New Single & Video From Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond is one of the indie staples of our website as I feel like we’ve been talking about him and his musical projects since our inception. Fitting that today being October 31st that he naturally has a new single titled “Halloween Two” back under his Matt Pond PA moniker. The song is a delicate bit of indie folk featuring a perfect duet with fellow indie starlet Alexa Rose. This is just another song in the ever expanding catalog of emotional and thought provoking music from Matt Pond. Rumor has it that a tour and full EP will be coming soon.

Wet Dip Release Rollercoaster Single, Announce Smell of Money

Please don’t let the soulful twenty seconds that greets you upon pressing play sway you on Austin’s Wet Dip. Because, as soon as you think you’ve pinned down pop, the start gun fires off and the group rushes out the door, spurred on by a frantic bassline and snapping bit of drum work; the rapidity creates this emotional anxiety as you’re barely able to keep up with the band. But, for a moment, they offer you respite, giving you a final warning of their tenacity, reminding you that the rollercoaster is about to speed off, so it’s best to follow safety precautions. As they push you towards the close, things begin to get erratic, guitars skittering here and there, cymbals crashing, hurtling us all towards an abrupt halt, fading back into a pop snuggle at the end. Smell of Money, their new LP is out on November 10th via Feel It Records.

The Laughing Chimes Share New Music

We were out and about on Friday when these fresh tracks from the Laughing Chimes dropped, and as always, the young band have an intoxicating sound that continues to blossom and wear varying shades. You get one fresh tune, and one that’s a cover of The Ocean Blue‘s “Ballerina Out of Control.” On their new tune, press notes jangling sounds with gothic undertones; I can hear bits and pieces of Felt in the guitar sound, and any number of darkened goth voices to spin in the vocal presentation. In terms of the cover, I love the way the vocal turns lighter, reflective and light, working to fit perfectly in between the sharp notes that ring from the guitar. It feels like trio is onto something really really special, so hopefully their label Slumberland keeps us in the loop!

Summer Sleep Share I Don’t Think I’m Meant to Be Saved

Austin band Summer Sleep typically bring you a darkened blend of lo-fi pop, blended with washes of atmosphere to kind of set you in the mood. But, on the latest single, they almost peel everything back aside from the voice and the strum of the guitar. Attaching that sort of intimacy to the track allows the listener to get swallowed up by the emotional appeal; it also gives us a glimpse at the band’s songwriting process, giving us a peek before the band build in the layers. Just a light way to enter into Monday’s listening.

Last Week’s Jams (10.23 – 10.27)

We had a busy week here at ATH, prepping for the festival by throwing some Levitation interviews your way, but there was still tons of music to get out there. We ran some conversations with Video Age, Pachyman, Civic and Shannon and the Clams…plus, I got a Rock n’ Recipe in from the good folks at Lower Plenty. So, lots of words to read from other folks on their music. We also had fresh tunes all over the place from ATH favorites like the Umbrellas, Steven van Betten and Glimmer. Pretty busy week with tons to talk about, so be sure to browse through the site too…as there’s more than just sweet jams from last week!

About Last Night: Levitation Night Two (10/27)

While Nathan was solo on Thursday, the ATH crew rolled deep on Friday night with a full crew hitting almost every venue offered by Levitation Festival. While the rain dampened spirits a bit to start the evening, things ramped up once the skies cleared and we took full advantage of the full variety of musical styles on the lineup. We covered a ton of ground and saw a plethora of bands, all which you can read about after the jump.

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About Last Night: Levitation Night One (10.26)

I left my day job early to go get in on the action at Levitation 2023, heading out to the Far Out Lounge to catch a handful of great guitar acts from the 90s take the stage; it was there where I was greeted with a reminder of what a nightmare festival pricing can be. Let’s be real, a $13 Miller Lite draft? $20 parking when there are no other options in proximity? I mean, I get overhead, and a convenience fee, but for real, fuck that. Shitty decision making out there, and kind of soured me in the setting. Don’t even get me started on one food option, and it being outside the venue.

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Friday Album Streams: Red Pants, Spllit and The Serfs

It’s Friday, and while I’m here trying to wake up for a late night of Levitation, I know there are three pretty near perfect records for you to soak up today, all with different sonic appeals, meaning you get a little bit of everything if you wanna win!

Red PantsNot Quite There Yet (Meritorio Records)

This is a record that lands somewhere in the land between Sonic Youth and Low, but if you had recorded that record in hopes of offering a solitary listening experience. The more time you give this LP, the more its secrets are revealed.

SpllitInfinite Hatch (Feel It Records)

The Louisiana band is crafting post-punk like no other; they fill their songs with quick turns and sonic changes, each song refreshing in its ability to shift gears in an instant. Oh, and with all the weirdness, it still comes off catchy in the right spots.

The SerfsHalf Eaten by Dogs (Trouble in Mind)

Honestly, its been a minute since I’ve had this much fun listening to a record. It pulls in psychedelic nods with this punk ethos that gets mixed up in electronic textures that continue to push the envelope of what is and isn’t “indie rock.”

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