Friday Album Streams: The Small Intestines, Hartle Road, Melenas + More

What’s the old cliche? When it rains, it pours? It’s a freaking downpour over here, as there’s just too damn much good music, or at least for my ears. I tried to pick up what I was laying down, and spread some suggestions out for you. No bullshit. Just tunes and their labels for you to stream.

Hartle RoadMAXX II (K Records/Perennial)

The Small IntestinesHide in Time (Lost & Lonesome/Meritorio)

MelenasAhora (Trouble in Mind Records)

Plastic CandlesFuton Stereo Mix (Paisley Records)

Molly BurchDaydreamer (Captured Tracks)

Buildings and FoodsInfinity Plus One (Self-Released)

The PopgunsPopism (Matinee Recordings)






Novanta Share Volta Single, Drop Punk for Introverts

When you label your album Punk for Introverts, folks should expect that you’re going to get something that has you staring at your shoelaces as you contemplate the meaning of the world. That is precisely what Italian outfit Novanta have done with their latest LP, crafted an album of billowing pop songs that fill your room like a broken fog machine that just won’t turn off. Every twist and turn in the song just seems to hit you at your core, but it’s when the band returns from the song’s interlude that I found it to really resonate with me; there’s a dancing guitar line and this swell of atmosphere that just blows you right back. If you’re a punk and feel like spending your day alone, then maybe this is the soundtrack for you! Punk for Introverts is out today via Factory Flawless.

Cool Vibes from Auragraph

I spend my day surrounded by 13 year olds, so pardon me if I ask for your vibe check here, but I think either way, your day can’t be harmed by Auragraph. The artist behind the project, Carlos Ramirez, employed a lot more improvisation on this new record, and we’re definitely going to get some late night groove benefits from this one. You can feel the pulse, accented by this chiming cymbal sample and hollowed drum rattle that give this industrial feel to the dancefloor. If you’re willing to drop your pretension, perhaps you’ll want to spend some time with New Standard; it hits on November 17th via Dais Records.

Rock n’ Recipes: Melenas

It’s been a minute since we’ve run a proper Rock n’ Recipes piece, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to reach out to Spain’s Melenas. Today, Trouble In Mind Records is dropping the band’s brand new record, so we reached out with some questions to talk about the album, having a US label and the obligatory futbol comment.

** Editor Note ** I originally reached out to the band in the middle of the World Cup, wandering how they felt about their team. But, that was before the fallout of Rubiales, so I reached back out with a new question to deal with that, rather than the generic fan question.

Special shout out to RayRay for the formatting and Bill at Trouble in Mind for helping us get organized.

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Autogramm Share WannaBe, Announce New LP

Wanted to start your day off with some solid pop rock, courtesy of Vancouver’s Autogramm. The band specialize in modern sounds, with an homage to classic pop hits Ric Ocasek might have been crafting behind the scenes. In the opening, there’s this huge playing riff, setting up this futuristic stomp that runs through the track. They then turn to this brilliant melodic pop delivery, reminiscent of great 90s alt radio sounds; it’s soaring charms with just the right amount of boogie to make your toes tap away. If you dig it, they’ll be releasing Music That Humans Can Play on November 14th via Stomp Records.


Nessa Readies New EP, Shares Latest Singles

Those of you who frequent our wee site might recognize Nessa Grasing‘s name in the notes of much-championed ATH faves, Scarves. This time however, we’re focusing on Nessa‘s solo work, offering you a bit more of a personal approach, predominantly working with the strength of vocals and heavy-strumming. On “Forest Fires” there’s a bit of a pop tinge to the tune, especially as the vocals swell to meet up with a light arrangement of strings behind. “The Desert and Your Demons” seems to be a bit more of a traditional ballad, with Nessa’s voice bringing a bit more fragility to both the tones and the storytelling; you can almost hear a breaking point for the narrator as its matched by the voice during the climax. The Palouse EP is on the horizon; we’ll keep you posted as we near the release!

Wastelander Share Latest Single, As You See

Former guitarist for the Fluids, Cooper Formant is currently operating under the moniker of Wastelander, burrowed somewhere up in Maine. This Friday he’ll be releasing What Is Left of Me, a fresh album with some incredible songwriting and a huge bunch of Nashville musicians helping him to flesh the sound out. His latest single brings up a timeless sound, something akin to the classic pop vibes from the 60s; I keep thinking all the arrangement work here would really make Brian Wilson proud. The vocals have this slight affect that almost give it this ethereal space-age vibe, which teases a little playfulness throughout, though that organ work definitely harkens to a bit of a Southern studio performance. If you’re digging on this track, be sure to look for What Is Left of Me when it drops everywhere tomorrow.

Lower Plenty Share Latest Single

Another week and another Lower Plenty album to add to your collection. Every time I get a new single, I just can’t wait to immerse myself in No Poets as a whole; it feels like something meant to be shared by you and your headphones alone. A stomped drum beat and a playful strum set the scene, before dropping the tones into more of a sense of yearning; the vocals soon join in and match that sentiment, almost soaring beyond the horizon looking for whatever it is we all seek. When backing vocals unite with the lead, there’s this general sensation that everything in the world will be alright, if we just hold onto that special moment, for an instant. Plus, there’s this sort of tape hiss too that runs throughout, in case all you DIY nerds felt out of place. No Poets is out October 6th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Steven van Betten Shares New Single

When you first hit play on this Steven van Betten tune, you might suspect that it’s just another sunny beach vibe going through your speakers. That being said, there’s this playful little quick rising vocal that’s what turned the song into more of a coy bit of bouncing pop, almost hanging its hat on a nod to baroque brands of indie rock, albeit done merely with the joyous rise of notes. I sort of get an early Cate le Bon nod here, especially in the vocals, so I appreciate a little bit of risk getting thrown into the modern plot of bedroom pop. You’ll hear more great songs on Steven’s new LP, Friends & Family, out October 27th via Future Gods.

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