Friday Album Streams: Neil Brogan, Johanna Heilman +

Folks drop their records on Friday, and while I wish I had the time to do proper album reviews (you can go to great sites like Post-Trash, Rosy Overdrive, RSTB for those), I do want you to listen to some great releases that are out today. We’ve got some Austin stuff, some Cali stuff, stuff from our friend Neil and more…so dig on in here. Or just stream and buy!

Neil BroganYrs Truly (Self-Released)

Johanna HeilmanWhen We Were Electric

Estrella del SolFigura de Cristal

Rubber BlanketOur Fault

Ram Vela & the Easy TargetsWhat the Hell EP



Daiistar Announce Debut LP

To be quite honest, the whole reemergence of psychedelia has worn a little thin; I mean, it’s such a specific sound, it’s got to have incredible songwriting to really stay the test of time. But, Austin’s Daiistar are flirting with mixing in other elements, especially when you turn on the opening seconds of their new “Star Starter” single; it takes on a bit of that old-school neo-psychedelia, adding an element that almost feels like its hitting on those Happy Mondays notes. Don’t worry though, there’s still tons of fuzz and squalling guitars, but that rhythm section gives it this dancefloor feel that illustrates the group pushing the expectations of Austin’s psych scene. The group will release Good Time, their debut, via Fuzz Club this September.

Small Intestines Prep Hide in Time LP

Another day in bloggerville with another single coming from Australia that I’m really enjoying; it’s coming courtesy of Meritorio Records/Lost & Lonesome, too! Small Intestines are a new act on my radar (though w/ members of Chook Race), but the pacing and twisting of this track is sublime. You get a good 35 seconds of nice clean guitar pop before the band bring in the vocals; they’re operating with dual voices overlapping, which, for some reason, is always best executed when its done by the Aussies. While the track might seem sated, it takes on the song title’s mentality, turning from a solid trot into a nice bit of a hurried horse riding gallop; it’s a nice twist that keeps you coming back to press play. They’ll be releasing Hide in Time this September.

Trainfantome Share New Single

Woke up a bit bleary-eyed this morning, so sliding into this track from France’s Trainfantome was made really easy on my end. The song takes on a down-trodden tone from the get-go, almost like rubbing sleep from your eyes as you crawl out of bed. Once you’ve wiped away the sleep, you start to hear the deeper textures working beneath the song, with the mix doing wonders, as you can hear the distinctive elements that course through the song in both the front and the back. Those in search of that slow-burning headspace need only check out the tune below.

New Single & Video From Tele Novella

Well sometimes we slip and miss things from time to time as we wade through the mass amount of submissions and Olivia Rodrigo emails. Though we may have slipped and are a tad late on this news, we will always find time to boost our own and promote old local friends. Once such local indie legend are our pals in Tele Novella who just released this stunning new single “Hard-Hearted Way” with an accompanying, retro grade video. This band continues to pump out a staggering catalog of delightful music.

This track comes with an announcement of a new album called Poet’s Tooth coming out on October 6th via Kill Rock Stars. Pre-orders are live now.

Oddwood DJ Set & Vinyl Market

Party people, pay attention now. The ATH crew has a couple of party time, fun events at Oddwood Brewing over the next few days for you and the music lover in your life. Details as follows –

TONIGHT (6.29) – The ATH team will be hitting the decks starting at 5pm and spinning all our favorite tunes straight from our record collections. Soul, R&B, rock, pop, 80s, WHO KNOWS what you might hear. We take requests and play it if we have it with us.


Saturday (7.1) – The ATH team and the fine folks at Oddwood have been planning this one for awhile and are excited to announce our first ever Vinyl Market on Saturday from 11am-4pm. We’ve lined up a ton of great vendors featuring BLK, Living in Stereo, Queer Vinyl Collective, Plum Creek Records, Yard Sale Records, Resurrected Records, Koop Radio, and of course our own DJRayRay. Each vendor will also be taking a turn on the decks so you’ll have some sweet tunes to jam to while shopping.

Deals will be made, fun will be had!

Grrrl Gang Share Rude Awakening Video

It seems fairy impressive that Indonesian pop rockers Grrrl Gang are just dropping their debut LP this September, especially when you listen to this fresh single. There’s something in the songwriting that feels years beyond a debut, with the guitars delivering the hooks in all the right spots, allowing the vocals to double down there, especially when they hit the chorus. They add in little bits of flare too, just to keep it extra interesting, like the background shouts in that aforementioned chorus. Honestly, they’re coming out of the gates sounding like a band on par with acts like the Beths or Alvvays, which is a pretty solid platform to stand upon. Their album, Spunky!, arrives on September 22nd via Trapped Animal/Kill Rock Stars.

Subtle Beauty From Mise En Scene

Winnipeg is home to the Jets, Neil Young, and my new favorite band from the city, Mise en Scene. Formed while studying art together in the city, BFFs Stef and Jodi formed the band over mutual musical tastes and have ignited a spark with unique sounds and vibes. For a taste of the duos sound, hit up this new song “Beautiful People” and left yourself fall into the dreamy tune as it flows and slowly builds throughout.

This is part of a new EP entitled Reality Bites which is available to purchase now via Light Organ Records.


Life Strike Share Whip Around Track

I love when I fall for a track that completely changes direction from earlier singles, like the newest tune from Life Strike. “Downwinders” and “Giving up the Ghost” both had this combination of punk urgency and jangling hooks, but “Whip Around” has this mood that seems like a meeting place between REM and the Replacements. There’s this maturity and use of patience in the development of the song’s space, allowing for the punch in each verse to really blow back on the listener. Whereas those early hits felt urgent, this one feels a touch more lax, like sitting on the beach waiting for the sea spray to wash across you. Peak Dystopia hits on July 14th via Bobo Integral.

Night Drive Share Summerwave; Announce Position II

We maybe be known for covering a lot of weird guitar pop and indie folk stuff, but everyone on the ATH team loves a good dancefloor banger, and no one’s been donning that cap in ATX as well as Night Drive over the last few years. This video and song sort of encompasses all the band’s come to represent, with sharp drum work combined with hip post-punk grooves; they hit you with a visual presentation too, so you can really immerse yourself in the whole experience of the group. You can always count on the group to deliver upbeat numbers with darkly tinged corners, which is what we expect when they release their new Position II EP on August 4th.

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