ATH DJ Night @ Oddwood (8.31)

Music and vinyl fans, your friendly ATH crew will be back over at Oddwood Brewing this evening for our monthly Vinyl Happy Hour and we’d love to see you there. We’ll be spinning all your favorites on the tables featuring a wide array of musical genres and styles. Everything comes straight from our personal collections and is an all analog and all vinyl set. Tonight will also feature a used record pop up from ya boy @djrayray_ath so come buy some tunes, drink a cold one, and stay for the jams in house.  Deals will be made.

We’ll be set up and going by 5pm. Party on.

Flooding Share Muzzle, Announce LP

I wanted to wait to share this Flooding track with ya’ll until later in the day, as I felt like the natural doom of the songcraft could be unsettling early in the morning. All that said, the heavy nature is welcoming, crafting this ominous mood that opens up with a pensive brooding before dropping in the vocals to the mixture. Those feathered vocals have this warmth, but in this setting, they almost seem like howling notes from some spiritual realm. You get a bit of respite as the track settles around the 2:15 mark, only to come back with this ferocity that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. It’s a pretty powerful statement track from the KC outfit; they will drop Silhouette Machine on September 29th.

Jam The Starfish Song from The Garment District

Of all the songs on the Garment District‘s newest LP, this is the one that’s really been hitting me hard; I just love the vocal performance as it sounds absolutely huge here. The track itself has this sort of all-mod swagger to it, somewhere between the hooks of pre-punk and Nick Lowe. Production value here works wonders, with those backing vocals hitting in the exact right spot, with the musical elements filling in the negative space perfectly, allowing the natural hook to really soar in your ears. But, then they slow it all down to flex the psychedelic jam sesh in the middle; it gives you a moment to breathe before the group rush you back into the grand swinging golden age of pop. You’ll find this track on Flowers Telegraphed to All Parts of the World, dropping on September 22nd via HHBTM.

That New Pachyman Track

There are so many artists coming to Levitation next month, but aside from Ted Leo and Chisel, the next act on my mind is Pachyman. This new single feels like a beachfront, cocktail-sipping good time, as it employs bits of Latin vibes with sprinkles of dub and modern production to really just hit this groove you can’t get pass on…nor do you want to! The video is humorous, with Pachyman himself playing all the instruments in various outfits, claiming all the musical fame on his own. Switched-On is out on September 29th via ATO Records.

Feeling Small Share Arizona Driveway

Over the last few months, our friend Chase Weinacht from Marmalakes has offered us glimpses of what’s to come with his Feeling Small project. But, from my meaningless perch, this might be one of the most striking tunes he’s penned. Cleary, Chase’s voice can absolutely carry a tune, with or without accompaniment, but the stark nature of this performance places his sincerity and strength in the forefront. Light percussive touches and a hint of backing vocals carefully tiptoe around the guitar notes, all of it just giving enough lift to the tune as each note hangs, echoing in my ears for the time being…and perhaps yours as well.

Yirinda Announce Debut LP

When I think of Chapter Music, I tend to think of the incredible pop coverage their label has provided to the world over the last 20+ years. But, they’re also huge music heads, digging into all genres and styles, particularly when its a representation of Australian culture. Their latest signing, Yirinda, is exactly that; it is the project of Samuel Pankhurst and Fred Leone. Fred is one of three Butchulla songmen, as such, he sings all the tracks on this record in Butchulla, an endangered language spoken by only a handful of people. As such, the album offers generations of storytelling for listeners, with this lush production that would find a home with acts like Balmorhea; the string arrangements move you back and forth, rocking you with Leone’s vocal tones. Yirinda, the self-titled debut, is out early next year!

Uni Boys Share Another Jam

My dudes in Los Angeles based outfit Uni Boys have really been hitting me with some sweet jams recently, both with single “I Want it Too,” and now this new track “Two Years.” It’s honestly just a straight JAM in the vein of indie, or even a twee sort of pop sound. Having already listened to it 3 times this morning, I can assure you that it will warrant multiple repeat plays as you ease into the afternoon.

Just another reminder that the new Uni Boys album Buy This Now! will be out on October 13th via Curation Records. Pre-order it now!

Grrrl Gang Share Better Than Life Video

When I first heard Grrrl Gang, I was definitely intrigued by the Indonesian outfit’s pop-prowess from within the confines of a gritty indie sound. On their latest single, the band completely indulge in the gritty realm, coming into the darkened territory where you’d expect acts influenced by Sonic Youth to party together. The drums pound away, driving the rhythm of the song forward and really building this baleful atmosphere. Angeeta’s voice is heavy, but buried just beneath the mix, so it kind of feels weighed down by the song’s power; this ties into the thematic elements, however, as the song comments on her struggles with her mental health. Really digging in on this one. Spunky is out on September 22nd via Trapped Animal/Kill Rock Stars.

Born Days Share Deep Empty (DMT Feelings)

Melissa Harris’ project Born Days is set to release their debut album this Fall, and I immediately began fawning when I heard the latest single. Those heavily weighted synth notes definitely sound like all the electronic influences I grew up with in 80s soundtracks. That said, the production and the balance is something I really appreciated here, giving the song a bit more emotional depth…for me anyways. I love the way Harris voice hangs in the air, like a scene straight out of a gothic version of Frozen. The pace pickup on the synths before the 3 minute mark really sets up the album’s close perfectly. It’s kind of like the Knife, but honestly, a bit more accessible. My Little Dark is out on October 6th via AudioSport.

Products Band Announce Some Sudden Weather

A few months back, I got a sneak peek at the forthcoming Products Band LP, and honestly, I couldn’t stop jamming out. There’s tons of nods to all the eras of punk and punk-adjacent indie rock; you can hear those splits in this song too! At times, there’s this buoyant sort of post-punk bob and weave that kicks your feet up behind you; the song then takes off a more disgruntled vibe, throwing in some more traditional punk feels with a harsher vocal feel. Yet we’re not done, as the track eventually rolls its way into a playful march that accentuates the call-and-response. Think you’ll be stoked to turn on this LP; Some Sudden Weather drops on October 20th via Solid Brass.

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