The Smashing Times Announce This Sporting Life

Feel like I would wrap up my coverage on this Monday with another apology tour, but this time for the Smashing Times who announced This Sporting Life this past Friday. Bloom was one of my favorite LPs in 2022, so to see a new record hit so soon has me salivating here. And, if this song’s any indicator, then we might be in for one incredible musical ride; they cite Television Personalities as a big nod on this go round…I love the jittery nature of their amped up psychedelic pop, riding around with the constant shake of tambourine hitting my ear drums. Oh, and did I mention those sugary vocal harmonies working throughout the tune, creating this gratifying warmth that’s likely to raise the hairs on your arms. K Records will release the new LP on October 25th.

Activity Share I Saw His Eyes Single

Monday is generally thought of as the start of the work week, and I feel like Activity have created the perfect song that encapsulates that day and unfolds just as the week does. Carefully, the track opens, almost as if you’re rubbing the sleep from your eyes, little creaks of strings and ambiance hanging in the distance. Beneath, you can feel a rising tension, moving towards the next moment (or day), with the drums picking up pace and the guitars churning out a more dangerous mood. You get this back and forth, quiet and subdued, then bursting back into the swelling bit of noise. If you’re digging on it, the band drop Spirit in the Room this Friday via Western Vinyl.

Debut Single from Holy Matter

It makes complete sense to me that Holy Matter is based in Los Angeles…and no, not referencing the track’s name (not entirely). Their sound has this cinematic quality to it, quickly drawing you into its depths with this sort of hazy pulse that wraps around the inside of your ears. But, at the 52 second mark, the scene changes and the texture is added to the track, blossoming into this heavy psychedelic wash that feels as if you’ve been transported back in time to find yourself sitting in some seedy living room filled with smoke and scenesters mesmerized by the performance. This track is the debut single from Leanna Kaiser’s project, courtesy of Royal Oakie.

Tele Novella Share Broomhorse Video

Dear Natalie and Jason…I’m sorry I missed this single last week. For the rest of you, please please spend your time with Tele Novella. The band have long been one of the strongest acts representing the Austin scene, but if I’m being frank (hello, its me, Frank), this new stuff is fucking amazing. I feel as if they’ve really honed their craft, and with Danny Reisch and Jason working together on production, this feels like the best bit we’ve gotten. It’s a brand of baroque pop that lately seems out of fashion, but its execution, along with the accompanying nod to Harold and Maude, have left me pretty floored. I love the chorus, where Natalie’s voice just blossoms, aided by a subtle bit from Jason too. This is just too good to not press play immediately. They release Poet’s Tooth via Kill Rock Stars on October 6th.

Clear Coast Drop On My Own Single

As German outfit Clear Coast prepare for the release of their latest LP, Departure, they’ve sprinkled in another enticing little number to get your ears all geared up. There’s a heavy wash of keys that gives the song this sort of ethereal nature to it, almost as if the rest of the tune is able to float atop. Vocals and bass both seem to pop and rise, then sink back into the mixture, all of it swirling through your ears with faint hints of modern psychedelia. In the end, the group manage to build this dense blend of styles to create a nice little ditty to kick you into Monday.

Last Week’s Jams (7.24 – 7.28)

We may have gone a bit overboard last week, as I see that we covered over 25 different tunes last week. But, that being said, we also ran some gosh-darned freaking hits. I loved that new jam from Split System, and have played it well over 50 times at this point. That, and that new track from Prewn pretty much made my week. I mean, there’s new stuff from Woods, Night Drive and all sorts bonus EP coverage for Death Bells and Bedroom Eyes. Plenty of stuff to dig into, so why not get on it, eh?

An Overnight Low Share Step Into the Light

The pop hits are out in full force today, that’s for sure. Maine’s An Overnight Low might have quietly sent us the nicest surprise in our pop gift bag though. They’re new EP dropped today, and the title track is a nice power-pop number to introduce you to what’s in store. Heavy riffs ring melodically, matched by vocal harmonizing, feeling like an added instrument in its own right. Honestly, this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Teenage Fanclub LP, as its got just enough stomp to keep rock fans, though definitely leaning into the group’s pop inclinations. If you’re willing to take a risk on something new, give the band’s Step Into the Light EP a listen! All of this is a tease from Holyhead, the record that we’ll tell you more about when we’re in the know!


Monnone Alone Share New Single

Monnone Alone have a new LP in the works, and as we await final details, Mark Monnone has been teasing us with great singles to whet our appetite, like today’s “Loose Terrain.” The song takes the band’s soft pop approach and blends it with these little psychedelic flourishes on the border, giving off this sort of spiritual burst that adds a bit of boogie to your day. I love how there’s this natural swing that hits in the chorus, as Mark always maximizes a bit of playfulness in his craft, letting you get swept up in the musical charms being churned out. Have a taste, courtesy of Lost and Lonesome.

From//October Share Somewhere Quiet

Dutch songwriter Dion Tiktak’s From//October project is a really great way to escape the mundane details of the end of times we’re facing. There’s a lightness to his craft, allowing you completely let loose, take that magic carpet ride wherever your mind chooses to travel. For me, you’ll find some similarities to earlier stuff that came from Peel Dream Magazine, albeit with a bit more of a melodic drive here, allowing the crispness to really hit those notes that allow for emotional escapism we’re all seeking from our favorite tunes. Delve into Dion’s work and escape the day!

Ballsy Share Be Your Baby

Give me some jangling guitars and coat them in dreamy notes, then you’ll find me smack dab in fawning zone, like I was with this fresh track from Canadian outfit Ballsy. Despite the joyous nature of the hooks coming through your speakers, close attention to the lyrical content delves into some difficult subject matter, such as facing abandonment from songwriter Isabelle Banos’ mother. This is what’s always make pop music timeless, bridging difficult moments in our life so that we can all sing through our sorrows. Be sure to stick around for the grungy solo about 2/3 of the way in, indicative of Banos abilities to walk the line between rock and pop in their songwriting.

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