group will be moving about Texas the following week!

Dreamy Pop Tune from Swim Sweet Under Shallow

If you were in need of a dreamy pop number to carry you on its back, then perhaps you should look to Japan’s Swim Sweet Under Shallow, who’ve just dropped this delightful ditty. There’s this weighted atmosphere on the top layer, like a Spring shower just constantly drizzling atop the mixture; it’s like we’re all bobbing our heads in the rain here. Beneath that, though, there’s this sweet chocolatey center, created by the balance between the track’s rhythmic pulse and the delightful charm of the melodies. This track definitely is a nice little place to shelter yourself today.


Dress Warm Share Unfamiliar Features

Feels like Austin outfit Dress Warm are really hitting their stride, with a great EP dropping last November, and now a brand new one slated for next week. So, here we are with a great new single, which immediately catches your ear with its light guitar stabs and steadied drum beat kicking off things. When the vocals hit, they take on that sort of atmospheric warmth that’s been popularized with the resurgence of great guitar pop (though I always associate it with early emo/slowcore). But, where I think I fell in love with this track was its change near the 1 minute mark; it turns a little brightness out of the track (as if it needed more), but then suddenly slows all the way down for a nice little midtrack instrumental jam. Tons of movement here, again, the band at peak form. Stepping Away is out next Friday, May 5th.

RVG Share Midnight Sun Video

Are you tired of me talking about the new RVG record? Well, too bad! There’s a brand new single out today, which really encompasses the vibe that courses through the whole of the record. When the song drops in, you get this slightly jangling post-punk riff; it sets up the song’s underbelly, but that’s not really where the success of the tune lives. For me, Romy’s voice takes the track to this near arena-rock anthemic level; they push the chorus to these levels that drip with passion and pain, which is perhaps one of the reasons I’m so inclined to fall in love with their work. It’s like the whole of their new LP, Brain Worms, has just leveled up in your favorite video game; they’re at the top of the game, which you’ll hear when the album hits on June 2nd via Fire Records.

Life Strike Announce Peak Dystopia; Share Giving up the Ghost

It should come as no surprise that Australia’s got another great band to get us excited, with Life Strike making the announcement of a new LP headed your way. I’ll admit that my initial draw was definitely linked to the vocals, which remind me of Ian Dury, operating with that distinctive drawl. Then I went back and pressed play one more time, soaking up the post-punk propulsion that rushes the song forward, guitars swirling behind trying to play catch up. Somewhere lurking in the middle in the song’s middle is this little plot twist, adding a little textural layering to the track. Look for the group to drop Peak Dystopia on July 14th via Stable Label and Bobo Integral.

Heavy Meddo Share Atonal Choir File

Austin’s own Bill Baird is somewhat of a local legend at this point in the underground music scene here in town. He’s long been involved both as a solo artist as well as bands and projects touching on a massive expanse of genres and styles. His latest work, Heavy Meddo, sees him joined by pals Jonathan Horne, Jordan Johns, and Ethan Smith for a psych heavy, sludgy new form of rock music. New single “Yearning Yuppie Honor Roll,” is an absolute slap in the face of an introduction to the new material and upcoming album. Heavy AF.

Pre-orders for the new album entitled Atonal Choir File are live now.

Firestations Announce Thick Terrain: Share Undercover

This week has been a strange one for me, as I’ve felt sort of musically stuck; I get caught up sometimes in the whole cycle of the game that I forget that I mostly don’t care, and I’ll keep coming back regardless of pats on the back or what nots. Today, this really rad tune from Firestations floated on, and it just sort of transcended all the bullshit, leaving me with this striking pop rock tune I wanted to play again and again. I’m definitely drawn towards the magic of the duel vocal delivery effect, but the best musical high came from the shift into the chorus; it was a brief bit of euphoria that I couldn’t quite get away from, nor did I want to do so. Just a reminder of the pull of well executed pop music. If you’re looking to get carried away, might I suggest indulging in the band’s new record Thick Terrain, out July 14th via Lost Map Records.

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